Making People the Priority in Health Care

Making People the Priority in Health Care

I’m Dr. Tim Shepherd, a family practice physician in Lewisville, Texas. I want to take care of my patients and I’m worried about what’s going to happen under…



looncraz says:

The ACA **WAS** a republican plan.  It was created in the 90s by the GOP to help reign in costs. It was universally deemed as too expensive, too restrictive, and generally unconstitutional. Doctors, unions, corporations, businesses, healthcare analysts, etc… all went against it.

Fast forward a few years, change a few bits and you have Obamacare.

I’m against simply because its actual costs are unknown and it leaves a good 30 million people uninsured and paying yearly fines for the luxury…

looncraz says:

Obamacare doesn’t institute evidence-based care – that is what we already have. Obamacare implements outcome-based care.

This is VERY different, though outcome-based care uses evidence, it also weighs your care in accordance to the average life span and your age.

So, if you are already 75, cancer care will not be given unless it has a HIGH probability of success. How how? Entirely unknown.

So, at the end of your life, your care options decrease wildly.

Sfah Fcc says:

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SherriSLC says:

That patient who brought the doctor to tears? The Affordable Care Act makes provisions for all obese patients to have intensive interventions to address this problem. Precisely the thing that brought this doctor to tears, because it was something he did for one patient. Doctors always use “don’t cookie-cutter medical care” but this flies in the face of evidence-based care, using interventions that are proven to improve outcomes.

Robbie Hudson says:

Koch brothers own these people too?

coltor9 says:

Heritage invented Obamacare! Who are they kidding? They are the architects.

Rotebuehl1 says:

Watching this & reading the comments one feels pity for these adrift USAmericans! The citizens pay taxes but he isn’t entitled to get public health care? People without (overpriced) private insurances simply DIE in the US! How duplicitous: on one hand claiming they’re “a republic from the people for the people”, on the other rumbling about because of health care that would even be cheap! How about social solidarity, you stupid, mendacious USAmericans, huh? Ever heard of social solidarity?

NikovK says:

Our taxes are going into the pockets of insurance companies by government force thanks to Obamacare, and you want to move to our money going directly into some federal pot? ‘Progress’ is towards freedom of choice, not being treated like cattle in a stockyard.

NikovK says:

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

NikovK says:

Dear Neovask. When did you stop beating your wife? I will take your failure to respond as proof you are presently beating your wife.

neovask says:

Dear ‘compassionate doctor’, I have a question. In the past ten years, in how many diabetic patients have you achieved ADA treatment targets AND maintained them for at least two years? I suspect; and I have reasons to do that; the correct answer is NONE. If you have, pl contact me as I offer US $ 1000/- cash prize to any physician who has done that, to promote good clinical practice. Your failure to respond shall be the proof of your glaring act of OMISSION. Glib talking is NOT clinical practice

waswestkan says:

There is a problem with how we pay for healthcare in The US one that leaves a fiasco of a healthcare system for many of our fellow Americans. A lack of republican & conservatives putting forth alternative plan(s) is why we have the ACA/Obamacare you fools at the Heritage foundation. At this point in the game you can’t realize you have to better than trot out some doctor with a predicable spiel.

Albert Nygren says:

The fact is that unless Obama Care is stopped No doctor will have the time or resources to be compassionate. Obama said he is going finance Obama Care by reducing fees to doctors. He will cut their fees to 1/2 of what they get now. Now, many doctors will not take medicare patients because the doctor’s fees are so small. How many doctors will take Medicare patients after their fees are cut in 1/2?

razzle nipper says:

Great Job Libtards!
3 previously uninsured Americans have successfully enrolled in Obamacare!
Just 47,999,997 more to go. Well done men.

michael t says:

And stable government

michael t says:

I really am sick to death of the tea party so im moving to Canada were there is universal healthcare.

beanie green says:

propaganda from the rightwing…our taxes should go toward a single payer system instead of wall street bail outs. this from the ‘heritage foundation’ is another ad from the rtght

Sam West says:

He’s just a coca cola cowboy. Methinkx he may ride side saddle.

Sam West says:

This “doctor” is rather tutti fruity.

Michael O'Brien says:

George Soros could have funded Hitler, and of course that would be O.K….but if the Koch brothers fund anything….OH MY!!…..fuckin funny….stupid, brain dead bastards!

Michael O'Brien says:

The brilliant Alan Keyes tried to warn us about this bastard Obama’s intentions….

Michael O'Brien says:

Thank you Heritage, and thank you Dr. shepherd.

Bre Williams says:

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cookedbutok says:

Refreshing to see a Doctor that clearly cares so much for his patients.

Atlantafried says:

The Heritage Foundation: Funded and FOUNDED by the Fascist Koch Brothers. That’s ALL you need to know to figure out the motivations behind this video.

robertmike57 says:

If you’re Ivy League, you’re not dumb, but stupid teabagger trash like you has no problem with such a contradiction. And EnemyOfReligion2012 is correct, this is complete horseshit, suing catch phrases without explanation is all this Texas shit kicker does.

Violet Clapp says:

Mr EnemyOfReligion2012, an Ivy League indoctrinated, mind numb leftist robot that is irrellevent! A hater of mankind, thinks his life is the end all be all of the world! Young and dumb, arrogant, completely void and out of touch with real life, probably on federal assistance! Representing the scum of the earth, a disgrace to freedom, akin to the ranks of a communistic regime, where his thoughts and actions can be aligned with the random acts of inhumane behavior! That should cover it! RR

NewwwmanTV says:

I bet the first comment guy/gal is age 25-28 and college educated. That would explain his comment. do not look for anything else. He/she has been indoctrinated and perhaps is passed the point of thinking rationally. If not that, he/she is probably just a heritage hater. So much for liberty and tolerance!

rlstum says:

Wow that first remark was one of summary judgment. You obviously have an ax to grind. I would love to hear from you why this is NOT the case.

EnemyOfReligion2012 says:

Pure, unadulterated bullshit. More fear, uncertainty, and doubt, brought to you by Heritage.

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