Presidential Debate 2012 on Health Care: Mitt Romney Says ‘Expensive’ ‘Obamacare’ Hurts Job Growth

Presidential Debate 2012 on Health Care: Mitt Romney Says ‘Expensive’ ‘Obamacare’ Hurts Job Growth

Mitt Romney says the costs to small business to implement “Obamacare” will hurt new hires.



Keith Peters says:

Well Libs, Obama Won but America Lost!

James Howard Owen Murray says:

Private companies are out for profit and thats it. Universal healthcare is the only way. Oh wait i forgot, universal healthcare is soooo bad. Yeah, so bad 24/25 of the richest countries in the world have one. Republicans are totally out of touch with what happens beyond america

James Howard Owen Murray says:

The government cant run healthcare? Oh right, so a government elected and run ‘for and by’ the people would do a worse job than private companies? I think i made my point

Anh Nguyen says:

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sdee625ify says:

Americans are idiots. Who ever heard of private insurance running a countries healthcare. ???. What are you paying tax for then. ?

If you pay taxes to the government, then said government should provide basic services, including health amongst other things free education and social security.

If I want to go private insurance company like for the rich folks then that’s my choice.

Not the stupid system they have in America.

God forbid.

sdee625ify says:

In England Princess Diana had her two babies William and Harry in a Nhs hospital Paddington London.  They’re still alive I think. !!!

Romney is just for big corporations not the serfs.


avatarmage34 says:

You are undoubtedly a strong liberal. Do you agree with anything Romney says? Your graduate policy paper is probably very biased.

DavyCrockettFan1 says:

Governor Romney was right on everything he said. I have researched the law extensively, and it is filled with hidden taxes and is in fact a government take-over.

Shawn Winters says:

lol what is your study? sociology?

SB87JB says:

I hate Romney but he was right. This a racket. I work at a “smaller” business (between 51-499 employees) and we are fucked. It will cost around $66,000 to NOT have Obamacare and around $120,000 to have the silver plans which only offer 70% coverage. After it comes out of our taxes it totals $230,000 between all 89 of us. This is so far beyond anything remotely affordable. We have to fire 39 people soon so we can qualify as a “small” business where things are somewhat affordable.

gbmwaz says:

RNC- (Reality-Never-Comes) & Fox all jumping into the Kool-Aid pool now….as the GOP shrinks fast. Thanks to
Bill O’Reilly – The (Non) Factor
“Limburger” Limbaugh smelling up the place
Karl (unemployed) Rove
Mitt & Paul – lost their own states AND hometowns. Less votes then McCain/Palin…WOW Not an OB Mandate??
When RNC &Fox predicted Romney would go over 300 it was a *clear* mandate….now since OB got 330, it’s not. Flip-Flop
Repub idiots wasted a billion dollars…fiscal responsibility??

BlackRoseDragonGhost says:

So you should then know about how in the Affordible care act the premium cost is actually going to increase from $4,000,000,000 in 2012 to 10,000,000,000 in 2017 and that this will be paid for by those in the midde class by increasing taxes? If you don’t believe me, its section 124. STAT. 1018 in the bill. Also look at section 10908 which allows the State to designate health insurance eligibility based upon “applicant qualification”. Tell me thats not scary.

MrAwsomecooldude7 says:

xtanzmitpalmerx says:

My sources? Red-blooded American, professional, peer-reviewed journals of economics, social science, and medical science. Thanks for asking!

While you’re asking, don’t forget to ask the UK and Canada how their ‘socialist programs’ are faring. I very, very rarely hear any complaints about them. But perhaps you could coax some different version of the truth from them, since you’re apparently at liberty to information that scholars are not.

Zaratai says:

Your completely retarded then, and your paper is what is bullshit. Are you getting all your data from the socialist countries that are running it right now, or left-wing media sites? People RUN to America for healthcare when they have cancer and such. The Eurozone is in debt and Greece is totally fucked. Do not tell me that socialist programs are good. If you love hand-outs go move to the Eurozone, because someone has to pay for it, and it is NOT business friendly. Get the facts my friend.

Zaratai says:

Your country has a defecit as well, so we wouldn’t take advice from you. 😉 Everyone runs to our country for the healthcare that it has NOW. So what in the world are you talking about? Obamacare would socialize medicine, which means much longer waits and the cost for America will not be controllable. Just because you like to give all your rights to the government, that isn’t how America works.

Zaratai says:

Dont know how you saw that, it didn’t happen.

lightworkerization says:

when he bring down the tax he also destroy the hospitality and so on i dont like mitt romney but i am dont care i am not from usa looool

lightworkerization says:

if you not can get a job create you own buisness not hard if you use the lightworker term

Bill Penny says:

Write in Senator(from Texas) Ron Paul 2012!!!
Look him up.

DrHowbeit says:

In this debate Obama kept a civil tone and waited for his turn without interrupting. How did people reward that behavior?

DrHowbeit says:

Various surveys show that the world favors Obama with a wide margin. BBC World Service found that 20 out of 21 countries support Obama. Gallup found that 89% support Obama in 30+ countries.

Piter De Flames says:

Obviously private enterprises are interested first and foremost in their own profit. Now if they get their money from people being unhealthy, then their incentive will be creating unhealthy people. Obviously you can not rely on private enterprises in case of something like healthcare, as they are having an incentive that actually contradicts the very purpose of healthcare itself.

fridasharidcidpaez says:

No Body Likes Romney!-.-

PhilipSydneyRoss says:

What you guys call conservative, we in other western countries call crazy.

I don’t know how this psycho could possibly have a validated point of view, please don’t make him your president

peaceliberty4all says:

There are companies considering taking the penalty for not providing their employees with insurance rather than pay for it because of the cost. Before Obamacare they provided insurance, so how exactly is Obamacare helping people?

Ruby Doyle says:

thank you thank you thank you so much. I am doing a school debate on obama vs romneycare and I agree with everything you just said

jonny ohio says:

My insurance company cancelled my policy and sent me back my last payment the moment Obamacare passed. I went shopping for a new insurance plan and found the costs had all gone up. Not that Romney offers any alternative…he talks about how bad Obamacare is and how he liked what he did in Mass., but it is the same thing! Oh, the difference is that he got some democrats to vote for it lol…what a load of crap.

meganfelised says:

@John Brown well said John brown. I’m 25 year old female with possible cervical cancer. Yes my care is going to be 2000 dollars but its better than 20000 dollars. I’ve lost 51 – 60 pounds and an alcoholic in recovery. I expect NOONE to pay for my mistake. I won’t go bankrupt because of 2 grand. My dads company is losing to pay out insurance to his employees because of the laws from obamacare.

meganfelised says:

@bkspavilion1 I wouldn’t want someone on my insurance plan who is fat. It would cost more than what they would put into it, causing everyone else who has insurance to have their premiums raised. 34% of Americans are overweight. Obesity is linked to the top the killers in the country.

sharif yasin says:

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Winnie Injida says:

America at some point needs universal health care (coming from a republican). Why is everything in America so driven by money? As a health care provider it is really annoying to see the cost of health care going up…we are talking about the lives of people here and not some type of game

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