The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

2014 is coming–are you ready for Obamacare? Join the YouToons as they walk through the basic changes in the way Americans will get health coverage and what …



Casey Rokkedit says:

“And the marketplaces will make sure that the insurance companies operate
fairly under strict rules” – WTF was happening before? The insurance
companies are heavily regulated within the states they operate. But keep
telling people that the insurance companies are bad and they believe it
without questioning, because Americans have become one shallow, stupid
group of people. Seriously, though, insurance companies are told by the
state even what they can charge (not all states are so tyrannical, but most
all are!) GET A CLUE, Kaiser Foundation.

“Not painless but somebody’s gotta pay.” And there you have it. That is
communism right there. You aren’t free, just deal.

chrisforester777 says:

Can anyone please explain to me why anyone should be forced to give money
to a system that does nothing but guarantee the services of a medical
community that like its globalist leaders, prejudices the results of its
services on customers individually, based upon government agendas? (If you
come back at me with nonsense about a Hypocritical Oath I’ll tell you that
oaths are like china, easily made easily broken.) 

David Bee says:

Here’s a challenge:
*Below is a cartoon video that explains ObamaCare completely objectively,
in an easy-to-understand manner.* I defy anyone, Republican or Democrat
(or whatever) to demonstrate that this video distorts or misrepresents ‘The
Affordable Care Act’. Are you ready? Send it out there… let them try to
discredit it.

The emperor has officially been declared naked. #obamacare

nin6246 says:

Whatever you do, please DON’T do the following:
– Grow your own food
– Filter your water or buy spring water in glass containers
– Avoid “fake” foods: all prepared foods/snacks (frozen meals, fast food,
candy, soda, restaurants etc.)
– Exercise regularly
– Get sunlight (for your body to produce Vitamin D)
– Sleep adequately
– Maintain strong social connections and a postive relationship with
someone (and have sex regularly if possible)
– Keep a positive outlook and further develop skills in your work and
– Stop watching TV
– Meditate
– Enjoy your life

Virginia Parsons says:

*Confused about Obama Care?*
The Simplest Explanation Of #Obamacare. Ever.
Whether you’re for it or against it, health care reform can be a hard nut
to track …this video clarifies a lot. Will you be better off or worse off
under the Affordable Care Act?

#healthcare #affordablecareact #obamacare 

Anne E. Dewandeleer says:

This is very clear, why all the commotion. We have this since after WWII.
Now we are worried due to the crisis, some of it may disappear.
We have the best system, and it runs smoothly so far.

Lee Dudley says:

Here’s a great video on how the Affordable Care Act objectively works. If
you’re not sure how it may affect you or are uninsured and don’t know
what’s what, this will explain it all.

#obamacare #affordablecaract #aca #medical #healthcare

Matt Moore says:

*If you don’t get health insurance, you are an uncaring prick, and here is

Please before you argue that a majority of Americans don’t want Obamacare,
read to verify. (It passed in the Senate 60-39).
Before you argue that you can’t afford it, read about the credits for
people that can’t afford it (making it affordable).
Before you say Obama is not negotiating with the Repubs, ask yourself if
the Republicans have ever said they want to negotiate. (Or ever have
negotiated with him in the past no matter how many times he has tried).
Before you say that you don’t need healthcare ask yourself if you will ever
get sick. If you will ever get old. If you will ever get in any kind of
accident ever. If you will ever have a family and a child. Because if you
will have any of those things happen to you? You need to see a doctor, and
this is the cheapest way to do that.
And if you have a family and you say you don’t have healthcare? (And don’t
want it/can’t afford it), I will tell you that you are a horrible parent.
Because you kid will get sick. You will get old. “Walk it off” does not
work for broken limbs or cancer.
This is a big deal for me, universal healthcare. My father was living off
his pension for McDonald Douglas (where he was laid off) and therefore
could not afford insurance. He had an IQ that topped 200 and he died of
brain cancer because no doctor would treat him without the ability to pay
his bills. If he had universal healthcare he could have paid almost nothing
for his insurance (because he had almost nothing to pay) and he would
probably be alive today. I would have had my dad for a lot longer than I
did. So for you to say that you don’t need it? Maybe you don’t. But the
people who love you? They need you to have it. And you need to make sure
they have it as well.

