Milton Friedman on Healthcare and the Poor

Milton Friedman on Healthcare and the Poor

Friedman addresses the age old fallacy: “If government doesn’t provide free healthcare to the poor, then the poor will never have healthcare.”



Jay Utley says:

Hey, sir, what do you do? I’m assuming it something to do with business. Send me a line at Thanks.

Jay Utley says:

I have to agree with all of you, fellas. Can’t believe Friedman said that. Usually he’s real good at this stuff. Anybody know how old this video is?

MemoryTechnologies says:

This shows that you don’t have to agree 100% of the time with someone. I don’t agree with “giving” someone money just because they don’t earn a certain amount. Give the guy on the corner a $1.00 and YOU KEEP HIM THERE! And… encourage more to do the same. I heard it with my own ears, yet can’t believe that Dr. Friedman could say it. 

Strength Axle says:

Wow, the only MF clip I don’t agree with. Negative Income tax?!?!?! The problem with the poor is not money, it’s that they produce less than what their needs are. The government is horrible at filtering real need from false need. Private charities do much better at this type of thing. Lets look at a place like Thailand where people manage without the welfare state.

JaySee5 says:

The socialist US government doesn’t think people are smart enough to pick their own food and instead of educating, they tell us what we can and can’t buy. No way will it let the poor make their own budget.

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