Rep. Fredette and his “man’s brain” oppose health care funding

Rep. Fredette and his “man’s brain” oppose health care funding

Maine House Republican Minority Leader Ken Fredette speaks against accepting federal funding to expand health care in Maine. The funding doesn’t cost the sta…



silver togn says:

Only the women that have brains that come from Uranus…

silver togn says:

I think that republicans should just stop hiding their swastikas. And that democrats should stop being puppets for multi millionaires and Corporate interests. It would be nice if “our” representatives actually represented “the People”…

silver togn says:

Or some other anus…..

mooniekate says:

I’m from Erath, this guy is from Uranus.

CineFrye says:

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, eh. And you, Ken Fredette? Where did you get your ideas? My guess: from Uranus.

kminsel says:

Here, here, Michael!

Armando Ibarra says:

Remember this name for the next election, he doesn’t one. (brain)

Elisabeth Zenker says:

What gets me is how he pretends to understand – and explain?! – the brain type that isn’t his! Beyond fully illogical coming from such his stated “left-brain” linear perspective. And House Leader ???

se777en73120 says:

I think he has brain damage.

Michael Picard says:

Maybe this is an indication why we need more women in Congress to off-set this kind of thinking!

Michael Picard says:

Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal man’s brain maybe. Republicans better wise up or they will be left behind like the cavemen!

Linda Jones says:

You made me laugh out loud

Linda Jones says:

Don’t see how any woman can vote for a Republican.

Linda Jones says:

Does this guy even have a brain?

gorehound13 says:

Very much looking forward to the demise of the Republican Party.These guys have become so out of touch it is like watching some kind of Circus.
Next Election Vote these guys out.

gregarb says:

Do you really believe ALL men are that way? That’s sad.  Your comment is just as bad as the one he made about ALL woman.

gregarb says:

C’mon, we need to take it easy on this guy. He’s clearly senile and stuck mentally in the Eisenhower administration where his man’s brain obviously suffered severe damage when it hit the floor repeatedly during too many “duck and cover” exercises. [My comment makes about as much sense as his so I’m allowed to say it!! Actually, I think my comment may be a little more logical and easier to follow.]

gregarb says:

This is to the guy who just insulted women similarly, but cowardly deleted his comments: You implied that women are rendered powerless to use numbers/analytical thinking by their emotions. Are you ACTUALLY trying to say men don’t make emotional decisions? Hormones in BOTH sexes make EVERYONE emotional. Testosterone makes men more emotionally aggressive, and estrogen makes women more emotionally sensitive, but we all have BOTH hormones, and are EQUALLY a slave to them in different situations.

Kaye Chandler says:

Its obvious the only brain this man has is located below his belt buckle. 

TheAcadiaExperiment says:

This is ridiculous, and critics agree the book he refers to is outdated, not scientifically backed in majority and simply biased. As is he. Yes there certainly is a cost to everything.  Including the words you speak…

edward fitzgerald says:

Sad truth is your brain don’t work right but Obama care covers that

Ryan Simpson says:

I would argue that the insult is not so much an insult to women as much as an insult to men and possibly the entire population of mars?

Kevin Boedigheimer says:

Your brain is an idiot brain.

justgivemethetruth says:

no need to insult chimpanzees, chimps don’t have any choice about their brains, this guy made a decision to be this way.

justgivemethetruth says:

Rich Mind, Poor Mind … Now that we have captured the whole economy and all the wealth of the country for just a few families, we can’t afford to keep all these poor people alive. So, we don’t educate them, and they turn into criminals, and we remove their health care and they just die off. And we just keep blathering on and talking and nothing changes – time is on the side of the 1% as their investments grow – as well as their power to control the government.

sgilks11 says:

I don’t think he understood a thing about that book. Using it waaay out of context is a pretty big clue.

Lifter85 says:

I wish he would have started slapping some bitch around just because he can and is stronger than a woman

palmsout says:


justgivemethetruth says:

And politicians are from URANUS ! What an A-hole!

pal98111 says:

Men don’t care about anyone but themselves so of course he has no concept of “care”

Bragnanymous says:

Said it much better than I would have.

Leyre amiga says:

yep man. money makes the girls fools. rihanna gone mad to strip in the public. she doesnt have any voice over it. watch before they ban it –>

chidele says:

TANSTAAFL! Somebody is paying for it. This guy is an idiot though.

nicolaswirth says:

This guy may think that men think differently “in their own brain and their own world” than women, unfortunately he also clearly doesn’t think with any brain on any world

sonriseLatrell says:

Republicans are half brained morons

poseyg86 says:

I think he is confusing his brain with that of a man’s brain… Its not. Its actually a chimps brain. This guy does not speak for all men, or republicans for that matter. In fact, he probably shouldn’t speak at all.


As a male, I can honestly say I’m deeply ashamed of this video. Women: please do not get the wrong idea. We are not all fucked up in the head like this cunt.

robvillar0290 says:

You don’t get it…if everyone has healthcare through their job we as tax payers no longer have to pay for uninsured people when they use the emergency room as their doctor. Or be the ones paying for their surgeries. Its time to join tje rest of the first world.

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