Alex Haines says:

Not sure what all is involved in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?
Check this out. If you know anyone who thinks this government shutdown is
a good idea, maybe pass it along to them.

Scott McCarthy says:

This is for all the nay-sayers. The Kaiser Family Foundation (not
associated with Kaiser Permanente) is a *NON-PARTISAN* foundation focusing
on major health care issues.

Don’t understand healthcare costs? BEST site to learn; go here:

Little light on the PPACA (Obamacare for you Kimmelites), head here:

Are you eligible to participate in the Exchanges? Wondering what your
subsidy will be? It’s right here:

Bill Boyer III says:

ALL BullShit from THIS Administration ALL The TIME !

Michael Vekstein says:

Under Obamacare, practically any American has the opportunity to get health
insurance. As this video explains, most people will be forced to buy health
insurance because of the individual mandate. The idea actually came from an
extreme right-wing conservative think tank, and was implemented by Mitt
Romney as he created Romneycare. Obamacare believe it or not is modeled
after Romneycare.

Now Obamacare now puts strict regulations on what kind of plans insurance
companies are allowed to create. Millions of Americans before were wasting
their money on shitty healthcare that barely covered anything, and
Obamacare doesn’t allow that. Because these bad plans are outlawed,
insurance companies are indirectly forced to create better, and often
cheaper plans to offer. People who lost their health insurance due to their
plan being outlawed now have the opportunity to buy better and more
affordable insurance, which they did not before.

Of the people who’s plans got cancelled and are now buying new plans, about
two thirds of them will be paying less for healthcare, and one third of
them will be paying more. The people paying more are generally wealthier
Americans who can afford it. They will also be getting better and more
secure insurance.

As for people who were buying insurance and now can’t afford any at all,
they probably qualify for Medicaid, so the government will cover all of the
cost. There are about 8,000 Americans who have lost their health insurance
and can’t afford it and the don’t qualify for Medicaid, but in states which
are expanding Medicaid they now probably will. This leaves about 3,000
uninsured folks. This number doesn’t even begin to compare with the
35,000,000 previously uninsured Americans who are now gaining affordable,
secure healthcare. In a capitalist society, you have to sacrifice a little
bit to progress anywhere.

That is Obamacare deconstructed, without any of the lies or distortions
given off by left or right wing leaders. This comment has nothing to do
with politics. I am strictly neutral just giving some facts. Peace

(PS I know that a bunch of tea-partiers are probably going to accuse me of
being a liberal propagandist, so just try to ignore them)

walruspictures says:

I don’t WANT to have to rely on my parents for health care. If I don’t want
it, I shouldn’t have anything to do with it….

What am I doing? Bitching about it on youtube’s not gonna change anything.
I guess I’ll just pick up and leave to some other country/state. I hear
Texas or Israel are doing nice this time of year.

hideouse blob says:

this video is absoulte bullshit

Nick Adducci says:

Right, “paid for with taxes”, bullshit.
Taxes on the medical industry are paid by customers one way or another. So
taxes that will increase costs on us is what that is.

And that won’t be enough either. This law will shrink the medical industry
dramatically. You’ll be lucky to get care at all let alone a good price.
What promise will they stick to then?

This whole thing is a scam that will ruin any growth or progress the
industry could have made, and will leave us with a bumbling bureaucracy,
unfit, unable, broke, and with half the doctors and twice the cost.

Mad about some people getting a lot of money?

Well congratulations you really showed them. Now they run the cartel on
banking AND your healthcare. Who do you think administers this stuff? Wrote
the law?

You who believe these charlatans and voted for this and are complacent with
it are fools who know nothing about how businesses actually work. There was
no “Free market” before this, it was heavily regulated by politicians
bought by wealthy business owners to keep their businesses safe from

Sadak Hassan says:

“You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all
the the time so now that we see the lie we gonna stand up for our rights.”

Tom Ritz says:

This cartoon forgot to mention that almost 5 million will lose their
coverage and costs will rise dramatically for most people. Propaganda at
it’s best.

Janie Ward says:

Put on you rose colored glasses while watching this video. This is not
really the law just what they want you to believe.

