White House: 375,000 Visits to Healthcare.gov

White House: 375,000 Visits to Healthcare.gov

The White House says the government’s health care website received 375000 visitors on Monday by noon. That’s a surge in use on the first business day since …



xAZAZELx13 says:

Everything Jay Carney says is a complete lie. I don’t know how this guy is
able to sleep at night.

Shepard Ambellas says:

Total bullshit! Don’t believe this shit! Always read intellihub dot com

2xtream says:

Lies, Lies & more Lies. America doesn’t want your socialism O’dumbass…

David Loeser says:

Small number of visitors, the site is a pile of shit

Margin Walker says:

The same 375 people having to retry to log in 1000 times?

Annyong Rings says:

Lol what a joke

Stinkpoppa says:

OboobO ass wipe …

Jojo jupiter says:

Pack of lies

SnarlaRae says:

Still not connected to a payment system or a health care provider in the
Fed Network….so STOOOPID!!!!

SteveXnycperformance says:

Hint!Hint! If the Gov give out “FREE” lab-top to the citizen “slave”
375,000,000,000 people will visit Healthcare.gov for America Greatest Care
“ObamaCare” . If the Gov give out “FREE” Blackberry and PDA`s to
children(Junior Slave) Healthcare.gov will have 400 billion visitor.
ObamaCare is the solution to clean up America a club house for happy

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