Man With 132-Pound Scrotum Dies – Victim Of American Healthcare?

Man With 132-Pound Scrotum Dies – Victim Of American Healthcare?

“Wesley Warren Jr. , who attracted worldwide attention for his problems with a scrotum that grew to 132 pounds by the time he had it surgically removed last …



Cruithne says:

Everybody’s got jokes. (Terrible ones, mostly.)

Mrmoc7 says:

Yeah, poor guy, he’s a victim of not having other people’s money available
to pay for his health. Such a victim…

The poor starving kids in Africa: Victims of not having other people
build them a commercial farm.

The fish that just got ate by a shark in the pacific ocean 3 minutes ago:
Victim of natural selection.

Me: Victim of having the Young Turks on my YouTube home page and not
knowing how to get rid of them.

Hewibat Noh says:

Almost weighs as much as I do. Damn.

Alex Johnson says:

fuck Obamacare.

linglingjr says:

Good these tyt people are fucking retards. Just the title makes me want to
puke. Such bias assholes

Magellanic SpaceClouds says:

This story cannot be true. I refuse to believe it.

pumpkinsrtasty says:

Wow. This guy’s nuts weighed almost 20 pounds more than I do O.O

daveyork0 says:

The way he faced up to his adversities was really ballsy. RIP

bornbillsmith says:

Before we had Obama Care we had Medicaid.
Medicaid would have paid the doctor and for the operation.
Wesley Warren probably had a aversion to doctors.
I understand that.
It’s not so unusual.

DaveFreezeTV23 says:

This reminds me of the South Park episode where Randy wants medical
marijuana. lol R.I.P. Wesley.

Marc Thomas says:

This guy could have started a Kickstarter. He doesn’t need free healthcare.
I gladly would have given to the cause I’d he had done that. There is a
safety net already. It’s called society. With the internet you can easily
see how giving people are.

Jennifer Kim says:

There was also a lot of docs that turned him away. Saying they couldn’t do
anything for him or that they were going to have to castrate him. A re-run
story was ran on him on TLC last night.

Jason Bequette says:

Let’s be realistic.

Lack of jobs = Lack of money

Lack of money = Lack of healthcare

Solution = Overhaul healthcare

Now we still have no jobs, no money, and in cases like mine and my wife’s,
no healthcare because it now costs over 50% of our income with employers
paying half! WTF!

The only thing we have left to do is sell our vehicles which in a rural
area with no public transportation, means no jobs. Awesome!

Did anybody think fixing the original issues might help before we got
screwed even worse?

And then stories like this to promote false ideas only scare me because me
and mine are next because its only worse.

America is so screwed. 

Firesenz says:


rangers2721 says:

I don’t think you can blame Obamacare for this because it wasn’t really in
place. Although it is true Obamacare is terrible 

Cameron Voss says:

Man I was going to make a joke, but this just is sad and feel really bad
for what he must have gone through. Poor guy. Even if it wasn’t related to
genetics at all (which I find impossible to believe.) I still feel bad for
him and his family.

Abbey Buist says:

Thank God I live in Canada! 

Parks DW says:

Man, that guy is all balls…..

Bwkjam says:

Why must ever story be politicized?

olbear303 says:

I choose not to have insurance. Why the fuck should I have to pay a fine!?

HighMagnitudeGT says:

Lifehack: WebMD is almost as good as seeing a real doctor, and it’s free. 

FactChecking101 says:

Any charity hospital would have treated him. Now if they do though they
are facing Obamacare fines and reviews.

deektedrgg says:

If this guy lived in any other Western country that isn’t the USA, he’d
still be alive.

eïb says:

fuck america i hate that pile of selfish & vile pig blubber

Russell Turner says:

his scrotum was keeping him alive. 

Guy Ice says: should of bought that man a wheelbarrow!

romanmir01 says:

Ha, Obamacare shouldn’t exist, NO government medical care or insurance
should exist. It is IMMORAL and it is bad economics to allow gov’t to run
anything at all, including health insurance or care of-course.
Unfortunately USA DOES have the welfare state, which is why the system is
so corrupt and EXPENSIVE as a result of that corruption. The problem is
that gov’t has no authority but still does everything it has no authority
to do, including medicare, medicaid, income taxes, payroll taxes, pensions,

Jeremy Boney says:

RIP, sad story terrible way to go out.

05candyman says:

If this guy lived in Canada, he’d still be alive.

FreeDog70 says:

How would Obamacare help him? Did he have enough money to pay for it? 

brad kessler says:

imagine nutting . lmfaooooooooooooo

GeeKeD-OuT says:

That dude had some BALLS!

lolpauve says:

Good job TYT. You make a video about (relating to the Malayisa airlines)
about how news organizations keep making a story about something where
there is no information or no new information. Yet you make a story about
the fact that a guy who was 50 years old, weighed an excess of 300 pounds,
had high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma dies and you have no autopsy
report? Is anyone surprised this guy wasn’t dead even if he did not have
balls that weighed 150 pounds? I’m not.

James V says:

Randy Marsh: “It’s like a hoppity-hop!”

EthanFaidleyStudio says:

That scrotum weighed 3 lbs more than me back when I had muscle mass

Noble Vendetta says:

He wasn’t a victim of nothing, I remember he was on tosh. 0 having a blast.
Doctors were willing to remove the tumor for free, he didn’t want to get
the procedure because it made him famous. 

Vel Ma says:

another person, who dies because of private for-profit healthcare. they
inflate their bills artificially and deny treatment from people without

Jeff M says:

The testicle is what composes most of that weight. The scrotum is just the

Hash Daman says:

this dude is a victim of being an idiot.

064678543 says:

This reminds of me how Randy Marsh from South Park tried to get testicular

jaydthree1977 says:

Check out the balls on this guy!

sukruoosten says:

money root of EVIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

robinator says:

This guy was on the Howard Stern show about 3 years ago fighting this
disease. So sad to hear that he lost his fight. It’s too bad that this
country as a whole does not show compassion for people in need instead of
just stereotyping them as “bums”.

L00NGB00W says:

Cripes. This guy’s nutsack weighs as much as I do!

BHarris25 says:

Victim of American Healthcare? More like a victim of his own forks, since
you guys like blaming the tool.. 

atheist zealot says:

Good thing I live in Canada!

TacticsUnknown says:

I laughed when i saw the title but when i started to watch the video i
started to feel so bad for this guy. 

DrDavidL says:

The real problem is that the wrong people abuse our system and get free
healthcare under medicaid – same people sitting on their couches all day
getting a welfare check. People feel that healthcare should be free. Do
you get free dentistry? This guy should have gone to the emergency room.
EMTALA (emergency medical treatment and labor act) would protect him and he
would have gotten admitted and received treatment. Say whatever you want –
I know very few ED physicians would feel comfortable sending a guy like him
home in that condition. 

OMGitsSEVEN says:

Randy marsh would have thrown that in a wheel barrow.

adam ali says:

Wasn’t this guy in Tosh.0?

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