Denmark’s health care system (ARCHIVE) & Questions about the high cost of US health care(prelude)

Denmark’s health care system (ARCHIVE) & Questions about the high cost of US health care(prelude)

08-03-2009 archived broadcast. Questions about the rising costs of US medical care and the nation’s supply of doctors. A comparison between the Danish & US h…



Dire Squirrel says:

They forgot to mention that our health care system also covers medical
expenses outside Denmark. Like while on vacation or similar.

dozesoff says:

Don’t we just love the healthcare system we have in these “socialistic”
“unfree” “government run” countries!

maria hansen says:

Feeling pretty proud to be Danish right now! :)

Steffen Larsen says:

im just proud to be dane , and i LOVE the healthcare we have

Sara BSKnudsen says:

We even get money to go to school in Denmark :P

Thomas Marc Hansen says:

At 3.30 the expert said that “Defensive medicine” is not practiced. No,
shit… Didn’t even know what it meant. I had look it up. What a
inappropriate necessity in a flawed system. 

Marin Pitu says:

The HMO Act of 1973, started a silence Holocaust in America. Despite
thousands of victims and complains, the Justice Department still refuse to
investigate Kaiser Permanente. WHY? “All man-made big disasters started
with a mad man’s obsession with money and power, and his ability to corrupt
others”. What a horror, to see Hitler’s and Dr. Mengele’s psychopatic
spirit, raising again out of their ashes, to prove, that the MAD HISTORY
always repeat it self, each time we vote corrupted politicians.

pik mcpik says:

Free education? Lol, it’s not free.. We actually get money for going to
school in Denmark… Gotta love it. 🙂

kevin15776 says:

My cousin in Denmark has brain cancer and is receiving a treatment
developed here in the US.

VHSKisten says:

Not even close… we’re at rank #41.

VHSKisten says:

From Copenhagen.. honestly i’ve only ever seen 5 or 6 people as fat as the
regular American in my life… what’s chubby in the US are equivalent to
Extremely obese in Denmark.

VHSKisten says:

Obviously you get the living at home rate… 1000$ is about right for the
ones moved out and having their own apartment + an optional 500$ extra a
month in very low interest student loan.

mangelpaaideer says:

Have you been out on the streets recently?

Coldest Winter says:

Of course we don’t use as much money on patients here. We’re not fat like
the US.

David_DK1 says:


LadyUsako says:

Strange to see something through the eyes of another country. 🙂

Michael Sørensen says:

Prøv at google en dansk bog skrevet af en tidligere embedsmand ved navn
jussi Merklin i 1980 der hedder “demokratiet undergraves oppefra”.
Efterfølgende blev han frosset ud af systemet.Bogen findes gratis flere
steder.Svært at forklare alt det på youtube..

Michael Sørensen says:

2.Man praktiserer en tankagang ved at tænke? Kig på de fleste
uddannelser.Der skal man ikke tænke frit,men kun forholde sig til det din
lærer siger.Min samfunds lærer fik grå hår af mig.For hun kunne aldrig
svare på mine spørgsmål.Hun gentog bare hvad hun havde læst.Det er bare
gentagelser og indoktrinering.Og alle kan da se at EU ligner kommunisme.Men
det er nye tider,nye ider nyt propaganda er i brug.Vi skal ikke tro at alle
facistiske totalitære stater nødvendigvis minder om hinanden.

TwinkleHood says:

At sige totalitært fascistisk er lidt ligesom at sige at nogen taler
scandinavisk svensk. Og fascisme står i ret stor kontrast til kommunisme,
hvis du vil kigge på dem som ideologier. Faktisk udspringer det af
antikommunisme (som lader til at være det, du forsøger at agitere?). Jeg
synes det er svært at tro på, hvad de fortæller os i TV, men dit billede af
at det skulle hylde den nuværende regering, eller kommunisme, kan jeg godt
nok ikke få øje på. Og, øh, hvordan praktiserer man en tankegang?

Michael Sørensen says:

Tilgiveligt…Ja okay du.Godmorgen…Vi er totallitært facistisk ledet.Og
vi er bankerot.Og vores statsminister ser os som en forstad til et
kommunistisk EU projekt der vil falde sammen og tage os med i faldet.Men
det er meget nemt at tro på hvad de fortæller os i tv og i diverse
udannelses steder hvis man ikke praktiserer sin egen krittiske selvstændige

TwinkleHood says:

Det giver jo ikke nogen mening. USA’s tilstand er da ikke et resultat af at
poste for mange penge i det offentlige, hvilket jeg i øvrigt slet ikke
giver dig ret i, at vi gør. Det meste virker da tilgiveligt.

Gamerdrengen says:

i don’t know much about politics but i know that we actually HAVE given
them indipendence and i don’t think that they are representet in the
folketing and no i don’t want to google it cause i’m lazy

Michael Sørensen says:

Hvis du skal på hospitalet her i KBH skal du fandme være rask,have en
advokat med og komme 14 dage før du bliver syg.

Michael Sørensen says:

Du glemmer bare at intet af det jo fungerer mere og er 5 gange dyrere for
os på grund af inkompetent bureaukrati.Snart er vi bare et lille USA kopi.

Gamerdrengen says:

we actually did give greenland independence but we still help them though

Rus says:

They’re autonomous under Denmark. Not indipendent, If they were they
wouldn’t be represented in the folketing.

rooiiee99 says:

Danish healthcare still has a lot of problems. i live in the western part
of Denmark and the closest hospital is an hour away in ambulance. That’s a
pretty important hour. If i got a heart attack i would die before reaching
the hospital. The government is gonna close that hospital to make a bigger
one i a city that already has one. I feel like we aren’t even considered in
their ideas. They practiaclly force us to move to the bigger cities. That

Jakob Sievers says:

Uhm. he’s right. It’s around 1000 USD. At least for university and such.

LongLiveHarryPotter7 says:

Okay, 1000 dollars a month. What place does he attend?? I get about
1200DDK, and that’s 220$ a month. Don’t overdo shit, bro O__O

Steffen Lund says:

Excuse me, but did he just call us ‘federal’?

Zack Davis says:

You can pull similar expense figures for any president in the last 30
years. Stick to the Fox News website if you want support for your
propaganda, where sources are conveniently ignored

Saithize says:

Actually I get approximately $1085.40 which equals to 6.000 DKK which is
the maximum possible about to get

Saithize says:

Not only is our school free, we also get paid to go to school 🙂

uroprop says:

less militarycomplex shit and stop the illegal wars…free healthcare would
be easy as shit… even free buttfucking for dumbass racist christians
fuckheads who screw up the world now would be FREE and easy covered by low

Ttwistnturn says:

This administration estimated the cost to build a web site for O-CARE $ 94
Million dollars WHOAH ! I mean WOW. Now word is out they have spent $ 640
Million for it. That is outright GRAND THEFT and I suspect on purpose.
There needs to be a special prison for these folks who STEAL from
Americans. The cost is way way way over the top. So now we are seeing how
this administration is going to manage things. They need prison time on an
island with no escape.

Maeggoel says:

Not really, but we can all just throw out facts that are not true.
Greenland however is pretty high on that.

Malthe Høj-Sunesen says:

When my son was struck with a very rare skin disease (infantile bullous
pemphigoid, look it up) the doctors were professional and effective. This
disease had never been observed in Denmark until my son got it, but the
doctors had a diagnosis within two weeks. When my dad was diagnosed with
cancer he was in surgery just four days after the diagnosis was final.
Total time from his first call to the doctor’s: two weeks. And I’m sorry,
but pregnancies terminate sometimes. My deepest condolences.

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