Obamacare: The Health Care Song

Obamacare:  The Health Care Song

This is how I feel about Obamacare… This ain’t American Idol this is American politics and I have a message for the American people about Health Care! This…



Steve Spell II says:

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Steve Spell II says:

Sitting round trying to figure out what went wrong,
I woke up this morning my health care was gone,
I’d like to keep the plan I was already on,
That’s why I’m singing you this health care song!

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Obamacare: The Health Care Song
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Steve Spell II says:

Lets make this video go viral and prove once and for all that the social
media can be a powerful tool when small folks get fed up with big
government! Share this song about health care everywhere! Twitter
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Steve Spell II says:

Lets make this video go viral and prove once and for all that the social
media can be a powerful tool when small folks get fed up with big
government! Share this song about health care everywhere! Twitter
suspended my account for sharing this song shortly after I wrote it. Tells
me I’m on to something here! 🙂 #thehealthcaresong
Obamacare: The Health Care Song

Steve Spell II says:

This Funny Video about health care is going viral! Seemed like a good Idea
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Ryan Orr says:

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Michiel Van Kets says:

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so, that should help ;-)

bakerXderek says:

Very nice man 

ed chism says:

(Thu01) #LOL


Deanna Meske says:

Great job!! So true!! It’s only free if you don’t pay taxes and have a job,
then the guy who actually works and pays taxes pays for the non worker and
pays more for healthcare then he did before, hmmmmmm seems a bit
socialistic bordering dictatorship to me, seems we are heading in a very
bad direction where we work for the Govt, take home very little of that pay
and have very little freedoms all while being told how free we are, this is
why Obama wants illegal aliens to vote, really you should have to be a tax
payer to vote and prove that you have held a job for 1 solid year before
you can vote!

hershel fletcher says:

As bad as this song is and how bad you play guitar. Now go get on MEDICAID
and shut-up !!!!!

robin conrad says:

You stupid idiot the ACA never said free it is called the Affordable care

C Warren says:

LOL… good job. I’ve opted out; I simply refuse to comply for an
unconstitutional law in not a law regardless of five black robe’s

Daveda Gruber says:

I love your will to do whatever you can to get the word out. Keep it up!

tsimahei says:

When they wreck his career, he can sing! Maybe in Mexico, they seem to have
more freedom than we do. Certainly their economy is better.

Frank Nolan says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Meredith George says:
David Teixeira says:

600 million in taxpayer wasted money on Canadian company running a U.S.
plan that continues to failed Website and useless law. Is not a Lie. 

RealNewOrleans says:

shared at several sites 

Nintendo Kid says:
Sillyloco says:


SportyGal883C says:

Shared it!

hershel fletcher says:

Faces of Change: A Skeptic’s Story on Health Care Reform LOOK AT THIS THEN
TALK !!!!

OtterRose says:


18Elitegamer says:

Thanks steve . I needed that. Had a horrible song stuck in my head and now
its been replaced with the healthcare song.

Truculentturtle1 says:

sharing… thanks…

nathanael562 says:

I from canada and our health insurance is not free for everybody. We all
pay for it and the people who say it ‘s free their are the people never
think about the cost or people who love to beg for money. They don’ t want
to work and not talking about people who cannot work because and health

Kenn Brooks says:

I will NEVER enroll in Obamacare. I reduse to have a RFID chip injected
into my body which is supposed to be eventually mandatory. Taxes are
voluntary for those that know. This heakthcare program will never fly
because it is dependent in the youth growing up to buy into tgis orogram
and they are not so it will eventually flop

June Foley says:

During the NEXT election vote to take out ANYONE in congress who put this
in place…

Jill Gabbert says:

Love it!!!

Marc Thomsen says:

Can’t wait to hear the B-side and get the 45 RPM for my collection. :-)

paula McElroy says:

Great song singing the truth
Love it! 

Alyn Martinez says:

To those that suggest there are people in this country that dont pay taxes,
wake up! Everyone pays taxes every single day. To those that accuse the
lower income bracket of taking from the system, just remember its on the
backs of those people, that the top earners are abke to make the money that
they have. Nothing is this worod is free and to think that is ignorant.
Also, fox news coined the term obamacare as its really the affordable care
act that Romney and most republicans were all for until obama started
working on makibg it a national reality . This conversation is no different
than the ones had last century when social security became law and i dare
anyone to talk about getting rid of that. Wake up and stop spewing false
talking points and get the real facts. 

Mencken Graham says:

Pretty sweet rhythm. Will make this seen.


SERIOUSLY???? Are you for real…or are you simply trying to market your
mediocre talents as a “folk singer”? Come on….you KNOW that there was
nothing about the Affordable Care Act that promised you FREE
anything….except free screening tests and physicals….obviously you did
not take time to read the entire 907 pages (10 chapters) like I did…

If you lost your insurance plan, it was one that was marketed to you
after the ACA was signed in 2010….because all the plans that were in
effect as of the date of the bill signing were grandfathered in and are
still in effect…regardless of the quality or veracity of those
plans….which means that it wasn’t President Obama who lied to you…it

So…instead of wasting your time writing songs about your problems, I
suggest you be pro-active….go on line to your state insurance exchange
and get a NEW plan that actually provides REAL health insurance and not the
fictional stuff that your old provider sold you!…and quit being a “pawn”
of the big-time insurance people who have robbed you already….

Joseph Garry says:

nobody said anything about it being free. Shithead

Debra Kay Levi says:

sorry to hear that your health care is gone! looks like u better keep
singing this song! things seem to be uproared & little too late- looks like
we need a more serious debate! YOU HAVE MADE YOUR POINT- everyone gets a
fair musical listen!

Wizzbangify says:

lol who said you where promised free healthcare I know I wasn’t. As far as
reading what was in the ACA the Insurance companies sure as hell knew
exactly what was in it before they let their governmental monkeys vote on
it. If you think Romney-Care would have been any different think again
either way our rates would have been jacked ,but at least we would have
most likely had a working website.

Doc Ali says:

Haters(Steve Spell ll) gonna hate I guess.

TheWanderingWizard says:
Shelia Lynn says:

Love your song, sadly It is true. Obamacare was/ is not about Health Care,
it is about Control. 

Jacqueline Driggers says:

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