Why Did Healthcare.Gov Fail So Badly?

Why Did Healthcare.Gov Fail So Badly?

Whether you’re liberal, conservative, or completely apathetic you can probably agree that the Healthcare.gov launch was BAD. But what happened? President Obama is well-known for his “web-savvy”…



NerdAlert says:

Hey everyone, fixed the uncompressed frames problem. Sorry about that!
(please re-comment if you like)

Ser D. Hawke says:

My god! That ending music really made me jump!

Jacob Johansen says:

Ahhhhh… You said cheapest. That is so ignorant. There are companies that
low bid the contract knowing that there will be change request were they
can then gouge the government 

CzarTissue says:

Right on nerd alert.

SadisticSenpai61 . says:

I knew the servers were going to be overloaded at first, so I waited a week
before even trying to sign up. I was able to sign up and fill out all my
info, but it claimed I didn’t qualify for any tax credits, which I knew
couldn’t be true (I may not be minimum wage, but I’m pretty damn close), so
I decided to wait before looking at any plans. About two weeks ago, I
logged back in, saw that I now had tax credits available, picked out some
plans (why is there nothing for vision insurance? 75% of Americans wear
some kind of corrective lenses! I’d rather have vision insurance than
dental!), signed up and I’m ready to go. The wait between loading screens
was no more than what I wait for YouTube videos to load. I didn’t have any
issues with it. But then, I also got SimCity at launch, so comparatively
healthcare.gov came out okay, particularly as EA’s supposed to know what
they’re doing when they launch DRM titles (which they know everyone wants
to play) and healthcare.gov was built by ppl who’ve never built anything
like that before.

Sotai says:

That ending jingle really wakes you up.

upgrader99 says:

It’s difficult to believe that healthcare.gov wasn’t a designed disaster.
Especially when you drop big names like northrope in there… I feel the
most important question to ask is “who lost their jobs over this?”

If the answer is no one, something is seriously messed up.

ThePowerfulPanda says:

Well this is the US version of the “Free Market” at work.

kght222 says:

double post?

The Dullohan says:

The healthcare site told me I didn’t exist. 

Donald Royal says:

It worked first time for me took about 30 min!

Indigocell says:

Is there any truth to the reports of Denial of Service attacks from Right
Wing opponents?

ole wad says:

in other contries they pay taxes, so that the goverment can provide a trust
worthy hospital. like in denmark where i live. i have been to the hospital
so much, and gotten so much help that it is almost insane, and i havent
paid a dime. why, becouse wee pay high taxes so that if you need help, you
dont have to take your credit card op at your wallet+ in denmark education
is free, and if you are over 18, you will get paid by the goverment, about
200$ for taking a college degree.(it´s called a gymnasium.). pay high taxes
and get a great service from the goverment. indsteed of that bullcrap
system you got in the usa. :D. and i havent talked about the best thing in
denmark, you can by bear when you are 16. and you can by bear in a bare
when you are 18. 3-0 to DENMARK 😀 

Neil Leisenheimer says:

Websites tend not to perform well when they’re subject to DDoS attacks.


David Ortiz says:

This show needs a intro

xXB03Xx says:

seriously, no seriously, fuck those corrupt politicians *facepalms*

BluePrint says:

Volume levels are low, again.

Trifler500 says:

All I can say is, I’m glad my state’s health care exchange web site works
perfectly so I don’t have to mess with the federal site.

MetaCitizen says:

Holy fucking mother of god that eardrum piercing song at the end was so
loud. I am so fucking deaf. Fuck your editors.

Erick726 says:

Of course it could have been averted. There are great examples of large
websites (Netflix and Google for example) that can handle that many people
at one time.

La Nausée says:

Please stop it with the ending song, I have to turn up the volume on
everything except the ending song thingy, so the end result is when I’m
watching these clips on reasonable audio at night, the jingle comes on when
I’m unprepared, and my kids wake up. Real fun.

