Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

In which John discusses the complicated reasons why the United States spends so much more on health care than any other country in the world, and along the w…



kalibos says:


FICrafter says:

Appropriate username is appropriate.

Eva Bergman says:

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crazteenagegirl says:

I don’t think youtube comments are a good place to have intellectual conversations. It’s probably better here on the vlogbrothers channel, but still, there are a lot of trolls.

CATthepokemontrainer says:

First of all, how on Earth is she a communist?
Second, I don’t see how free health care would make a place less free, so I don’t understand why you would say she hates freedom.

kalibos says:

Great stuff, John. I’m Canadian and I’ve never been able to get a concise explanation of the problem before now. Thanks!

Rob Henthorn says:

Just an educational note: Scotland has a separate NHS to the rest of the uk, but the procurement side of things is kinda unified in a very complicated way. The upshot though is that if you live in Scotland all prescriptions are always free to users, but in the rest of the uk they’re just usually free.

sghost128 says:

Oh you are SOO punished.

David Ng says:

Every advanced country on the face of the earth today operates in some variation of “socialism-lite”. The only states without any kind of socialism are failed states. Get used to that.

cablebent1988 says:

So, is it not ok to pay people with advanced degrees in medicine (many of whom went into debt to earn said degree), but we have no problem shoveling out millions for an athlete who didn’t graduate high school???

The Fool says:

Amurica…F…*cough cough*….YEAH!

JHowesitgoing123 says:

We didn’t fight a war to end slavery, bub. And things aren’t wonderful for you guys over there, either. Your government bows to our government’s demands at almost every turn. You’ve practically made yourself into a US state. If I was British, that’s where my top concern would be.

Macky Cassey says:

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FUCKNewChannelLayout says:

Nuh uh, Amurica is the greatest country in the world, my daddy told me so while we were putting my finger back together with superglue.

The Fool says:

That’s because you’re a communist who hates freedom. :|

laura connolly says:

Its gonna turn it to the catholic church?

MaskinJunior says:

I Think the bigger problem is that Americans isn’t as open minded as they Think they are. I am from Sweden and when I discuss solutions with Americans here on YouTube I’m often called a socialist or communist and the idea is dismissed. If Americans would stop over reacting due to the fear of socialism, I think things will work out much better for you.

David Ng says:

He reminds us that educational videos are (always) exempted from time limit at the end of the video. Did you get to the end of the video?

reggiedu1 says:

I requested a physical exam when we first became members since I had not have one for over 13 years or more, the primary care physician said ” you don’t need a physical, why would you want that?” When my Girlfriend went in for her well woman exam, the same primary care physician said “why would you want that? You don’t need that?” She went in for knee pains when she bends or kneels they said “don’t do that.” When I went in for pains, they said “don’t do that it is causing that area to hurt.”

Michael Perry says:


James Gibbs says:

how is sweden?

Ghost the Toast says:

ok we all should vote John for president

reggiedu1 says:

We had Kaiser Permanente Health Care Policy at the end of March The nonprofit I work for, Back to Natives Restoration canceled the policy in March, as it was $1,000.00 a month for two people! But to date they refuse to acknowledge the cancellation and have sent the charity I work for to collections:

David Ng says:

Because that doctor gets paid a lot to do his job (not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, I’d want my doctor, publicly billed doctor, to be well paid too)–one of the reasons John cited for USA’s costly healthcare. In Canada, you sometimes hear doctors suggesting privatization as a way to make our healthcare more “cost effective”. Same idea–they dislike arguments that cut into their paycheque.

Emma Dingle says:

Meanwhile in the UK we are being told that privatisation is the only way forwards. Good for investors, but if it goes the same way as the John describes the USA’s system, bad for everyone else. 🙁

Avaritiada says:

“I guess it is like the new season of Sherlock.”

xXSabzyKababzyXx says:

I NEED A NEW SEASON OF SHERLOCK . but why do other countries have such low prices , what causes their drastically low prices

Lelluthful says:

It always amazes me to hear about this. I live in Finland and the idea of paying a lot of money just because you broke your arm feels unbelievable.

PlushieBirds says:

See America, should of stayed as a British Colony!

amylouise1 says:

John Green for not President, because they always end up being hated no matter what they do. Maybe an advisor? Or Vice President!

theginganinja1000 says:

Can you run for a powerful political position, please? You think and I like that.

ErinTamsin says:

educational – it’s allowed 

The Fool says:

0:30 – YOU BLEW MY MIND!!! O_O

Seriously, someone call a doctor! >_<

RunEnabled says:

Thank god I don’t live in that 3rd world country.

The Fool says:

In a massive, drug-fueled orgy? :/

NochietheCupcake . says:

If you need a Macbook Air I officially do not like you

Andrea Guerrero says:


Nefret8789 says:

you didn’t watch the end of the video! 😛

Mishkafofer says:

Same here in Israel. We already have some doctors shortage. Government buys allot of generic drugs (not a bad thing necessary).

Jarrett Bishop says:

As an American, that centralized negotiation sounds a lot like socialism. Socialism which I am enjoying with my arguably higher standard of living here in Sweden.

LowChoBro says:

The only issue I would hold is that many of the nations who use that system tend to underestimate the number of (fill in medical item here) demanded and compensate doctors with better hours to deal with less pay, leading to longer wait times for medical procedure

The Fool says:

It’s because of the illegals. 😐

*he said before watching the video*

wandspider says:


31MidnightSun says:

I’m pretty sure we are since off shore bank accounts became not-a-hidden-thing anymore.

Simen Iversen says:


BumInParadise says:

Watched ’til the end and then scrolled down to say we should punish this man…. punish him by making him lead us…..JOHN GREEN FOR PRESIDENT

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