Remy: Healthcare Mash

Remy: Healthcare Mash

Trick or Treatment? Remy channels Bobby “Boris ” Pickett for this mash-up. Written and performed by Remy. Video by Sean Malone. Abou…



philippgs says:

You’re right! However, I won’t sign up Ever! Impeach!

Anthony Bartlett says:

a few thousand will get you a basic website with a very basic market place. More likely 50-100 k minimum………. but still, point very well made.

noecamarena9 says:

Hahahahahahaha its cool for libs to make fun know the other cool kids are making fun of it.

You people are sheep

Lucie Smith says:

Or he could have kept his nose out of our business and not tried to take over America’s healthcare.. that would’ve been nice.

Ozbrithian says:

As I understand it even the most pro-Obamacare leftists [with whom I have just decided to agree to disagree with] are all in agreement that the website is a half billion dollar joke.
Going online to buy PRIVATE insurance through work took me maybe an hour tops, because Health Vision and Dental were separate. I suspect their website cost a few thousand to build.

Michelle Blair says:

Top Priv.Hlth.Carriers hve raised their.prems.evry yr.for the past10.yrs.I’m a medi.coder and seen deds.go to15,000 Most peop.who have ins.have to meet this ded. before their ins.will pay.Deds.used to apply to inpat surgs,.We see pats.with Mrsa,Cellultis that req surg.but dont have $2000 for the surg Ctrs.And they are insrd.Drs.pmt frm these payers run $525 we chg.1000 & 475 is adj to pats.We take as low $25 to ded.Drs pmts.hve bn the lwst evr:-(

HBKTechnologies says:

The problem is Barack Hussein Obama, that’s why it doesn’t work. He should of hired the best company for the job, rather than the company who’s owners hang out with Obama at the white house for Christmas.

Grateplainz says:

Funny thing how healthcare works well in most parts of the world, except the USA. So what’s the problem??

P1taJ says:

A single person could have built that website better. The problem is mostly that too many firms were working on it at once. This caused confusion and problems.

bsmithgates says:

Remy, spot on my friend, as usual. Thanks

Mark S says:

And that is the one line that 99% of the low information voters who watch this video won’t get. hamorrbii-what?

geek49203 says:

To err is human, to forgive, divine. To really screw things up requires a computer. To really screw up computers requires managers who try to manage techs while barely knowing what those techs do, and care not to learn how they do it. Betting some of those techs waited 2-3 months or more for credentials to login to the systems after they were hired….

jeangibsonmedley says:

Remy and co creators nailed another outstanding video!

CitizenAmedia says:

Remy (GoRemy on YouTube). He wrote it and recorded the song, and I produced the video. So thanks! 🙂

Debra Lynn Paxton says:

This is Brilliant! Who is the actor/singer….who produced the remake, etc. ? 😀

Lokstock220 says:

LMAO. Crash and burn, ACA!!

Omnicronimous says:

Precisely. Plus, I have a suspicion that they have plans for a global healthcare system that they plan to push for very soon.

wolfmanjim says:

The Hammurabi line made me laugh. Good work!

smarterworkout says:

It’s such a joke…it can only be assumed that it was a planned distraction from more important, larger issues. If you don’t know the more important, larger issues…then I guess their plan is working.

Jack Mackenna says:

Bobby Pickett was a leftist. Well done.

DarkRiderDLMC says:

Loved this. It’ll be fixed soon, though. I read Google (the folk who invade everybodies privacy and good friends of the O) are going to aid in the fixing process. Nothing you tell healthcare com will be private, your rates’ll go up as will your deductibles. .GoogleTube made me remove web addresses?

Jutt Rockjaw says:

Outstanding job!

TXKafir says:

Because commies think corporations are evil slave masters of the proletariat. Better to have the best and brightest from our esteemed halls of academia create something to be used in the real world.

traindude32 says:

sharing this on my facebook xD

Winthrop Augustine says:

funny as well as a damn shame! 600 million just to make this site and they could not even do this right! I wonder why they didn’t hire Google, Amazon or someone who could handle large traffic. ALSO, what about all that personal information that maybe lost out there.

RedwoodTheElf says:

1:02 – Carrier Pigeon would be more efficient, indeed!

William Dais says:

The taxpaying people still left in this country are getting REAMED by this boondoggle website and asinine socialistic redistribution scheme of Obummercare. Wake up sheeple. You are being hosed…and it CAN be stopped if enough of you Koolaid drinkers sober the hell up, and kick the Marxists OUT.

whatever3210 says:

That’s the simple truth.

whatever3210 says:

That’s typical of the walking left.

Zach Myers says:

Our government probably doesn’t have economic advisors considering our massive debt that’s getting worse and worse. If they do have economic advisors they either suck or they aren’t listening to them.

Companies can and have gone bankrupt, but that means they have to understand basic economics. If they don’t then they will either be grossly inefficient and/or go out of business. The govt is too big to fail which leads to it being run by a pack of morons with the IQ of your average house fly.

Stellalunatso says:

Obama is a liar liar pants on fire. Want his head on a platter for Halloween! And throw in Kathleen’s feet. She can get around on bloody stumps and beg for health insurance, lol. They are ghouls.

Linda Laster-Bivens says:

the cost to fix the web site is now at 1.1 billion (with a b) I think this was purposeful- we will probably never know how much more it will cost

Filipe Amaral says:

>So they shouldn’t listen to economic advisers? what?

Do you speak English? This is what I meant:

“they have advisers, but who cares about what they say if politicians accept money to pass bills that protect monopolies instead of the people, etc?”

I.E. nobody gives a fuck about what’s best for the country as long as they’re getting paid.

>you want the companies to run the government?

Nope. Just less government. More government is putting a giant, inefficient company in charge.

rkb100100 says:

CGI were big Obama donors, they’re laughing their way to the bank now.

Mike O'Connell says:


Joe Bradley says:

That’s Hitlery’s best answer lol. “what difference does it make?” Heck it worked for Benghazi should work for another failure too.

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