Majority of Americans against Obama‏’‏s healthcare reform ‎law

Majority of Americans against Obama‏’‏s healthcare reform ‎law

As Healthcare reform begins to take hold across the United States, the Obama administration finds itself in a difficult position of trying to win over the pu…



pipeman451 says:

Now the last few remaining manufacturing jobs will go off shore. All due to health care. It’s people’s fault for our for profit health care system cause they just keep getting sick. Ought to be a law against getting sick

shadowfax0009 says:

My employer has been terminating full time employees to hire part time employees. Odd wonder why?

Jevezy says:

Did he not hold a closed door meeting with representative of the Big Health Insurance Companies when he was working on the Affordable Health Act? He actually called in the fox to discuss the safety of the hens in the hen house.

crediblemusic says:

The only Americans in favor of ACA are health insurance companies

Supreme Leaders Iran says:

Jew Tube is censuring anti Zionist channels
Its time we start to talk about it NOW

Heyoka ChiefBigMouth says:

Amen to that

Heyoka ChiefBigMouth says:

I know many business owners since I am one and many of us are going to give all that they just require or put you on part time! and reduce our liablity limit to stay away from the fines and if they change that we will go back to a oneman opperation if need be! so go work at WalMart or a fats food joint!

Heyoka ChiefBigMouth says:

One sector can’t pay for another sector and this will not work because some of the people will still not be able to cover their own costs and to any one that can’t afford it right now still won’t understand that they will still be out on the side lines because people with money and a GOOD JOB will have better health cae because they will end up paying over what they get to get more because this will ration healthcare, not give more!

Jacquie Walton says:

If TPTB would Stop Contamination of Air Water Soil & Food
No One Would Need the Health Care
The Red Tape of Needing a Piece of Paper
to do Anything is Ridiculous

When the Natives we’re here first they didn’t need a piece of paper to tell them where they can ride a horse
I know Over A Thousand Business Owners who ALL Think this Obama Death Panel Soylent Green Red Tape
System of Killing peoples Animals for a disease that to this day Doesn’t Exhist
Farmarmageddon by Gvloanguy

iStateOfMind3 says:

I just heard a hospital was busted for sedating people to the point that they would need a tracheotomy to breathe. The purpose of this was to profit off the expensive tracheotomy. I’ll stick with my Irish socialist healthcare system, though eventually they will privatise that too.

LastBref says:

Of those who disappove, a quarter of them say we should have a single-payer system instead. So, overall, a majority of Americans want a more progressive healthcare system.

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