US Healthcare unaffordable to most Americans

US Healthcare unaffordable to most Americans

The US Healthcare system is the most expensive in the world. Yet fewer Americans can afford it, more are sick, people are getting poorer and health insurance…



monkeybananayum says:

our healthcare system is a disgrace. i absolutely hate how it basically promotes illness and dependence and charges people for it. No civilized society should have a for-profit healthcare system.

john hamill says:

actually america is 37th……france and italy are number 1 and 2 in the world and guess what! if you r a citizen u r covered by the government…..

Simon Gordon says:

Many americans WANT TO KEEP this system?? and think something like our NHS is the work of the devil,please if that is what you believe then keep your system and pay vastly over the odds for your healthcare and drugs I will be happy paying my taxes and getting my free at point service when I need it and my doctor says it is in MY INTERESTS and not the drug company or rogue doctor who needs another holiday or extension to their homes.I am always amazed at some americans they really are moronic.

1974Humble says:

I work in the health industry and before you boo me please understand.. I am fully aware of how corrupt and crooked the system can be. I do it for the love of humanity.. These residents work their whole lives to have their families squabble, homes taken away, and life savings be swindled because of how our healthcare system is set up. It’s heartbreaking. The hopitals are releasing patients way too soon because of insurance company’s and the cost of properly being observed in a hospital setting

muffingirl1606 says:

It means that the country’s total healthcare costs divided by each American is the highest .
However, the costs are mostly concentrated in those who are chronically sick or in emergency care.

muffingirl1606 says:

Not all diseases stem from an unhealthy lifestyle. Ailments can be genetic or struck by chance.

mitzaaaa887 says:

yes, the facts are mostly right…but still there are some companies that want to make a change for the better, for example my healthcareinsurance company is quite fair and affordable.
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Steve Gongos says:

And, of course, the imbeciles in D.C. who are holding the reins of power and influence have no vested interest in any of this. You think they’re feeling any worry about how they’ll afford medical treatment? Let’s take a peek at the details their healthcare coverage.

Steve Gongos says:

Someone needs medical treatment, yet they have to go into economic servitude FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE? Do you find that acceptable? $15,000 for ONE NIGHT in a hospital (for some treatments). Look up “f*cked up” in the dictionary and you’ll see “U.S. health care”. It’s beyond inhuman.

Holowachuk says:

well great… i served in the military, where i was in really good shape, but i had an accident, which meant that i had 3 surgeries in 1,5 years and had to leave the army. if we did not have the healthcare systhem, that exists in germany i would not be able to go studying (with a stiff knee) today but i’d be working to pay back these surgeries plus the 4 month therapy that followed.

we got this system since 1877 and i dont understand why it is such a big deal for americans.

StandYourGrounds says:

exercise is the answer to health problems. Prevention!!!!

clintdelicious says:

America’s health system is a total joke. America are something like 22nd in the health care tables all over the word despite being one of the richest companies. Here in the UK our healthcare system is free and is fantastic. It is madness how more people in the US arnt aware that their healthcare system is designed just to make money. There should be outrage and protests in the streets over this, it’s mad that if you don’t have insurance that you wont get healthcare! Richest country in the world?

AliceNchainz011 says:

And your point is??…how is this relevant to his argument on healthcare?

jason borotra says:

Yea and it’s even worse because it makes it ridiculously expensive. It’s more costly and the health outcomes are worse than other rich countries. As long as the gvt is there to serve the interests of big business it will be hard to get any real change.

hadibadashi says:

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Ali Adeeb says:

I like how she says “we have the most expensive healthcare system in the world, yet fewer Americans can afford it”
LOL Are those facts supposed to counter each other?

Blunder1248 says:

A chap a work with has his family split between the US and the UK. His family in the US are lucky if they reach 70 where in the UK most reach 90 plus.

GreenGoSolar says:

☼ SOLAR ♫ LOVE ♥ Liberty ∞

chechnya says:

America has some of the best healthcare in the world.. if you can afford it. With 50 million people uninsured and many more underinsured.. it’s a travesty that the leader of the free world abandons it’s citizens like it does. The same legislators who deride the Affordable Care Act are the same people who would never think about cutting the military budget.

A true travesty.

Cicy S says:

This makes me very sad.

aalfines says:

Some people pay $75 family plan or $35 single plan a week for crappy health care. Why not take those payments and pay them as taxes if it’s going to give us better benefits?

Antwone Jackson says:

Health care is a human right not a privilege

PsychoGirl300 says:

In Canada you don’t half to pay too get your children’s shoots taken in kindergarten grade 6 or grade 9 in fact you just need to sign a form about with medical history and witch shoots you want them to take

ScientistSoundSytem says:

true, does it really rain alot there?

davijeph says:

Well, he might do, he sure as hell could not live in the UK he would never get his fire to light , it rains to much.

bauman11 says:

Hi Cupid. No most Americans have no idea how tough their lives are compared to other western countries. I am residing in the USA at the moment, I see people all around me suffering financial ruin just because they get sick – and these people are insured!! My mother in law has to work her butt off to pay $600 a MONTH for insurance. Last year, my medicare levy was $600 for the year!! People are scared of universal health care because they see it as some form of communism.

GraceForTheSoul1 says:

I’m a conservative in most respects, but I have believed for years in having universal health care here in the U.S. like in England, Scotland, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, etc.
(and the benefits I’ve seen my family and friends in those countries receive from their health care systems). I have a seizure disorder (under control) and this makes me ineligible for health insurance in the U.S. who can lawfully deny me & others. That means I get no healthcare for anything, unless I pay cash.

ScientistSoundSytem says:

America is evil, Satan lives there

cupidstunt544 says:

me too free visits to the doctor and cheap medications ,do people there know whats happening elsewhere ?,or how some of them look ???.

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