Why U.S. Health Care Costs More Than Canada’s: “A Mercedes Costs More than a Corolla”

Why U.S. Health Care Costs More Than Canada’s: “A Mercedes Costs More than a Corolla”

“The American [health care] system is more expensive than the Canadian system,” says Michel Kelly-Gagnon, president of the Montreal Economic Institute. “To t…



EvilAgent93 says:

So A pill that cost 10cent in Mexico it costs 5bucks in the US. Its the same pill LOL this guys argument is half way stupid, more expensive doesn’t mean better especially when the medical industry really doesn’t have true competition they cant play it out like that. They only real competition is insurance companies and how many claims they can deny to pay or say we are only paying this much.

EvilAgent93 says:

You don’t think I haven’t ran into tough luck issue in the United States lol what a joke our health care really isn’t all that great and As an American we can’t brag and say we are the best at everything unless you include that as ripping people off. And if you life is at stake you have a high chance to still die in the US. Last year 194k Americans died from infections in Hospitals.

Bart Religion says:

Volkswagen ftw. German quality at an afforable price

Jeff84455 says:

This guy doesn’t know a hole in the ground from his ass, Canada has misrepresented the true cost in Canada. A lot is missing from being calculated into the costs. In Canada the calculations of money that goes to those who can qualify for disability or workers comp while they await for treatment is not added into the expense when calculating the true cost of Health care in Canada. When that is taken into consideration Canada is the most expensive and least effective system in the world.

dsspike51 says:

He forgot to mention the U.S. health care system is run for corporate profits, not patient care.

Hooya2 says:

Wrong. It isn’t just that cutting-edge medical treatments and government-based programs and jacking up the average, it’s that drug companies and hospitals are gouging us. Almost every prescription drug in America has a price-hike of over 20% over European countries.

And even if what he was saying were true, when did I, as an American, agree to pay through the nose to be the rest of the worlds guinea pig?

MsZeitgeist85 says:

Numerous studies like the 2011 common wealth study say otherwise. When you compare each procedure there is not that much of a difference in overall wait times.

Canada’s wait time issues is not because of the system it is because of demographics. There are lots of isolated towns there where there might not be a doctor. New Zealand uses a similar provincial Medicare System as Canada and their average wait times are lower than those in the USA.

PissedFechtmeister says:

Numerous studies have shown that Canadians have longer waiting times than Americans.

MsZeitgeist85 says:

Are you talking about the rationing myth? People that argue for a free for all system of health care don’t even argue that one anymore.

PissedFechtmeister says:

Then maybe the poor should move to a country better suited to their economic reality.

PissedFechtmeister says:

But you share that Corolla with a hundred other people and have to wait your turn to drive.

MsZeitgeist85 says:

In this case care in the USA is a Mercedes that breaks down 50% of the time you drive it while the Canada’s Provincial Medicare is a reliable Corolla always runs like a Swiss watch and never has a problem.

Savi Sandhu says:

i thought doctors got into the profession because they had a passion for helping people and saving lives, etc. i think its wrong to charge such a high amount of money to help people. I get that waiting times may not be a problem in the states because you pay for your treatment and get helped right away, but in this economy who can afford that? if healthcare was more affordable, this would not be a problem, but doctors should not charge ppl obscene amounts of money in order to treat them.

muffingirl1606 says:

Are you suggesting that medicare/medicaid is less efficient than regular private healthcare?

obxsurfer42 says:

I completely agree with your statement. I seem to have been reading your comment in the wrong way. 😛

neptronix says:

Well you kind of contradicted yourself. I can’t buy a Corolla. I’d have to leave the country to get health care at a competitive cost. And that’s the problem.

Our regulations have got us to this point, so i really believe that Reason TV’s video is quite off by defending the cost of our system, which largely comes from the cost of complying with regulations, the insurance companies, and even worse… medicare/medicaid.

The free market can provide great solutions…. too bad we don’t have one!

obxsurfer42 says:

then go buy a fucking Corolla, too bad the government regulates medical care to the point that you don’t have that choice anymore (unless you try to hunt around the black market)

Eric Fournier says:

Public healthcare cost an arm ..a leg …a…whatever!
Why? Because private phamaticals smell the good money and have,of course,the big side of the baseball bat!

Flame555555 says:

USA- a place where only the rich deserve to live

MadHabber93 says:

“Britain & Canada certainly do not have med-students from foreign nations flooding into their countries”
Actually we do
“It’s great that doctors like our system because then we won’t have a shortage of doctors, like Canada and the UK”
Umm, Canada has the same doctor to patient ratio as the States & the UK has more.
“Waiting half a year for surgery” We wait a few months for elective surgery like hip replacement. We don’t wait for urgent surgeries.
Those who can’t pay wait how long in the US?

Yamin Alam says:

A system that can get you treatment when you demand it? Yes it costs money, but practically no other system in the world can do the exact form of immediate treatment for cheaper.

Any form that does do it cheaper has a waiting list. There’s a tradeoff between cost and time. You either pay alot to get immediate, brilliant treatment that’s in the USA, or you pay in time to get a “free” treatment, probably half a year. There is no magic system that has both.

neptronix says:

It’s probably the best if you can pay cash for everything 🙂

Insurance companies absolutely have to go and i would argue that they are a large contributor to our problems, along with the lobbying the AMA did looooong ago, plus we have more government/paper pusher nincompoopery in our privatized system than the socialists do!