Mary A says:

ObamaCare depends on MILLIONS of YOUNG, HEALTHY folks to opt in.
They are needed to subsidize those without insurance & in poor health.
So, do your part – JUST SAY “NO” TO OBAMACARE !

SuperAkiliz says:

They didnt mention the death panels and the mandatory RFID chip(mark of the

Jacob Dane says:

this is fucking bull shit 

Blurplepie says:

Wait, would doctors themselves be taxed for the very services they provide?
That doesn’t seem very fair…
I think it would be preferable if the pharmaceutical industry be taxed,
rather than those who would actually be helping in terms of health care. 

Sam Hill says:

It is now known and confirmed by the dems that Obamacare is not about
healthcare but is a redistribution of wealth program, the cornerstone of

Chill Zo says:

This explains the #ACA in clear, precise, easy to understand language, and
with animation. Please take a look and share.

No need to be scared of #Obamacare …..

The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

S/O +Pamela Zuppo and +David Bee for the share.

Glen Gaugh says:

Cute little guys. The 30 million might be bigger with high costs at
exchanges, private plans dropping folks like flies, and employers cutting
hours to avoid bankruptcy a la government restrictions.

Tanner Davidson says:

I just want to say that it’s great that we have the 1st amendment right to
argue like this. On a second note I personally wonder what would be some
ways to decrease the cost of health care? Are there more economically
efficient ways to produce health care supplies? Could the education and
training of doctors, surgeons, nurses, dentist, and etc. be considered a
part of the cost of health care? If so, what could reduce that cost? That
are some questions I have in my brain. In a more hypothetical sense though,
how would people react if the cost of healthcare was actually quite lower
than what the insurance companies have the populous believing it was in
order to gain more profit? 

deandre gulley says:


John MacAulay says:

Hmm, they totally missed the part about every plan that does not conform to
the Obamacare requirements be canceled. Seems like they skipped it. Did
they actually read the law before they made this video, or did they just
take their talking points straight from the democrat party?

Dominique Mayfield says:

I know there are tons of people who are against the Affordable Care Act.
Nonetheless, it is the law of the land and this video explains everything
in a creative manner. 

Strategic Wellness & Insurance Management Services, Inc. says:

What’s the best way to learn about coverage under #Obamacare? That’s right,
cartoons! The Kaiser Family Foundation has put together this little number.
Enjoy! #Healthcare #Healthcarereform 

Manu Martinez says:

Native Voice TV has made contact with Grace – Sonia Melanio, Director of
Communications for Community Health Partnership in Santa Clara. We are
asking for her organization’s ‘Certified Enrollment Councelors’ to help our
Native people aware of how to make the right choices of selecting the best
Healthcare services.

Abigail Rhysa C Bologa says:

What this video didn’t state is that when this took into affect businesses
who sold medical devices now have to pay additional taxes. I work for a
small family owned business and that’s what happened to us. I had to write
the report that calculates which of our products get taxed additionally.
Sadness. My employer was able to keep our premiums the same but our
deductible went up. I am fortunate to work for a company that cares about
it’s employers and knows how to maneuver around such challenges. But, it’s
not a cool thing that the company has to pay additional quarterly taxes for
our product?! Because of this bill!? That money could have been used for
bonuses or product development. Instead, the company has to pay more taxes.
Overall, this is not turning out to be affordable for my company, who is a
small business. Besides the western thought on health and wellness paradigm
is about treating someone who is sick. I remember going to my chiropractor
and he asked me “Why are you here today?” My response, “Just preventative.
No other reason.” He then responds, “Oh insurance doesn’t like that. We
have to have make up something.” That’s a load of hooey. Get your insurance
but the best kind is really the simplest, laugh more, hug more, move more
and eat less crap. Best of luck to you all.

