RFID Chip Required in Obama’s Health Care Bill

RFID Chip Required in Obama’s Health Care Bill

RFID Chip required to have for Obama’s Health Care Law. They say it in plain sight.




actually obama care is baseoff the un world wide health care bill, that they are implementing all around the world in different nations under different names…….this obama care leaves room for the mark of the beast to be implemented anytime in the future…..if you remember in the bible it says the leaders of nations will hand their power over to satan. Obamacare, EPA, FDA, DHS, NSA, FEMA all sounds like the devil system being put into play.

theno1katzman says:

The health care bill doesn’t have any mandatory chip in it. People trying to spread this nonsense are leading people astray. The chip is supposed to be enacted AFTER the antichrist makes himself known when everyone is forced to take it to buy or sell. This has nothing to do with Obamacare, calm down people, and don’t be led astray. By the way this is already AFTER the world wide government, so that immediately disqualifies Obamacare, which is only for America.

vranakkk says:

stupid goyim

krome411 says:

No because they don’t want you in it.


Why not just be mindful of who you are, what your medical industry is, and take responsibility for yourself? The answer to that is simple, most people do. The Government now is in a state of wanting complete control. The Government was created by the people and for the people. There is to be no situation where the Government is to act and or be judged above reproach. They need to be held to a standard of accountability that ensures their actions are for the people. The chip is not for the people

Kyongsul Bahng says:

Right answer to this is, Howard, is don’t force people to have it inserted on their hand or on their forehead because it represents the mark of the beast. This mark is an irreversible membership in lake of fire.

Tracye Davis says:

A medical alert bracelet will do the same thing but with that, the patient is the one who decides what to share and that info is only given to those that patient wishes to share it with…

susanna viney says:

im surprised they haven’t took the gun law away yet before implamenting this Obama rfid bullshit kicks off..were doomed if people don’t take a stand..or it might be too late.

suechias says:

Deal believes his own garbage…he’s been TRAILED to believe it…obama care will deside if u need treatment..if u get it and government feels u didn’t need it…IRS will charge u ..r take it out of your bank account…THERE WILL B NO OPPOSING IT…GOV. WILL DESIDE …NO EXCEPTION!!!

Kevin Kaczor says:

Answer the question dude. (They know they are wrong)

Kevin Kaczor says:

Dont get the chip, get christ.

mrttamara says:

This guy never answered the question, he just danced around the issue!!

Christopher Price says:


tredub91 says:

Our best hope is to just join the illuminati, then create sabotage when we are powerful enough.

JohnChenGoogling . says:

When Big Government wants, Big Government would persuade. And the spectrum of power persuasion will eventually be mandatory. That’s why first the Gun Grab. Then the Privacy Theft. Then the Land Grab(from the landed). Then the Body Grab. That is what the conspiracy channel are saying, at least.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” ( Gerald R. Ford )

American Sleeping Beauties should examine the”apples”offered.

UPCIboy Gamboa says:

He’s not saying that there will be a chip implanted. He is saying about the chip as an example to the ones in France. He’s saying how do you put a privacy wall up when people like your doctors need your medical information.

TheCentralServices says:

The chip is only bad if you have got something to hide.

Michael Moran says:

literally force you to get it!

Michael Moran says:

I would like your post a million times. Dean is a Dbag. Yeah, we give out more information than ever, but it matters WHO we are giving it to and how much power they have in our society also! We are about to have Gov’t run healthcare which will require us to have chips! At least if healthcare was private it wouldn’t be in the hands of the Gov’t! I still wouldn’t get the chip though, and it wouldn’t be as required as no one company could force ypu to get it! If Gov’t runs healthcare, they could

K Ford says:

REVELATIONS 13:15… And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.  16…And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark IN their right hand, or IN their foreheads: 17…And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name

westernwinchester70 says:

Death to the NWO!


apoc 13:16e17 essa e a prova de quem ama a Jesus e nao aceitara subordinaçao a anticristo com a marca dele

alan flores says:

fuck that

twinny0731 says:


twinny0731 says:


twinny0731 says:


Xiaolian7 says:

Falun Dafa is a cultivation system in the Buddha School, saving people, that is based on the principles of the Universe: 真 Truthfulness 善 Compassion 忍 Forbearance

It teaches elevation of one’s moral character. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China. Good people are being tortured, raped, killed, force-fed, deprived of sleep and have organs harvested from simply because their spiritual belief. Millions practitioners were killed by the evil CCP.


saucej31 says:

What a tard

Marlene Escamilla says:


matt craft says:

is the only one who can save us….LOL

ohyeah1943 says:


GMSfreespeechmyass says:

It said “all will see why I trust the spirit”. It’s beautiful, and good info Ahch, stay up Shalawam.

Keith Rider says:

It’s an angel choir sound effect.

GMSfreespeechmyass says:

what is that music at the beginning?

Black cherubim says:

They gonna insert the chip in the anus and the chip will swim into the brain and will control people minds and bowel movements!

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