36 Times Obama Said You Could Keep Your Health Care Plan

36 Times Obama Said You Could Keep Your Health Care Plan

President Obama had pledged publicly at least 36 times that his health care plan, known as Obamacare, would not force people who liked their current coverage…



edvfd911 says:

Nixon, Lied, was forced to resign the Presidency…
Clinton, Lied, was impeached…
Obama has lied since he took the oath of office, this is just the 36 times
it was caught on tape, I’ll be accepting his impeachment and resignation
now, Thanks.

FaceOfGod2 says:

Suddenly now there is a big “IF” after the “PERIOD, END OF STORY”. “We said
you can keep your plan…IF your plan hasn’t changed since the law was
passed”. This dildo really thinks we’re that stupid. He knows that we know
what he said at least 36 TIMES! He doesn’t give a shit. He’s a great
deceiver. That will be how Obama will go down in history. Liar!

TSV5300 says:

0bama sucks so hard his lips turned purple

radconserv68 says:

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be
believed.” -Adolf Hitler

Joseph Thinker says:

So, Obama supporters, do you still trust a person who lies to you on a
daily basis, or will you all stand up and say “NO MORE!” to those who,lie
to the American people, no matter who they are rather they be republicans
or democrats?

Alicia Perales says:

My son had a dream that the President was deceiving the whole Nation and
that he escaped in some type of pod. This was back in the early 90’s before
that movie came out with Harrison Ford “Airforce One” and he escaped in
what my son described as similar to that Pod. He also said that we were
going to have Martial Law. I didn’t really understand what that meant, but
now I hear about it so much, that I believe it is coming soon. My son said
also that he saw men dressed in all Black Uniforms and said when he tried
to look out the window of our home, that he was told “Not to Look
Outside”!! and that he saw Road Blocks where no one could leave.

TSV5300 says:

The reason 0bama is black is he’s so full of shit.

Eff Emm Dee says:

The guy is a major bullshitter…

FakeDodgeViperGuy says:

the basement kiddies (the young 20s white kids feeling white guilt)
convinced themselves as well as their white parents to vote for this dummy,
TWO TIMES! yes not once but twice. the blacks were going to vote him in
regardless simply because he’s black. this is how this clown got voted into
office. this idiot is trying to convince americans to follow a socialist
system. “you didn’t build that.” uh, what? then these lies about
healthcare. this clown will be here till 2016. hope those basement kiddy
99%’ers enjoy what they got.

halloranedward says:

I can’t understand why anyone is pretending to be surprised about this, We
let the fed/state bureaucracy government seize ownership of the insurance
industry, of course you can’t keep your policy, it does not exist. the free
market is gone, you blew it America. live with it, you will get people
promising to “fix” obamacare, or to “replace” obamacare, they own you now. 

Eleftheria K. says:

The US president, Barack Obama, has said he is sorry Americans are losing
health insurance plans that he repeatedly said they could keep under his
signature healthcare law.
Stopping short of apologising for making these assurances, the president
told NBC: “I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation
based on assurances they got from me.”

Brent Hettick says:

I have maternity benefits now, problem is I’m a single male, thanks
Obamacare. The options are amazing, take Obamacare or pay a fine. Lots of
choices. My original policy couldn’t match the standards, I thought this
country was a against monopoly. SMH

RSMJR87 says:

Hes a fucking liar,he has damaged this country and most of all he is
dividing our nation more than any other president has ever done. America
Wake Up! If we don’t stand together and make our own decisions as a nation
we are subject to these politician monkeys ruling our nation, they don’t
care about you and I they care about making money like all of us the only
difference is they have better tools than you and I and we carry all the
weight for them. Wake Up America! & Stand Together, There’s no Left nor
Right there is only an Up or Down.

Joseph O'Connell says:

One million plans cancelled in California… I think Obama MEANT to say “If
you like your plan, you can keep your plan, until we pass the Affordable
Care Act.”

But then, he said it so damn many times…

DMan6500 says:

These are some teachings in life for all the Obama myopians that I got from
my Father when I was a boy:

1. There is no such thing as a free lunch

2. Life is not fair

3. If something seems to good to be true than it is

By now you all realize that Obama does not have the solutions to all your
problems, the cure to what ails you and can not do everything for you.
Also, he can not part the seas and does not walk on air.