Dan McMartin says:

Unintentionally hilarious and wildly naive. Four months after this was
posted, suddenly pundits are talking about impeachment and the end of
liberalism and politicians are boldly calling for appeal and delay. Very

speakout getarrested says:

if your young you pay more…. how they get money is through taxes…
someone has to pay for it….& why I’m quieting my job…. feed me daddy
government lol… when are the youth going to stand up against this
oppression I’m done with being held down by the government note the most
money you make in your life is between 30 & 45 and who dose this bill
target…. the government creates the problems we face… heath care never
cost this much before its the U.I.C.A now… united insurance companies of

Rachel Nance Dickey says:

pure propaganda. many subtleties that are lies and hyperboles. little
cartoon money that is no where near proportional. everyone smiling. “OH the
feds will just pay for that, those awful governors that refuse medicaid
expansion shame on them” terrible lies. where do you think the feds get
the money they are passing out?? YOUR POCKET! 

Jack Stull says:

The money to pay for the ACA will come from taxes on individuals (mostly
the wealthiest Americans) and taxes on the healthcare industry. Also,
hospitals and insurance companies (who both make big profits already, will
be paid a little less.

Asheen Pramu says:

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Frank Castle says:

Okay so where is the part about how Obamacare is going to destroy
healthcare quality, expand wait times, be charged as a tax to anyone who
doesn’t want to be involved in the socialist health care option, increase
peoples premiums by 30-100% across the board, cause millions of people with
THE PLANS THEY LIKE to lose them, and at the end of the day not even be
able to sign up with the garbage to begin with… Huh? Where is that? 

ZiadKAbdelnour says:

It is clear to me today that Americans want health care; but they don’t
particularly want health insurance.

Health insurance companies, however, convinced the government that they are
instrumental to the delivery of health care, so the government is
compelling people to buy that.

The Administration’s argument is that too many people prefer to be “free
riders” — that is, they prefer not to pay for their own insurance while
health care reaches an emergency status and is paid for in full by
government services (such as emergency rooms).

thank you
Ziad K Abdelnour

Elite Care Emergency Center says:

If you are still a little confused about what the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act is and who it effects, check out this entertaining and
informative video – The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

Kyle Halliburton says:

Hmm. This seems contradictory to several major parts of the ACA that I’ve
been hearing about lately. I’ve read several reports of people’s premiums
going through the roof when the plans they were already on got forcibly
cancelled, and the new plan they were offered was significantly more
expensive, to the point of being unaffordable. I was hoping for an
unbiased, fact-based look at the ACA, but this seems rather slanted :/

DavidSabb says:

My state, North Carolina has decided not to expand Medicaid, I would be
covered under it if it was expanded and I can’t afford insurance. Will I
still have to pay the penalty? 

Aaron Holly says:

I live in a country that has socialized medicine (and society hasn’t fallen
apart yet!), so I’m fairly impartial. But I was curious about the details.
Maybe these informative videos can help others.

The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

82raptor says:

Why do we always hear that social security is running out of funds but
NEVER welfare? If I understand this right the hard working people will
have to pay more and the free loaders will get more free money. Obama and
his staff should be tried for treason! I dont know where you guys come
from but blowing your nose in the Constitution is not something we take
lightly around here!

Thomas Graham says:

I wish this toon would show that;
5% of Americans will have their policies cancelled and be forced to buy
“better” policies, with higher deductibles that cost more.
We already have a shortage of doctors and 30 million more will make care
even more scarce.
By cutting Medicare and Medicaid benefit payouts, many hospitals and
doctors are choosing not to take those patients.
The new regulations are so costly, thousands of doctors are closing up shop
because its too expensive to practice.
Higher taxes on medical devices and prescriptions make them more expensive,
not less.
This law only serves to reduce the level of care that the poor and elderly
The toon may as well say “every time you get sick, the government will give
you a health care coupon that no one will take….but its affordable!”

Molton Lavas says:

Now we know this was a total lie , premiums went up far more than any
kickback you get.–not that most willl get any. Millions are losing their
current coverage and doctors are not taking the exchanges insurance

Sal Val says:

If you have health insurance then you are already complying. How do you
plan on not complying, by denying yourself coverage? That’s your cunning

hybird9014 says:

Agree. People don’t understand that this is corporatism at its finest and
not capitalism or socialism because the middle man between government and
the people are insurance companies. What this will inadvertently do is
raise costs of premium’s and deductible because insurance companies are
forced, through regulation, to cover anyone with any ailment. There is no
way government can regulate insurance costs when they can’t regulate their
own budgets! Wake up people!

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