Our Taxes Should Pay for Our Healthcare

Our Taxes Should Pay for Our Healthcare

SIGN UP HERE: http://www.nationalnursesunited.org/page/s/our-taxes-our-healthcare Nurses Unveil Bold New Ad Charting Best Solution for Healthcare! “Our taxes…



Korey Hartwich says:

This is great. I’m going to sign up on the link above now.  Thank you nurses for everything you do.

RNsSayMedicareForAll says:

Why not just get to the point? What we really mean is “Medicare For All”! That’s “our taxes paying for healthcare”. That’s what will bring healthcare for everyone, without need for any new agency or “overhauling” of healthcare. Speak plainly to patients, politicians, and the public in general. Tell them what nurses have known for so long: when handled by ethical healthcare professionals, Medicare works. Just ask seniors. How can Congress not “get” this? As always…speak Truth to Power!

Rosemary Kean says:

The message is right on! Makes me proud to be a nurse.
Would be improved by having at least one black face join
in doing the talking. Here in Massachusetts we’re trying to
figure out how to control costs with our own Obamacare type
plan enacted about 7 years ago. Our costs are the highest
in the country, not surprisingly.

Aquifer102 says:

Single payer – HR 676 has been introduced for years – the way to get it is to vote for those who support it and refuse to vote for those who don’t. The Green party has consistently made it paramount on their agenda – Jill Stein,MD Green Pres. candidate in ’12, made it a major plank in her platform – the only candidate who did ….

Cindy Young says:

Nurses again advocating for their patients

calnurses says:

Hi Debby, look just below the video, under the NNU logo. It says SIGN UP HERE with a link. Thanks for your support!

calnurses says:

Hi Nancy, look just below the video, under the NNU logo. It says SIGN UP HERE with a link. Thanks for your support!

Nancy Henson says:

Where do I sign up??

Debby Ginbey says:

So how do I sign up? I have been saying this for years!

ralphrepo says:

GASP! Socialized Medicine! The big bogeyman that Reagan warned us about. Seriously, we needed to have done this three generations ago, except the AMA bamboozled Reagan into calling it communism and the rest of American balked. Instead, they let the insurance companies take it over and now all that matters is quarterly shareholder performance, not your health. I hope Reagan is spinning in his grave for the health care mess he left this county in.

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