Insurance AND universal health care separate the buyer from the cost. Same problem. There is less of a natural market drive to push costs down in our system unfortunately.

neptronix says:

Can you? I don’t have $10,000 in my pocket for a procedure that affects my quality of life, and haven’t had the money to have it done for a decade.
This would have already been taken care of elsewhere, or it would have cost less so i could actually afford it.
I can’t finance my operation as it’s not critical. I can only get it taken care of if i roll into an ER when it becomes critical.

Great system! So glad i don’t live in Canada!

Yamin Alam says:

Our system is certainly not great, but it is probably the best system in the world. My ideal system wouldn’t even involve insurance companies because they are half the reason costs are soooo high.

Can you tell me the price of your doctor visit? A heart surgery? No, and your doctor probably couldn’t even tell you that. Why? Because insurance pays for it. And when someone else pays for it, you don’t care about the cost. And when you don’t care, the seller doesn’t care.

Yamin Alam says:

Although it may be pricey, you can still “pay with your own money” in the USA. You actually aren’t forced to rely on an insurance company, believe it or not.

In Canada and the UK, the wait times are as long as they are because they don’t have the resources to give the operations and surgeries right when people demand them!

Canadians come to the USA so they can pay for a surgery and get it immediately. In the 90’s, the premier of Quebec even did this.

neptronix says:

I didn’t intend to imply that; I meant it can’t be much worse than ours if they are living longer.

Yes, we get to subsidize R&D cost for everyone and pay the high price, great.

Waiting half a year; you obviously haven’t battled with an insurance company here before. How about NEVER getting your surgery, or having to go to court while you have an illness that could be terminal to get a surgery approved because of some clause or typo in your 500 page insurance contract?

Yamin Alam says:

Okay, so your implying that their system makes them live longer? Same thing.

Most of the medical breakthroughs are developed in the United States. Most of the pharmaceutical drugs in the market are made by the US!

Things that make the US system more pricey are stuff like private rooms (not wards) and not having to wait half a year to get a surgery!

It’s great that doctors like our system because then we won’t have a shortage of doctors, like Canada and the UK!

neptronix says:

Never said that’s why they live longer. Just saying that their system isn’t probably as much of a clunker as us Americans would like to think ( those few of us who actually don’t mind paying more and dealing with all it’s other problems. )

No American physician would fly out there. They could not make as much money and med school costs more here. That’s great of you are a doctor/surgeon/etc, and horrible if you’re the rest of the populace.

Yamin Alam says:

To say that healthcare is the reason why people in Canada and the UK live longer is ridiculous. With America’s percentage of the population that is overweight, compared to Canada and the UK, it’s no wonder we Americans live shorter lives. It’s like saying Mormon’s live longer than the average American because they have better healthcare.

Our system is amazing. Britain and Canada certainly do not have med-students from foreign nations flooding into their countries.

neptronix says:

Most socialistic systems spend a lot less per capita ( around half of what we spend ) on their health care, even with the inefficiency of government being involved!

Folks in the UK and Canada do live a few years longer than we do on average. I don’t think our system is better in reality. A Mercedes might be a nicer car, but the Corolla is simple and easy to repair 😉

I’m not arguing for universal healthcare, but to apologize or glorify our system is insane!

Yamin Alam says:

Well in general, the philosophy behind Canada’s healthcare is that you can only buy the Corolla, and nothing better even though most of the population can afford it.

Anyway, I don’t know the answer to that. People think that the government providing health care won’t be so bad, but (when you apply government healthcare to large population countries like Canada, UK), the quality is awful compared to the US’.

Besides, if government provided it, it meant someone else is paying for your health.

neptronix says:

Of course i want the best, but what if i can’t afford it?

Yamin Alam says:

You’d really want something other than the best in regards to your health?

carultch says:

Of course I have a problem with turd party coverage.

deziistheone says:

Why doesn’t he suggest a system that actually works well? Like France or Germany? Switzerland even. Oh that’s right, his funding…

Khalif Jones says:

watch /watch?v=o1yTY2MciOk

jack234817 says:

Bullshitter! Regards from Germany.

MickyG4444 says:

We don’t have a mercedes, we spend twice as much for healthcare and have much worse ratings in treatments of diseases. This is not a patriotic issue, this is common sense

devourerofbabies says:

On the other hand, a Merc drives much better than a Corolla, which is not the case between these two health care systems.

Tuffnelle says:

to be honest, it makes sense

Corollas are more reliable and more practical than a Mercedes, which costs more to maintain and won’t last nearly as long without spending thousands on it

Darusdei says:

it’s always amusing when number of studies showing how things are elsewhere and concluding that someone is doing it better.

and then starts the american media “we’re best, we’re best, we’re best”

if americans didn’t come up with it, it’s “anti-american” 😀

Polydynamix says:

That is absolutely bullshit. I am not even going to bother getting the actual numbers because you should never have even said anything so stupid. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Khalif Jones says:

The government already spends more on medicaid and medicare than the war

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