Veterans dying waiting for healthcare

Veterans dying waiting for healthcare

CNN’s Drew Griffin reports on military veterans dying because of long waits and delayed care at U.S. Veterans Hospitals.



colourmegone says:

As the Tea Party and the Libertarian fringe would say, “What happened to
good, old American self reliance? Why are these people waiting around for
the government to do something for them? When the going gets tough, the
tough get going!” Since many veterans would subscribe to these views when
applied to others I see little reason for sympathy.

InsideScarlet says:

They expect our soldiers to be on the ready immediately when they want to
to throw them into a war we have no business being in, but when their use
for them is over, they treat them like trash. This is a damn shame. There
needs to be other health options for our vets, instead of having to use the
V.A’s hospitals and clinics.

tom11zz884 says:

I find this whole situation totally disgusting.

I think every American of college age should seriously stop enlisting in
the armed forces, because clearly the American government has shown time
and time again that they don’t give a rats ass about you.

Let the government go back to draft if need be.

KeetWeet H. says:

PLEASE tell me why in people are still wanting to be a solider and put your
life on the line for your country who cares NOTHING about you…?!?! We do
not need to protect ourselves from fake enemies they tell us lies to
believe BUT we need to protect ourselves from this rotten country! I will
NEVER support mans war for their selfish greed at the price of a human life
they stop at nothing #wakeuppeoplesmelltheNWO

Jia hua Huang says:

Western medicine in general is all profit driven, we need not to change the
va, but the system.

Darlene Pace says:

My husband and I know this first hand. It took 8 months to get a consult at
the Atlanta VA for a severely pinched nerve in his neck. He was suffering
soo much – it was torture for him and myself, because I had to watch
someone I dearly love suffer.
When he finally did get an appointment – he was told there was NO doctor
there that was qualified to give the injections he needed. 3 doctors had
left to open their own practice. 3 months later, they called him in – they
finally had a doctor qualified for his treatment. If you ever feel sorry
for yourself – go to a VA Hospital and spend some time, just walking
around. It won’t take you long to realize that you are lucky you don’t
have to depend on the VA for help. I don’t want to sound UNgrateful,
because my husband did finally get the help he needed BUT it took almost a
year to get that help. FAR too long to wait. Bless our veterans and active
duty soldiers. They deserve better.

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