Sexy George Will Fails History Test On Healthcare, Immigration (TJDS)

Sexy George Will Fails History Test On Healthcare, Immigration (TJDS)

Red hot sex machine, George Will, points to a time 4 Augusts ago when healthcare legislation failed to pass as an example of how immigration reform won’t pas…



bangurdead102 says:

Not wanting illegal immigration is racist gg. Nope we can’t want people to have an expedited legal route nope if you have any opinion against illegals you’re a racist.

GG. Comprehensive health care reform? More like the stimulus package for insurance companies. Public option or bust.

oldmoviemusic says:

Ha, you’re copying kazooga1234 now??

Troy Adams says:

This is the comedy section of TYT, if there’s a substantive point you’re looking for it in the wrong place, this is where us left wingers come for a laugh not serious discussion.

bronzenrule says:

Count on TYT to miss the substantive point, which is that when health care passed, the Democrats controlled the House and Senate. Even so, the national outcry against health-care reform, which wasn’t just isolated to town halls, helped get an anti-health care Brown elected to the Senate, ensuring the bill would pass as an unrenegotiated watered-down Senate bill sans public option and pro Big Pharma. Today the House is Republican, meaning that any constituent outcry is death to immigration reform

paul72852002 says:

Interesting, cause it seems like a lot of people on the internet claim that the government is Satan powered… something they would say you should agree with given our current policy in general.

Relbl says:

Ben’s comment in the middle was awesome - snorted a chuckle on that one 🙂

UniversalPotentate says:

Actually, if Republicans based policy on YouTube comments, that would be a HUGE step up. Most conservatives think the internet is Satan powered … which I might agree with given our energy policy.

kazooga1234 says:

lofl i dont know if you would say that unless you think that about every ha bisky youtuber i watch

i mean one time i invited jon to dan browns boston gathering because he was behind in youtubeland and i love jon as much as i do other youtubers

its not my fault that jimmy is a panda bear and has a very strong vibe i could feel when i was 13 and he was guest staring on some stupid show i used to watch because it was the only thing on tv that wasnt mainshit media news that i knew was shit

Al Almeida says:

George Will is a damn IDIOT. Stick to what you…NOTHING.

Revulsion06 says:

your totes a fangirl ;p

kazooga1234 says:

i made this the last thing i watched before going for a walk to get food

thx for this hilarious ha bisky vid

steve you are fucking awesome

♥ all of you but the panda bear is the kutest

etetepete says:

Steve is awesome! 😀

Fusionx916 says:

and anaolgy about equating town meetings to youtube comments lol

Fusionx916 says:


iWantToGuitar says:

thanks for the ha bisky vid

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