Healthcare For Interstellar Immigrants

Healthcare For Interstellar Immigrants

Part two of Alex’s interview with radio host and author Riley Martin about the vast nature of reality and how it is not just limited to what we experience on…



Johnnifer Washington says:

One thing me and Alex will disagree about is aliens. They are real, they
have been here, and they don’t want us to know that. Why would God make
alll of this and then make us the only “intelligent” life in alll the
universe. Doesn’t make sense. I know they are real because if they were
not, “they” would not be killing people that talk about them like Phil

Jeroen Nouwens says:

Far out, man. When is Alex going to sell weed?

Valerie Hammett says:

Alex get this guy off the air! He makes the whole argument of aliens sound
like it conspired out of an asylum.

martin robillard says:

this dude is totaly spaced out

Foxworth Krowler says:

Alex got this nut ball on so he could look good next to him because Alex
isn’t that far off from this guy’s level of crazy. It’s all propaganda.
Alex started off today’s videos by saying the media tried making him sound
crazy with the blackholes sucked up the missing flight and such and then he
brings this guy on with Alex bashing him and making jokes as a way to say
“look, i’m not crazy i make fun of the David Icke types.”

TheActionFigure says:

A lot of you will make fun of the old man, but he’s absolutely right about
us not being alone here. You need only to open your minds and discover the
truth for yourselves. The proof is out there in the open for everyone to

I always found it funny that the concept of God (or a grand architect) is
widely excepted, but coming to the logical conclusion that we share this
vast universe with others like us is deemed as being preposterous.

Ask yourselves this. If the elite where not aware of other worlds, why
would they be so quick to destroy their own?

ShadowⓋ says:

That black indian hippy is kookoo for coco puffs.

We The People says:

LOL, Wow

Michael Anderson says:

that guy should be on “coast to coast am” not infowars.

Chernobyl Farms says:

Refer Riley to the banned documentary, “Conspiracy Of Silence,” in which
Boys’ Town is a feeding ground for a shadow marketplace ten times or so
worse than what Alex ascribes to CPS.

Artbookends Meyer says:

This Riley Martin is a very foolish old man – NO WISDOM AT ALL!!!

Ambient Music101 says:

*WARNING:* Alex Jones EVERYTHING that your Satanic *Rothschild* owned
British (so-called) founding forefather(s) did (+5,500 years worth of sins
+ atrocities + abominations) to The 12 Tribes of Israel, The Gods is doing
to you Edomites and here is a few things you Edomites = species of Satan
✔ Used guns on them
✔ Enslave them
✔ Separated the men, women and kid(s)
✔ Used biological weapons on the men, women and kid(s)
✔ You tortured them
✔ You killed them
✔ Stole their land, food, currency, home + gave them no justice in your
court(s) etc

*WARNING:* As it is written… Whatsoever seed(s) whosoever sow(s) he, she,
their descendants and the descendants of their descendants reap(s).

Google Sucks says:

FACT: Japanese people are direct descendants of Grey Aliens.

RangerOfAlcyone says:

I wonder what the aliens told him about White Genocide? But if they like
Obama, I guess they must approve. The aliens he spoke to (if they were
real) are Anti-White, and they support White Genocide.

M. Starwater says:

If God wanted you to have healthcare he would have made sure you were born
with a thermometer in your butt and put a big-pharma pill compartment in
your arm. 

TheAlexJonesChannel says:
Chernobyl Farms says:

What about the dreaded Ukrainian Crime Syndicate? Chicago has a huge
expatriate Ukrainian community. Apparently there wasn’t enough room in the
Ukrainian homeland to hold all the WW2 “refugees” who weren’t high up
enough in the hierarchy to rate relocation to South America..dotDOT

Sharon Simpson says:

What a doddering old fool!!!

david duncan says:

that dude should be in the care of cps!

kubaner says:

You could tell this guy Riley was TOTALLY FULL OF S**T when he said in the
beginning of the interview that Obamacare was great & then got into a silly
alien rant.

Crip Skillz says:

this shit is crackin me up

Jordan Womble says:

total lack man, total minority (mind of a child)

Vend Erre says:

Fascinating… When Alex cuts the man off at 7:09, seemingly ending
incoherent rambling, the man is actually describing how aliens would have
an interest in the innocent, artistic, creativity qualities of man, which
aliens have transgressed, but still hold some nostalgia for? Perhaps?
Anyway, a very interesting outlook on the subject which Alex obviously did
not care for. XD And it’s such a cute idea, how you or I feel nostalgiac
for a long lost concept of childhood, so too would an advanced species feel
towards us, their long lost, but still remembered, state of being or
evolution. A little hopeful, perhaps, but who’s to say?

