Kathleen Sebelius Goes Before Congress for Healthcare.gov Failure

Kathleen Sebelius Goes Before Congress for Healthcare.gov Failure

Secretary of health and human services will answer questions about the health care site’s issues.



Dre4dwolf says:

Someone needs to tell Sebelius that shes too old to wear heavy earings, that her ears are stretching down to her shoulders under the weight.

Dre4dwolf says:

Its government, worst case if she steps down she gets a sideways promotion with a bonus and payed vacation time.
Look at Obama hes pretty much wrecked the country, his entire goal for getting elected was so that he could play unlimited golf and go to disney land aboard airforce one as much as he wants.
Obama has spent more time playing golf than tiger woods (and he still sucks at it).
Obama has spent more time in Disney Land than Mickey Mouse.

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jannmutube says:

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Open-minded Skeptic says:

Kathleen is a tough broad. This monkey trial will have zero effect on her determination to get things running properly on the website.

mssedmebich says:

How do you type with pom poms in your hands? You sound like a freaking cheerleader.

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Trevor Patton says:

Did I say he caved to “EVERYTHING”? Did I say that? Did I? NO! What I said was that Obama caves to just JUST ABOUT everything his political opponents want. Meaning, ALMOST everything, but not everything. Do try and keep up, kid!
Besides, there isn’t much room to cave when the law itself is structure around a republican idea! Lest I remind you that ACA was a Republican idea to start with, jackhole!

Sophia Thomas says:
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jshowa says:

So he caved to Republican demands to defund PPACA during the last weeks of September to beginning of October? I strangely hear him saying that he won’t negotiate with retarded Republican who think a passed law in 2010 can be somehow “negotiated”.

jshowa says:

You do realize this is the first healthcare reform in decades and to expect it to go smoothly immediately just shows how stupid this country is.

jshowa says:

He just made a speech not to long ago about how fucked up it is. But what do you expect him to do, just walk in the room an fix everything? That’s a pretty unreasonable task. The problem lies with the whole bureaucracy chain in the government. There is just too much management and not a clear line of site between presidential order and employee does job. Its all president says this, goes to cabinet member A, then to org. leader B, C, D, E, then to manager F, then to employee.

John Doe says:

I am watching this thing right now, testifying before congress. I doubt if anything comes from this dog/ Obama mistress and congress show, except for her raise in pay. You still don’t get it, Obama and his administration keep calling the American public ‘Stupid”. You were dumb enough to vote heir Obama into office so live with it.

Kelly Jackmann says:

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2121skip says:

And another incompetent, arrogant snot, elitist, buffoon rears her ugly head.

franknight says:

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Trevor Patton says:

Irony = You calling me uneducated. lmao!

the82spartans says:

The buck does not stop at POTUS’s desk.

Blamer In Chief strikes again.

theresa bollman says:

If you think that qualifies as the definition of “arrogant” then you are a seriously uneducated person.

Trevor Patton says:

LOL! If you think Obama is arrogant, considering how he caves to just about every demand made by his political opponents, then you are one seriously deluded individual.

wacher8 says:

Obama can’t never ever own up for his mistakes,Always has someone else he can blame. Impeach NOW!

Mike2020able says:

Who controls US Government  > YouTube .

Mike2020able says:

Who did 911 ? > on  YT

ddddcinc says:

She needs to be sent to Gitmo for terrorizing Americans via Onazicare.

James Fariello says:

660 million dollars for what, a Obamanation in computers programing. Fixed by the end of November, yes, and pigs can fly. Is she going to refund the taxpayers that back. What a JOKE the US Government has become. I am ashamed of what the name, United States of America has become to the World. The American people that put and keep this Obamanation in office will pay for it in time as the rest of us. Gods judgement is on America and we are the Obamanation God talked about.

LastBref says:

Republicans wasting more time and resources on another witchhunt circus instead of solving America’s problems…

MrRubenEsp says:

nothing is going to run like you want it to at first when it comes to the internet…i told you that’s why most software has a trial period before it’s released to the public..it’s not her fault..blame the software manufactures.

theresa bollman says:

At this very moment he is frantically drilling her in upping her lying technique and doubling down on the arrogance…she’s still a few steps behind her boss in those areas…close but no cigar yet.

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