CNN Explains: Health care reform

CNN Explains: Health care reform

Which parts of health care have changed or will change soon as a result of Obama’s health care reform? CNN explains.



AnorexiaCovgPetition says:

please check out our video and sign our petition to improve health plan coverage for deadly eating disorders

TheSloppyBoy says:

who takes care of the sick? doctors…whos salary does the healthcare reform bring down? doctors…who ends up with 300k-500k of loans after 14 years of school after high school? doctors…we already have a shortage of doctors and now no one will want to go through years of schools to finally pay their debts when they are 40+…the health care reform is gonna fail big time

PediatricsLittleton says:

Healthcare reform is necessary. As pediatricians there are too many kids that lake affordable access to healthcare. While not perfect this is a step in the right direction to make healthcare universal.

muffingirl1606 says:


tophersswamp says:

The american people need to do what they’re doing STOP PAYING THESE GREEDY BASTARDS even if you can.
Make laws that caps the price of these services (isn’t that the real problem)
I hear screams of SOCIALISM…health care capitolism isn’t working for us.
Make laws requiring a menu on hosp walls or in price books. What other industry does not disclose prices before you get to service….this would immediately impact the lack accountability for prices being pulled out of thin air prior to care.

Stewart Hines says:

$12,500.00 for basic insurance Wow! sign me up for this.

helpsinus says:

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David Caldwell says:

I feel there are other options and healthcare reform isn’t a bad idea at all. There are so many people who are dying at a young age because they lack the money for the proper treatments.

Hofman jim says:

Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Tuskegee test subjects
The Tuskegee syphilis experiment[1also known as the Tuskegee syphilis study or Public Health Service syphilis study) was an infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama by the U.S. Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in poor, rural black men who thought they were receiving free health care from the U.S. government

bjacobs1988 says:

I am British and for the 1st band tax we pay 20% income and 10% National Insurance for up to $50k salaries, all going to a big pot for all our governmental spending, including NHS, Fire, Police, Edu, AF, everything… If i go all my life and never visit a doctor we dont get a rebate, it goes to everyone else. So forced donations to healthcare in a way. Would america accept this way of thinking?

SnrRaphaelTortuga says:

I know a woman who is unemployed because of a hypersensitivity disorder. She makes very little and won’t be able to afford a $500 / month insurance plan. What provisions will be made for persons in these kinds of situations; those who are unemployed, or seriously below the poverty line?

alchemist1117 says:

Sadly very true, but keep some hope alive my friend. Hopeful energy is much more creative and even if we ourselves, you or me, don’t have the exact solution, our energy contributes to the whole. I’ll keep doing my part to remain positive and hopeful. I understand where you’re coming from. Keep hope alive.

alchemist1117 says:

HR676 – would work, of course switching to any new radical system would be scary and tedious, but i agree with you, other systems work really well. Seems we should be able to find a solution that is the best of both worlds. I have family in europe,”well-to-do”, they love the healthcare system they have.

nykhb says:

For more informational videos or to share information on the Affordable Care Act – regarding the Presidential election, Medicare, doctor’s perspectives, alternative policies, healthcare systems in other countries, the Supreme Court decision and healthcare costs see

Chris Fullerton says:

You have to BUY healthcare.

kahuna3901 says:

america should completely nationalise health care, works in europe

Cohen Ilan says:

I don’t like the reform

vintasalo says:

49429.highdefnation(DOT)com/ They do a refer 3 friends get your insurance for free plan. This could help out atleast a little bit. Its still un-constitutional to imply the healthcare tax yet its here.

Maarten Reed says:

Guess who pays for the uninsured people who visit the emergency rooms to get their care?

We have to pay for citizens who are uninsured, the so called free riders! You and i, and all insured Americans, pay more than a $1000 extra in premiums. Premiums are high because this emergency room care isnt for free. This law prevents free riders to drive up costs for the rest of us, and will save $750 billion in medicare! Dont believe the propaganda of the health care industry, who oppose this bill

Joseph565112 says:

No fuckin way, but if I can use them to bring about mass cutting of welfare and perhaps even a malthusian crisis I’ll back their candidates, too.

samejohnboy says:

No.. Are you one of those tea party fucktards?

Joseph565112 says:

Lol, I’d bet.

Were you one of those cunts that threatened to start burning cities if the government couldn’t send out the check (per the debt crisis)?

samejohnboy says:

Get the hours, because I’m running out of government cheese and peanut butter.

Joseph565112 says:

If I get a third a job it will be helping to bury all of the scum that resides in America.

We need a malthusian crisis, because only those with little baggage (kids) and willing to work will make it.

I plan to vote Republican not because I like them, but because their’s is an ideology designed to destroy the weak and the useless.

samejohnboy says:

So that third job is a no? … I would like to draw a check too

Joseph565112 says:

And we need a cleansing in this country. If you’re an adult with the use of your arms and legs, you work or die.

samejohnboy says:

Can you get a third job please? I need some more food stamps.. k, thx, bi.

urfullofpissandshit says:

This is true but honestly I know far more working poor than I do entitlement brats. Most people couldn’t even really survive on welfare, it is usually only the crackheads and lunatics that survive on welfare.

Joseph565112 says:

Don’t remove your comments, that one was good.

I agree, by the way, but we have greedy fucking corporatists in the Republican party (many of whom arent in wealthy) that think they’ll get a pat on the head if they call everything ‘socialist.’

On the other hand, we do have some self-entitled brats on the ‘left’, as I’ve heard it put, that don’t want to work, and literally think that there is such a thing as a “free lunch.”

urfullofpissandshit says:

Well good for you. I bought my plan when I was 21 for $210 a month. They dropped me for stupid bullshit at the age of 32. I was laid off from my fulltime job when I was 30 and now I have resorted to working 2 part time jobs. Not everyone who understands the health insurance industry is fucked up is on welfare. Americans don’t even understand social democracy. I have been to New Zealand and Denmark, it works fine.

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