AutoTrollful says:

Bad outro, far to loud, turn it down a bit if you want to keep using it.

McCaffery says:

Is that a water tribe necklace ?

Baron Of Hell says:

Given how many online games crash and burn on launch, and they should know
better, I’m not surprised by this.

Derpalon says:

You guys either need to adjust the volume down on your outro or adjust the
volume up when you’re talking, because it’s kinda annoying when all of the
sudden my speakers go from being relatively quiet to WHAM 8-BIT MUSIC

Tyson McLean says:

So essentially corruption. 

Nicholas Wheeler says:

Lol because our government would rather fight amongst themselves. Its so
much cooler to puff up your chest and fight then put your head down and get
back to work. I think they are all stuck in highschool government classes.
Ha ha ha

Matthew Krick says:

Luckily Californians got their own healthcare site – coveredca dot com. I
registered there for the AHA pretty easily.

Idellechi says:

Whoah, is that a Water Tribe necklace?

pseducode says:

I also heard somewhere that healthcare.gov was the subject of DDoS attacks
too at launch, so that probably played a role too.

David Longland says:

Booz, Allen, Hamilton -really? Ed Snowdon’s old employers. NSA contractors.
And they fucked up Obamacare website? The people that can hack any head of
state’s fucking cell phone! We’re expected to swallow the KoolAid on this?
That these guys couldn’t built a website.
Sorry, don’t buy it. 

0mN1 says:

The Pirate Bay developers should be contracted to do stuff like this. They
have one of the most resilient web services in the world.

Ben Anderman says:

The music at the end is WAY too loud!

Marcus Izzard says:

they should of had the guys who created Facebook on the website designing

logan walsh says:

I wish I got 200,000,000 to build a horrible website that doesn’t work 

Emil Arke says:

Sounds like a bunch of Danish Government computer systems that actually was
put out to bid and contracted to a big IT Companies but failed and went way
way over budget.
A lot of the failed projects has actually been lead by CSC now that I think
about it.

Polsag was the Danish Police system that cost $72.9m was designed by CSC
but CSC had to pay back $6.3m to the danish government due to failed
execution, pushed deadlines and slow development.

CSC has also lead development for another government project that cost
$118.5m called Amanda, this projects deadline kept getting pushed and was
finally ready 2 years behind schedule and then was so unstable for the
following 2 years that it was discontinued and all that money wasted.

CSC was also working on a new Danish Tax system that should have been
finished in 2009 and has cost $36.4m till the government cancelled that
deal with CSC in 2011 and put out a new bid round for other companies.

Good to see the tax dollars being flushed away :)

Victor's Guitar Gear Reviews says:

obama should hire kim dotcom haha

Bob Davidson says:

Surely if a contractor fails their preset milestones or service level
agreements they are heavily penalised. As in “don’t get paid until it’s
fixed” and pay the government penalties until it’s right. In the real world
that how things are done

vwgolf1991 says:

You simply cannot develop network based software and have it run live
successfully on first release – traffic volume alone is almost guaranteed
to take you down for a while, reveal major bugs and make everybody hate
you. To think that any large scale online service, will work well on first
release is expecting way too much. That being said, did they do a normal
closed beta/open beta/alpha staged release? QA? Usability studies?
Anything? It seems like maybe not.

StonerBridge1 says:

where are the xbox one and ps4 reviews? have you not been up 24/7 playing
either one?….not very nerdy after all!

AngellusRavenix says:

Love the story. Sad to see this get dropped so poorly for no legitimate
reason. And love the Katara necklace.

Remus0387 says:

This is just like the Sopranos, corrupt officials giving the lucrative
contracts to cronies who get paid big bucks for essentially shitty work, a
racket if I ever saw it.

Jay Sin says:

Its because most of the site wasnt finished. And the programers tested it,
and found that it doesnt work. The only conclusion is that it doesnt work
because he was never meant to work

D Sharp says:

listen all ya’ll it’s sabotage!!

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