Shannon Bramlett says:

Actually….he DIDN’T lie….he just silently suggests you wont like your
plan anymore once the invasion of healthcare flies in…especially when
your plan has to compete with the pool of…”insurers”…that will offer no
room to compete.

Jason McGarrity says:

That’s deplorable, unfathomable, improbable! It’s an infringement on your
constitutional rights… It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous! I am
shocked and chagrined… Mortified and stupefied! This guy is outrageous,
this guy is wasting our time and our money! This is a travesty of justice
that the people of this great nation are being oppressed while the real
perpetrator is walking around laughing! Lying and laughing, laughing and
lying. Don’t you let him do it. Only you, can stop him.

damian noah says:

Listen up people. The Antichrist will perform many lying wonders.
I have studied 400 hours to verify that this man is the foretold Antichrist
of the bible. Yes 400 hours.
Obama fits every description, characteristic, and numerous scripture
fulfillment’s 100%. I beg you all to warn and prepare for what is yet to
come…. Do it Do it….

Plymco Pilgrim says:

Its plain and clear for anyone who isn’t biased to hear. Obama promised,
staring in 2009, that I would not have to change my health insurance plan
or my doctor, period. As a result of the law’s requirments for coverage
my plan is now illegal to offer.

Unfortunately this means the President lied to me as an individual. If It
wasn’t for the Affordable Care Act(ACA) being passed I would still be
paying $248/month instead of $480.00. If Obama had not lied to Americans
about what the ACA was actually going to do he would not have been
re-elected in 2012 and we would not all be suffering from increased
insurance costs and/or loss of our primary care physicians.

Anyone who tries to justify these lies are just as culpable in the
dishonesty as the President and his administration have been. If you do
consider yourself an honest person than stop backing up our President’s
lies on this.

SauceyShiba says:

“If you like your Health Care plan, (-under a certain level of numerous
mandates and laws that insurance companies must abide by, causing millions
to loose insurance and will be forcefully placed under Obamacare promising
nothing, but higher premiums-), you can keep your plan.”

Philip K. Eyrich says:

Barack Obama’s multiple conditions or requirements for keeping your health
insurance plan and doctors, in plain, clear words. It seems the main
condition is that we LIKE them, and there’s no emphasis on or mention of
meeting minimum insurance standards. 

jpsonders says:

RT 13thFlor- Something to ponder: “Of all the preposterous assumptions of
humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the
habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed.” –
Herman Melville.

cashwat210 says:

Yeah my best friend had his health insurance dropped by Humana last week
b/c it didn’t qualify under the Affordable Healthcare Act. He has a wife
and a 4 month old daughter at home too. I absolutely despise the AHC Act.
Premiums are skyrocketing and hours are being slashed. Its hurting more
people than it is helping. I’ll tell you what President Obama has
achieved: Making this country a laughingstock and a worse place to live. If
there is any solace to what is happening is that the dumbasses who voted
for this clown (twice) are reaping what they sew. I’d rather have George
Bush as President right now. Obama lied to the American people. Just a
typical politician. Hope and Change. You blew it America. I hope he and the
rest of Congress goes down in flames on that Babylon on the Potomac. 

Tom Lehner says:

President Obama had pledged publicly at least 36 times that his health care
plan, known as Obamacare, would not force people who liked their current
coverage to lose it before “tweaking” that promise Nov. 4.

Steve's Politics Page says:

#BarakObama – 36 times. 36 “You can keep your existing health care.”
-The website failed epically.
-I can’t keep my existing health care.

What else are we going to see?

Chris Cassil says:

If you… Ah never mind. 

alstoq says:

4.1 million have lost their plan – and still counting.

Wolfgang Poole says:

36 Times Obama Said You Could Keep Your Health Care Plan

Justin Templer says:

The Liar In Chief 

Lord Hawkeye says:

How can you tell when a politician is lying?

Calvin X says:

hillarycare – obamacare – romneycare… New World Order Care

#obamacare #newworldorder #newworldordercare #lies #sheeple 

TheShockmister says:

Apparently if you dont believe your dead, your the undead

Warbird Phoenix says:

Thank you for the vid,everytime a moron tries to tell me how good ACA or
obamacare is im going to pull this clip up and let it go,bwahahaha

Michael Roach says:


pdxeddie1111 says:

I bet the retards that voted for this piece of shit still can’t admit that
was the stupidest vote they ever cast

You wot mate says:

Fucking liar

Kristi Ann J says:


3dartistguy says:

He misled America.

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