Pros & Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill

Pros & Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill

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Uncutmoneybags says:

Yes but every country is different. What works for Europe,Asia,Russia etc.. Does not work for all. And the same goes for America as well. From what I have seen everytime we try and “become better” by changing to match a country like Europe we are ruining America by using ideas that do not work. Gas in Europe is around $9. Do you know how much inflation would happen if our gas prices went to $9? Should we become a Monarch as well or a straight dictatorship like the other countries?

Mitt namn Min ensak says:

It doesn’t matter what country I’m comparing America with..Also Africa is a third world continent ;). The point I’m trying to make is I don’t agree with you saying “we shouldn’t be looking over our shoulders cause we are so different, we don’t need to change”. Just cause you think you were created as something different doesn’t mean you can’t learn from others if they found a system that works better.

Uncutmoneybags says:

Why are you bringing up Africa when I was talking about America? You are comparing America to a fucking 3rd world country you moron. You are inferring shit that isn’t there but nice try prick.

Mitt namn Min ensak says:

That was the best answer on this thread cause it was a text book example of American pigheadedness x) haha. I guess countries in Africa should stop trying to fight poverty and beeing something else, cause them ol’ countries where created as something different.

Mitt namn Min ensak says:

I’m so happy I don’t live in US, you guy’s really have it tough if you get sick :S.

Mustardmonkey1 says:

I hate Americans.

Catherine Gross says:

I hate this guy. Should just come back on FB and get off TV altogether.

nhug96 says:

Start cutting money from healthcare and put it towards early education and child development. If every child is given an equal opportunity to succeed at a young age and the playing field is more leveled then why should someone have to pay taxes to support the funding of a person who didn’t succeed’s healthcare? Healthcare like anything else is a product that should be paid for by people, not the government. So someone who achieves more success shouldn’t be expected to pay for someone who failed.

Marcos Lopez says:

Disregard him. He is just another cookie cutter Che wannabe.

southerndeth says:

In order for capitalism to work there needs to be an abundance of people to double as labor and consumers. This is why we do not regulate human reproduction. We are nothing more than cattle. I would of got back to you sooner but I was busy at work not being exploited. P.S. Buisness owners love high unemployment. It keeps their workers showing up.

Dustin Fancher says:

The effects “Crony Capitalism” certainly haven’t been good. A free market system is what brought great wealth and power to this country. Free markets highly encourage innovation through competition, and job creation. What would you suggest besides Capitalism? It’s not perfect, but it has seen the most success over any other system. At least, over any other system where its citizens are somewhat free. But maybe you’d rather have the government tell you how to build your business?

Tony Ochoa says:

Capitalism eventually destroys itself, every historian knows that!

Unit01232 says:

Capitalism doesn’t exploit people, but it creates wealth out of goods and services people like as well as creating jobs within the business, helping with employment.

southerndeth says:

Capitalism will find a new way to exploit the masses; but Medicare does drive up cost because no one cares how big the bill is. I don’t know what the answer is, I just hate how insurance companies decide which procedures can be performed. Doctors need to make the final decision. The easiest way to cut costs is to cut out the middle man.

Uncutmoneybags says:

We have to stop comparing ourselves to other countries and we are completely forgetting our countries roots. America was built on a different kind of belief and that is the freedom to choose what you want to do and not let the government make the choices for you.

Unit01232 says:

We are not Europe or Canada either.

Unit01232 says:

yes but obamacare it gonna hurt small business.

Uncutmoneybags says:

Yes. But here is where you are wrong. We are not Hong Kong. We are the United States of America and we should not be compared to other nations because we were created as something different.

Unit01232 says:

Well maybe we can learn from Hong Kong look they dont have government healthcare but the healthcare in hong kong cost less.
If we want more affordable healthcare, we should let healthcare companies compete with each other. Gov. healthcare will drive up the cost and hurt capitalism.

southerndeth says:

I don’t think Mike is a liar, but he does see only what he wants to see. The issue is not Cuban health care, it is the system in the U.S. which is in need of reform.

miky9149 says:

I agree I sure can’t afford it. Obama should of stopped trying to shove this bill down peoples throats and hold off tell he had fix and not a band aid. However, the young turks keep sounding like conservatives came up with this idea. it’s not called republicare. 

Unit01232 says:

I seen that documentary, and I seen the review of it on ABC News 20/20, Michael Moore is a big fat fucking liar.


I wanted to watch this because I thought you’d outline(unbiased) the pros/cons based on what is in the bill. Unfortunatelly you went into a rant about the Republicans and high prices.Why did I think this would be any different than any other Young Jerks video?

kdizzl124 says:

The not for profit, medicare and social security bankrupting government will handle our health with great care i’m sure….

JoseCleveland says:

In Year 2000, Laura Bush, First Lady
was passed out next to a former HUD Loan Servicer
GS11/12 at Buffalo dept of Labor. Act of War, she was
able to speak & recalled what had occurred to her and
was planning Vengeance.
Other terrorists acts are connected to this area of NY, to
the same former HUD Employee’s school/church life, govt
& careers, jobs. Banking was involved.
FBI/CIA agents had lied, were former friends & are under
interrogation. 1 is hostage in Iran today….WAR

lcowles says:

When this takes effect, watch how FAST employers start dropping health coverage for employees. Why should they continue to pay for you when they KNOW you’re federally obligated to provide your own? The corporations will save billions. See how fast employees get cut to >35hrs per week and have to pay for their mandated insurance on a part-time salary. What about the folks who don’t have jobs? How will they PAY? They don’t need another BILL. They need a JOB! This solves nothing.

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