The truth about Public Healthcare – Topher VBlog 002

The truth about Public Healthcare – Topher VBlog 002

Imagine waiting over a year for a life changing piece of surgery that you’ve already paid for… Welcome to Australia’s ‘World Class’ healthcare system. Toph…



Derek O'Brien says:

Hmmm. Topher has no medical insurance? Relies entirely on the public health sector hospitals? So he’s in the queue for services. Priorities lead to sicker people being treated first. My medical insurance costs me $130 a month; top private hospital cover, dental and optical as well. surgery on my back and rehab afterwards were covered by my insurance, medicare and a fee negotiation with my surgical tea, so there was no co-pay involved.. And no waiting.

Z5EETL4 says:

F U he could die in his sleep! He has been paying into the system his whole life so he should get the care right away. There should be no wait for anyone if it is so good. If he has to buy private insurance he should not have to pay into the public plan. Obamacare is just trying to fix something that is not broken. Here in America, he would have gotten his surgery immediately even if he didn’t have any money. Hospitals & Doctors write off millions $ in surgeries every year to the needy.

MrMitchay says:

Also think about the alternative, if we had no healthcare, rather than being on a waiting list to remove your tonsils you would be forced to pay thousands of dollars to get them out, if you cant afford it, then to bad.

MrMitchay says:

The health care system in Australia prioritizes these sort of things because there aren’t enough doctors to give you on the spot surgery. they are already to busy saving peoples lives. It might suck for you at the moment but in all honesty your disease isnt life threatening, which is why you have a waiting list. Dont like the system? You can still buy private healthcare anyway, so whats the problem.

Andrew Horton says:

You’re right, Michael Moore doesn’t have the best record. But I do believe Topher is being very one-sided with his point of view… It’s easy to have a shallow opinion on something… Questioning why it isn’t working might be a better idea than saying it doesn’t work.

magnus4g63 says:

well sir, no i like to speak from experience, “facts” in this case is what you like, you can find links to “facts” that state your opinion and I can do the same. I am simply saying that the Danish healthcare from my point of view isnt all that great. I also state that I do not think anybody should be denied care. I do not belive that the US system is something to be followed, and I do not believe it is as bad as you say, nor that the Danish is as good as you say.


Speaking of facts, the American government spends as much on health care per capita as any liberal paradise out there. It’s just a broken system, and not the only “alternative” to socialized healthcare. If you care about the poor so much, then why do you support a system where only those rich enough to pay for all their services twice actually get the treatment they need without waiting til their deathbed to get it?


Well he’s been waiting for over a year. Thing with queues is they don’t usually occur when there’s just one guy standing in line, so chances are there might be this other guy waiting for treatment too, don’t you think?

Besides, you’re completely missing the point. HE’s paying into the system as an insurance that HE will get treatment when HE needs it. If he’s paying for the service only to get a finger when he finally needs it, then why the fuck should he pay for it in the first place?

etmax1 says:

Yet our Mr Topher complains that paying only 2.5% for healthcare should justify his own doctor to follow him around. Our social healthcare isn’t perfect but it is one of the most financially viable in the world and DOES provide world class healthcare. The alternative is healthcare only for the well off (ie. US system) and they actually pay more for the same quality outcomes (> 3 times more) Please state facts, not coloured opinions

etmax1 says:

This healthcare system he’s complaining about paid for a full hip replacement for my brother-in-law that never could have afforded it. Sure he had to wait but he got back to work. and didn’t have to pay. In the US my brother-in-law would have been left to suffer or die. You can’t tell me that’s the better alternative? And if rich Mr. Topher needs his operation so badly he can afford to have additional private healthcare, he’s just too tight and want to complain

etmax1 says:

Be grateful you live in a country where we actually care about the have-nots, unlike the US where people live on the streets and in subway tunnels so people on 200million a year can pay less tax.

etmax1 says:

Suck it up princess, what you’re complaining about is that there isn’t enough money being paid into the health system. What you’re also saying is that it is better to have no one that doesn’t have money to buy healthcare should have it so that the few that can afford it and have generally better health can. You’re supposed to be smart, work out how much it costs to give the entire population instant healthcare that you seek. You’re talking about 10% not the paltry 2.5% you pay now. Be grateful

cwatasut says:

you really believe that stuff michael moore..cmon

humanati says:

Everything Governments touch turn to shit, so why on earth do we trust them with healthcare & education? It’s time we stopped giving our money to these fucking parasites people. We have a GOD GIVEN right to keep the fruits of our labour, not work more than half our time on earth for other men!! That’s called slavery…

Andrew Horton says:

Topher, bureaucrats don’t grade your medical condition… doctors do! Your condition isn’t classified as urgent, rather elective. Perhaps you weren’t forthcoming with your condition?

