Obamacare – Healthcare.gov Going Down At 9pm Tonight As Dealine Hits – On The Record

Obamacare – Healthcare.gov Going Down At 9pm Tonight As Dealine Hits – On The Record

Obamacare – Healthcare.gov Going Down At 9pm Tonight As Dealine Hits – On The Record.



Mass Tea Party says:

#Obamacare – Healthcare.gov Going Down At 9pm Tonight As Dealine Hits – On
The Record #msnbc #cbs #abc #cnn #democrat #republican #nbc #massteaparty

OmarThePug says:

Hey Obama, if the website doesn’t work today, can you shut it down
permanently and just post some dirty pictures instead?

Robert Babcock says:

Throw all of these arrogant phsycopaths out of this administration….start
the whole freakin government over ! WTF is wrong with the people in this
country ??????

Robert Babcock says:

Not stupid ?? Nooo, just well planned screwing of American citizens. This
fckup can’t be fixed ! Throw it to hell out ……Start over and do it
right if it is possible ? VERY DOUBTFUL ! Get rid of these idiots !

hennypenny247 says:

It’s just like going shopping! Really! Government-owned,
government-mandated, and government-run enterprises are JUST LIKE the free
market! Really!

Oh, wait – nobody forced you to shop at Amazon? You mean Amazon was
capitalized WITHOUT your children and grandchildren being consigned into
permanent debt slavery if it loses money? And Amazon didn’t force you to
buy books at double the price you could have bought them somewhere else?

Obama, Sebelius and the other bozos need to be forced to do all their
future shopping in Cuba or Venezuela – standing in line right along with
all the citizens of the socialist paradises. Having a website that doesn’t
work is the GOOD news. The fewer people sign up for Obamacare, the more
people there are keeping their own money – and their own private

jterry says:

Here’s the rub. Because of the mandate, it’s NOT like Kayak or Travelocity.
If I wanted a 2nd class ticket to New York, and a low cost Hotel once I get
there, I can do that on a travel site. Because of the mandate, I would have
no choice but to buy 1st class tickets and stay in a 5 star hotel. In that
case, I can’t afford the trip. 

joyis9638 says:

over 600 billion dollars ! we are paying obama cronies to harm our nation

Edward Diamond says:


Aj Down says:

Even a better way to look at it is if 20 people get on the system only 4
won’t get through. But wait, if 300 million people want healthcare then
only 600,000 people won’t have healthcare (more than the original 15% who
didn’t have it). Over half the country doesn’t want to participate with
this failed healthcare law. On top of that, there are millions losing the
insurance they already had. Anyone who thinks this is going to be fixed
tomorrow is a moron. 

Sock Puppet Superstar says:

That website has gone down more times than Monica Lewinsky.

uturniaphobic says:

I don’t know, is it a good idea to let the same people who created and then
embraced Agenda 21 to be in charge of a mandatory anything?

TheodoresWorld says:

FUBO and your socialized medicine.

Adam Araujo says:

Good point Jterry we have to push this back constantly it’s not a good
thing for our country or our people. Ironically it’s an unhealthy law 

5HlNOBI says:

hopey changey?

daniel velez says:

Your tax information wtf!!

Adam Araujo says:

How busboy possible that Kathleen Sebilious still in a position of
authority? How?

Freedom Tracker says:

So uhh, can we just shut it down and get our money back then?

This is why Government always fails, they aren’t accountable to their
investors (in this case taxpayers) which means they can do as shitty a job
as they want, take as much salary and bonuses as they want, and we can’t
pull our money out.

It’s no wonder Americans are giving up citizenship and evading worktaxes
at all time highs, why should anyone bother to put in blood sweat and tears
to a system that is clearly broken.

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