YouTube Stars Talk Health Care at the White House

YouTube Stars Talk Health Care at the White House

President Obama drops by a meeting with YouTube personalities to learn about how they’re using YouTube to connect with an audience of millions of people and …



The White House says:

In which Tyler Oakley, Hannah Harto, Alphacat and others talk health care
with President Obama → #GetCovered 

Pablorawr says:

Can someone explain to a foreigner why people are so opposed to this? 

Steve Grove says:

A few weeks ago, +The White House invited some +YouTube stars to come by
and talk about how to get young people insured. Here’s what happened.

Nice work +Kori Schulman and +Ben Relles 

CAGRN1 says:

The majority of the people that signed up for ACA are welfare recipients
hoping to get the healthcare for free.

Shangles Tom says:

the thing is you go to the entertainment section, there’s a lot of news
reporting channels where there are actually people concerned about
problems, on these entertainment channels people don’t come to hear about
reforms, gun control and other national problems ( including the said
health care) they come for ENTERTAINMENT (or something to be amused about),
a good laugh. These entertainment channels only have 13-17 years olds and
careless people (maybe i went too far, no care).
Just my opinion but i think obama aimed at the wrong crowd

Meda oone says:

I don’t need insurance I’m young and I’m gonna live forever!!! *5 hours
Oh god, I broke my leg…you have no idea how much the emergency room
charged me!!! WHY!? Where was Obama when I needed him!!! Why didn’t he tell
me to get insurance?!

DCARA06 says:

Health care for everyone……… Now maybe a person won’t have to choose
between foreclosure and cancer treatment.

JoeWheeler711 says:

That is some bullshit propaganda right there. Fuck your corrupt bill and
fuck everybody involved.

Revy says:

Lol it’s funny how everybody is for sale. I wander how much they got paid

RangerDanger says:

I love how there are so many people who think this is a bad bill. Although
I will admit I thought it was a bad bill at first, that was because I did
not really know how it worked, now that I know, and I see people I respect
on YouTube, I would like to get Obama care if I was an adult who needed
insurance ( yes I am a teen). To all of those who still think Obamacare is
a bad bill and needs to be repealed, please inform me on how it is bad,
Please and thank you!

UnoptaniumMovies says:

You are men! You have the love of humanity in your hearts! You don’t hate!


Congratulations to all the YouTubers! 

Sabir Hodzic says:

Americans, or Christians and Jews in general, with other unbelievers, have
no obvious argument against Islam. You only have a tongue, it is your
greatest quality and tactics…

Maguire Ward says:

Of course, the Democrats using social media extravaganzas to influence the
young people. The only reason all of you YouTube’ers decided to get
coverage was because you could afford it. Its a real shame that you guys
gave into the influence.

oneluv says:

Barack Obama a number one liar with the healthcare plan

Aion Rheeze says:

That’s cool.

Still not getting Mark Of The Beast Care though.

CraigUchihaLP says:

“You gonna have to get some gray hair though” lol

CookieTrailers says:

If only he’d invited the ‘ain’t nobody got time for dat’ lady…

Christopher W. Hearne says:

Obama <3!!!

Steven Cravis says:

+The White House and the promotional videos are all good
initiatives. Keep up the good work.

andrewisfilming says:

OBAMA CARE <<<<<< 

Quentin Richards says:

Its funny how all of the comments saying that Obamacare doesn’t work pretty
much all says stuff like “F***k you Obama”, showing that a lot of the
people who dont like the ACA are clearly biased against Obama. I’m not
saying that it its the same on other side. I feel good about the ACA
because it helps poor people in America have health care so that they dont
have to pay all of the health bill out of their pockets, which would be
putting them in debt.

SGTDan3 says:

As a Canadian, the citizens of the United States (Which I am also a citizen
of) are some of the most irrational group when it comes to this. Is
Obamacare the best? No it’s a step towards getting your beloved country
into the reality that most first rate countries have. Stop being scared
that it’ll turn you socialist and into pansies.

spartansn1per4 says:

vsuace,nice peter, alphacat,fine bros 

Land Of The Snakes says:

I liked the video the second Iman impersonated Obama in front of himself

radiiokitty says:

Free healthcare in the UK, didn’t have to pay for my braces haha ;3

TConn1999 says:

Tyler Oakley is a fag and Obama is a Muslim 

khalique fields says:

Is it weird that I think Alphacat plays a better Obama than Obama?

duderell28 says:

Cool impression.

hghm1 says:

Crunch Berries nigga damn!!!

Jasmine Granados says:

I think it’s amazing how he respects Youtubers for what they do. He knows
that they know how to talk to young people. I admire him for that. The news
station that interviewed Jenna Marbles a long time ago showed her nothing
but rudeness.

BlueScarabGuy says:

Alphacat’s Obama impression, when done standing next to the ACTUAL
President Obama, is even more impressive. Usually seeing the impressionist
next to the real person would make the impression look worse, but not here.

DohJosh says:


Love McNill says:


downgrade Spade says:

Screw America Go Canada

Sean Youn says:

guys calm down. Obama can call who he wants to his office. I don’t agree
with the Affordable Care Act either, but he is free to use youtube as a
medium to get the word out. This is good for youtube and is proving the
internet is overtaking the mainstream media. 

TheGuruStud says:

Fuckin tool. Stop talking and making an ass out of yourself with the puppet

L5Animations says:

>Obama talks with YT people
Oh, that’s cool, I suppose
>glances at comments

Daniel Jones says:

Wish I had this, oh yeah… It’s free in Britain haha 😀 

xXJokerXx says:

they’re getting better at they’re propaganda got to give them that 

thembi khanye says:


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