I do feel for you and no system is perfect. But healthcare shouldn’t be for those who can afford it. It should be for all! Healthcare shouldn’t be a cost driven system. You should also take note, American health care has a lot of problems too. Go watch the Michael Moore documentary, Sicko!

130shipley says:

I went to the Veteran Administration’s small clinic in my town a few months ago. My glands were swollen and throat felt like it was on fire. I ended up seeing a physicians assistant and I swear he was going to just let me walk out of the clinic with no medicine. I had to convince him that I needed antibiotics. He let it slip that the clinic is not authorized to test for strep throat, which he thought I had. That’s socialized healthcare for you. It’s not just one incident with social med.

magnus4g63 says:

thanks for sharing this Topher. Im from Denmark, the “happiest” country in the world. This is ofcause a lie to promote the highest taxes in the world. We also have socialized medicine, and it is horific, exept some of our cancer treatment centers, they are in all fairness good. But the system is EXTREMLY expensive and in most cases useless. I believe though that noone should be denied medical care for any reason. But the socialistic aproach (as always) is expensive and inefficient.

Morten Andreassen says:

YOU have been waiting for a year.. so Australia`s health care system is rubbish.

Priceless. Just priceless.

C´mon everybody – hurry! Everybody now – we have to revolve around Topher!

Joshua Johnstone says:

Ok this guy has no idea Australia has a good Heath system and honestly dose this guy have the view that if you are poor and cannot afford life saving surgery you should die

biglooneytic says:

I was diagnosed with kidney and heart problems 2 years ago. I was in the hospital and they used all types of tests to do so: x-rays, blood tests, biopsies all done within a week and I didn’t have to pay a cent. I now get a checkup every few months and take medication everyday, which I can afford thanks to the Australian System. I’m not trying to change anyone’s minds on this issue and I’m sorry for what you went through, I just wanna share my experience with the system.

A.M. Fortas says:

Fair dos. I have paid Medicare too. I have sleep apnea AND was treated immediately AND given that same machine ($2000) for just $50 a year. I also had a macula hole in my eye. I had an operation within two weeks, Free. And I had a cataract. I waited on a list for 6 months and the op was free. Also I went deaf. I was given two hearing aids, ($2000 each) for which I pay $38 a year for maintenance and batteries. I am an Australian in Australia.

Christopher Keene says:

It’s fallacy to believe your specified predicament can contradict millions of ill people that socialized medicine does work for. It’s an anecdotal fallacy and it’s same reason single incidents don’t pass bills in parliament.
Your anecdote also doesn’t critique socialized medicine, it merely whines about your public hospital’s decision on the priority of your operation which is a terrible straw-man to make.
Why don’t you try your Libertarian arguments in Africa, they might go down better there.

shihonage says:

Us former Soviets have already experienced a similar healthcare system.

Most of us, with a degree of horror and disbelief, recognized Obama as the old-school Marxist apparatchik back in 2007 when he was running.

Unfortunately people don’t heed the warnings of history. And America is full of people ignorant of history. It is doomed to repeat it.

James Diaz says:

You Aussies who say it’s good to have social medicine, remember that the United States has about twice the population per square mile, and the law was written by out of touch morons who exempted themselves from the same law…

Srekwah says:

Obamacare is worse than any of them. From best in the world to the worst due to one man. .

classicalhero7 says:

Contact the health department and see what is happen and ask why it has taken so long. Remember that the administration of each State’s health department is down to the state and not the federal government, so you’re rant is wrongly directed and should be focusing on your own state and to the whole system, since each state runs their system differently.

classicalhero7 says:

Don’t forget that each state is different. Since you are in Victoria the waiting lists are different in my state, Western Australia. I know that I have never any problems with both public and private hospital situations.Recently I have had surgery done publicly and I never had to wait too long to get it done., but don’t forget that some surgeries aren’t considered a priority and thus they aren’t done straight away. It seems like you are unfortunate. Hopefully soon you will get the surgery.

TheTimtimtimtam says:

6:30 tonsillectomy for $3500 for a elective surgery to affect your “quality of life” surgery…i am so glad i pay for a socialized healthcare system, it has saved the lives of many many people i know and many people i don’t know, have their life saved. Thank you to the Australian socialized healthcare system…Obamacare, is a great step forward !!!

Bonnie Kalvans says:

Thank you this Topher. I’ve heard from people in the UK about how bad their medical coverage is.  The only thing I can say, though, is obamacare ISN’T socialize medicine. It is a completely different animal and it’s going to havoc. Actually it already is.

TheJediSlayer7 says:

From the Department of Ideas So Great, They Have To Be Mandatory, I present the State in all its glory. Are you too retarded to take care of your own health needs? Let the government do it for you! After all, if you think your budgeting skills are sloppy, just wait till you see the deficits we create!

RzrTrek says:

nobamacare it’s an expensive hoax, a socialist’s (globalist & lobbyist) wet dream

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