Obama Promotes Healthcare in Funny or Die Video, Republican Screams “Benghazi!”

Obama Promotes Healthcare in Funny or Die Video, Republican Screams “Benghazi!”

President Obama appeared on Zach Galifianakis’s Funny or Die show “Between Two Ferns” to promote Obamacare enrollment. Naturally, a Republican Congressman fr…



Luke Alley says:

fuck you people, I jsut want to find the damn fucking video. Not some ugly
stupid fuck talking about it/

psychoabattoirhorror says:

The real assholes r the right wing conservative douchebags

jonjonmcjonjon says:

There was a Republican politician, a Congressman, who one night wakes up
and climbs out of bed, wearing his favorite nightcap and PJ’s. He walks,
more like shuffles, slowly to his windowed balcony, throws the doors open,
then looks up to reflect on the star-filled sky, moon shining brightly,
taking in a deep breath of the cool air with eyes closed and bowing his
head down slowly. Then with a sudden surge of energy he fiercely raises his
now-grimacing face and clenched fist to the sky, giving it an accusatory
shake, veins bulging in every conceivable part of his body when he screams
out loud for all in his neighborhood to hear, “BENGHAAAAZIIIIIIII!”

That was the very last word to be said by him, as he suddenly collapsed
from a lethal combination of a heart attack and an aneurysm immediately
after that outburst. Conspiracy theories would abound, and many of the
far-right would (un)officially declare him to be the “fifth” victim of the
Benghazi attacks.

adub4ever says:

I don’t understand why Republicans are so shook up on this subject. You’d
think they want American to afford Healthcare, thus lowering costs for

imdahG says:

Obamacare= OBAMASCARE!!! and you should be scared..lets see what those
liberal inbred douchebags say when they get their refunds garnished for NOT
signing up to be forced to buy 3rd world healthcare packages lmao..and if
they do sign up their to stupid to realize it’s still being taken from the
pay checks..FREE HEALTHCARE MY ASS!!! you dumbass ass imbeciles. O’well
like the saying goes: Its gotta get worse before it gets better. liberals
are so friggin stupid it’s astounding..they believe their lime light so
called reps who bash conservatives for doing the very things those elitists
they themselves are guilty of..and you think obummer cares about YOU??and
that hag Pelosi cares about YOU??? hahaaaa!! it’s ok..red is green and
green is yellow..obummer GOTCHA HELLOOOOOOOOO!!!

Bolgernow says:

my elbow hurts, Benghazi! My pet ran away, Benghazi! I lost my job.

Nick Jermichalesactionjackson says:

here comes the republican youtube base who just spam “libereal” SHITS GOING

RichOrElse says:

Any comment becomes funny because #Bengazi

Sean Gentry says:

No mention of Between Two Ferns co-creator and producer Scott Aukerman?
Founder of Earwolf and host of Comedy Bang Bang!

Love the stuff as always Sam. Just wanted to plug Scott’s involvement.

psychoabattoirhorror says:

Conservatives r douchebags

psychoabattoirhorror says:

Doesn’t take much to confuse dumb inbred Right Wing douchebags.

cinci515 says:

Pisses me off how when they drag propeganda bullshit into comedy. 

PuebloRevolt91 says:

Why don’t we all separate from each other? Make our own states again? Our
own armies? The current system is failing. Sure we can join arms against an
outside threat like China but we cannot live in peace together for long.
Either we separate diplomatically or we fight but then the feds will
conquer us all if they have any soldiers left. It can be done. In fact I’m
sure many groups have their plans right now to do so

onogrindsbrah says:

lol the Benghazi folks found you. I hope they stick around :).

manmadesounds says:

They’re still not aware that “#Benghazi” translates to “I’m petty. I’m
fearful and racist. I only watch Fox News because they’re the only news
outlet that is fair & balanced. Plus, I’m a hypocrite.” But, no, no,
liberals are the dumb ones.

msmithstud says:

show Obama some R-S-P-E-C-T

notbohnhere butcantleave says:

thank god the republicans haven’t figured out that “Benghazi” has turned
them into nothing more than a punch line. I hope they never let it go.

joseph jones says:

Ya, no one should care about the deaths in Benghazi, or that Christians are
being slaughtered by Muslims supported by Obama. What were we thinking. You
Douche Bag. Ass Clown. Pee-wee Herman looking dick.

Weston U says:

Aside from politics, appearing on the same stage as Galifianakis is not
very presidential. It’s kind of bummer that he dives into the celebrity
forum so often. President Obama has the potential to be so much more than

Thomas Schuh says:

Nice to see another liberal tool using Benghazi as a joke. Bravo you great
American you. 

Marcom Majors says:

Dude…you’re S-L-O-W

Dan Smith says:

Just start off with the race baiting. Comedy? Not funny if this was a
conservative shtick.

Gabriel Soria says:

OMG! you waste of time

joseph jones says:

Deez Nuts you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

joseph jones says:

If that’s the case, Christians and Jews have a lot of catching up to do if
you wanna play the Eye for an Eye card, clown.

dizzymasekela says:

Republicans: Why won’t Zach interview our only celebrity Ted Nugent?

limppimento55 says:

Painful to watch. 100 trillion in debt and we are clowning around.

Tal Moore says:

Putin sounds a lot like Borat.

Mike Macoy says:

it doesn’t take much at all to entertain fucking dumbed down liberals

“Your grandchildren will live under Communism. You Americans will not
accept Communism outright,
but we will keep feeding you small doses of Socialism, until you finally
wake up finding that you already have Communism.
We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy, until you
fall into our hands.”

Khrushchev: 1959

moviedude22 says:

Mr. Ben Gazi….we meet again

BottleConcreteBlond says:

When I first heard about this I thought “why is Obama doing this” but after
seeing it I thought it was funny and makes perfect sense. We want people
in their 20s and 30s to sign up–going on Galifianakis is a good idea and
these Republicans are still sore losers.

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