Bruce Kelly says: dick tho like if he knew he didn’t agree with him before got
him on then just mash on him over over thinking he can makehim look kookoo
I don’t agree with him on Obama either.but treat him with respext as a
human jeez Alex.dogging.him like he dissed his mother LOL 

Chantal Exposé says:

Reiley is a nutcracker.. didn’t do you any favors to have him on..

thomas jefferson says:

I actually love how Alex is conversing with this guy, he’s having this guy
dig his own grave.

Johan Kotze says:

Excellent expose of a dithering mainstream idiot stuck in a rut!

david jenkle says:

wow Nuttier than squirrel shit

Emma LoSchiavo says:

Look! here come the guys with the white coats!!!!!!!!!

VinnyPizzaLover says:

Aliens? what??

chris credit says:

As for trusting this current beast system…BIG MISTAKE!

videotitan1 says:

What the fuck was this? Is this a Joke?

Mos Melendez says:

riley sounds like a robot etchasketch. aliens hes seein is at the bottom
of a tequilla bottle.

Roy CyberPunk says:


metalheaddw05 says:

Wtf was the point of this video. What a joke Alex.

geovany castillo says:

They are not ALIENS they are DEMONS duh there’s lots of proof on that. They
have the ability to shape shift into any living thing or any non living

Jeremy Hall says:

I’m sorry but I just can’t take him seriously speaking of aliens and being
so passionate about his statements regarding them.

Brian Kudalis says:

If you look at the green is now red Agenda 21 map. The human
habitat zones are placed exactly where the Zeta Reticulains told Nancy
lieder are going to be destroyed by this coming Nibiru and polar shift.
Coincidence? I think not.
The global elite’s want most of the population to be destroyed. In
this way they can put the blame on an unknown catastrophic event.
The globalist are working with a group of renegade rebel evil
reptilians with an army of bio-mechanical clone Grays who are under their
control by using microchip implants creating a hive mentality. It’s
standard operation for the Reptilians and the next race they want to take
over is The Earth people.
If you examine the DUMB’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) you
will see that they are free floating and levitated on springs. This is for
the expected global 9.0 earthquakes that will take place when Nibiru passes
through our solar system.
This is the truth why they are prepping and stocking up. The Zetas and the
Galactic Alliance will not let a global Nuclear war take place. Evidence is
from the bentwaters case where the UFO’s scrambled the codes on the ICBM’s
so they could not be launched. They have control of the nukes. But this
Massive brown dwarf star and it’s moons and iron debris particles heading
our way is to much for them to handle. It can not be stopped.

John Roberts says:

What is interesting is that WHAT He mentions about Aliens is actually
written in the Bible!
*[[Isa 61:5]] KJV* And Strangers shall Stand and Feed your Flocks, and the
Sons of the Alien shall be your Plowmen and your Vinedressers.
It is Strange that we have a president that seems so Foreign… that he is
allowing Aliens to run our Economy! I find it even more interesting that it
H A P P E N I N G! 

300dollarsperhour says:

bathrooms for transvestite aliens… I couldnt stop laughing!

Donkeyslayer99 says:

As an avid listener and supporter I really would appreciate it if you would
just admit not all foster/adoptive care homes are the dungeons you make
them out to be. I make damn sure my soon to be adopted kids and any other
foster kids that come into my care have the best life we can provide for
them. If I’m grilling steaks we all are eating steaks. If we eating hotdogs
guess what… Anyway. You know there are good people in the system I would
just really like you say it because this issue hits so close to home for
me. Keep up the good work. Molon Labe. 

Lucy Kelly says:

I think Alex must be angry, since he is being so rude to this man. He must
be taking his anger out on him. It is bad behaviour.

rross27 says:

This guy is drunker than Dean Martin, & as Marxist as Abby Martin. They
always push for the same goals, so transparent… (And Hoaxes like; “Man
Made Global Warming” or Aliens). One of the worst on Youtube is a little
Charles Manson looking turd named, Lee Camp. Within 20 seconds of watching
one of his videos, anyone with more than two brain cells can see/hear what
he is. (Hint: RED to the core, & never owned an outfit that wasn’t solid

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