Dr. Benjamin Carson on Obama’s Destructive Healthcare Plan – 3/12/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Obama’s Destructive Healthcare Plan – 3/12/13

Fox and Friends – March 12, 2013.



LAStreetPreacher says:


StillersFan33 says:

Preach it, brother!

seanpierpont says:

Carson is from us. Obama is not.

iw2469 says:

That would be great! although Fox might be wanting to take the moral high ground a lot of the time don’t forget that good and evil are not supposed to work well with each other, Rather good must defeat evil.

iw2469 says:

Oh stop being so silly your self. Listen? Can you hear it? The wheels of true change are rolling fast now. Look up or you will get run over my dear friend.

LAStreetPreacher says:

Taxes are higher not because of the larger population but because people have been conditioned to want more government services and more intrusion into their lives through decades of social studies taught in the public schools as well as certain globalists who influence Washington to create new Federal programs and departments. We did fine without the DOE and Department of Homeland Security. Washington is a big mess of corruption serving special interest groups & corporations.

knightofdreamz says:

Except for its not 1776 and we now have 300+ million people in the country. When you start taking facts into account, the good doctors comments are rather silly.

LAStreetPreacher says:

Dr. Carson: “When this country was founded our taxation rates were relatively small…& the government has become more and more intrusive & as we allow the government to take more and more money all it does it fuel their growth so we have to be cognizant of whether we in fact want to be a nation where we rule our own lives or whether we have the government invading every aspect of our life. This is a very very serious issue…we are giving away the freedoms of our nation.” So true & well spoken.

ThaiChinaMalay says:

Unfairly attacked? please tell me you are not a MSNBC rep… fox is the only station that questions Obama’s sincerity and veracity in any way. The other stations are more a broadcasting medium in direct support of Obama’s agenda. Only a blind sheeple would accuse Fox of anything unfair.

Ken Villa says:

I like Ben Carson, but I also don’t think Fox has the moral high ground on collegiality and consensus-building either. Fox has unfairly attacked the President over the last four-five years so I can’t help but smirk when they try to get talking points out of the very sensible Dr. Carson. Both parties are guilty of lying to the public and we need to put in leadership that know how to work together and for the people.

MixtapeKilla2004 says:

The Republicans have been redistributing the wealth very successfully since Reagan. They’ve been taking your little slice of the wealth pie and serving it up to the people who already have bakeries full of pie — they’ve been robbing the middle class and giving to the rich. Isn’t it time to have a tax system that’s more fair to the middle class?”

impeachobama2014 says:

Dr. Carson is right,it’s pretty obvious that the prez’s “charm offensive” is just the obverse of his general offensive against the traditional US. When it suits him, the prez will return to his surly, community-organizer demeanor. He does not know how to lead, manage, or make decisions. He only knows how to campaign.

trkdrv says:


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