Mark Zuckerberg on ‘This Week’ – Facebook CEO Discusses Immigration, NSA Spying and

Mark Zuckerberg on ‘This Week’ – Facebook CEO Discusses Immigration, NSA Spying and

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg on immigration, NSA spying, and



gelotoxin says:

Zuckerberg: “there are allot of misconceptions about that (the legality of
illegal immigrants)”
Me: “name one misconception”
Zuckerberg: “???????????”

It’s pretty frick’n straight forward & there’s nothing “sad” about it. It’s
called justice because it is justified because it is just. Is it my
imagination or does Zuckerberg seem a little retarded? Lets just call him
zuckerberg syndrome.

knoose says:

Why would his opinion matter in these things?
Pardon me?

Nicholas Sceusa says:

The undocumented are breaking the law, and should be made to comply with it
or deported. We need our jobs filled by people who have a right to be here.
Secure the border, and get them to comply with the law, or send them back
to wherever they should be. 

ObeyYourMaster says:

Why blame the Undocumented when you should blame the people securing the
border. Not only that but Americans feeling safe in our own country. Why
are we still in Afghanistan? Only people that get rich from Wars are
Politicians and Israel.

Why does Mc Donalds and other companies hire Undocumented.
They’re breaking the Law. We hire them and then we wonder why there are so
many of them here. They the ones that work in ranches and pick fruits and
vegetables. We know that and we’re complaining?. Are we Americans just
like niggers that just sit in their porch and complain and not do
anything? Come on.. If you see you getting fucked and don’t do anything,
then you deserve whats coming. Man Up America.

Billy Bob says:

What a bunch of Orwellian baby talk from Zuckerberg. 

Kris Van Hoffen says:

I do not agree with him. Fuck you Mr. Zuckerberg and fuck you Facebook.

Anti-white is what it is. 

24AheadDotCom says:

For some reason, my two earlier comments didn’t appear to anonymous
viewers. The comment I left 25 minutes ago only appears when I logged in.
If you want to see why Zuck is wrong, see the latest post on my site. I
posted 10 questions that he needs to answer and I have a plan to have them
asked or at least make reporters look bad for not asking them.

Del Scipio says:

I’m certain that tool-head Zuckerberg doesn’t know what he’s saying or
talking about.

Cristina Mariotta says:


AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

He will say anything to make him and his company look good because he is
under enormous pressure to maintain profits and gains. But the fact remains
that he built the world’s largest mass surveillance apparatus, and don’t
think for a second he hesitated to give the feds whatever they want. It
always comes out and we always find out these tech companies are
cooperating. He’s thinking about himself and selling the rest of the world

Jamal Hill says:

Dude wears sunglasses like a bra… There’s so many people in the world who
need and deserve help, I think there should be a fair opportunity for
people from everywhere to be able to start fresh in America, not just for
one group to exploit, in the name of “opportunity”, that they themselves
would deny other people, if given the chance. Also, not for people who
can’t accept diversity and don’t have a real interest in making America a
better place.


Only Jesus knows all about the future you don’t know I don’t know every
countries around the world are getting poor it’s not about the immigrants
that made American poor.

Ray Magallon says:

Wow look at Zuckerberg sounding like a complete dipshit with his canned
responses in this highly edited interview. Doesn’t even address the
“misconceptions” he speaks of. Im sorry did I make a mistake when forming
the conception that the over 50% of illegals wanting amnesty have less than
the equivalent of a high school diploma and will make them eligible for all
those tasty government handouts when granted citizenship. I could have
guessed ZuckerBERG would be pushing the multicultural agenda..

Geist DesWaldes says:

Zuckerberg = Lying two faced weasel 

MrNebulonicalchemy says:

ZUCKERBERG IS A NATIONAL SOCIALIST :: nobody takes into consideration the
very real variables of some who come here from a long line of being taught
to hate Americans .. . He’s a yuppy PRICK who puts us all in danger.

Nobody is taking into consideration other variables associated to S.
America.. DIGNIDAD DIGNIDAD was only a scapegoat camp.. bigger projects
continued and thrived. 

You The best says:

Mark supposes to talkto Dominican Republic as well and tell plp there to
stop their unfair, heartless and inhuman practices againts undocumented
haitian immigrants. 

jamshed urunov says:

Need immigration reform 

Helen Erosheva says:

Monday, 25 November 2013.

MrDoublehappy says:

im not a fan of this weasel like creature called mark zuckerfuckface

HighGrade Bud says:

To avoid Taxes he wasn’t the 1st another guy that made millions off
Facebook did the something. Let alone he got billions. If you have that
much money you can be a Martian if you please.

TheImpeacher says:

Back in your Box Bitch.

Ivanna Roquet says:

I read or watched a video somewhere that told the story of fraudulent age
of Mark on the paperwork of Facebook. I can’t remember the whole story but
it said something about the papers were sealed until 2016 and that Mark was
a Greenberg.

Osagumwengie Jesuorobo says:

£300.00 each person/business. Registered participants can make independent
Travel/Lodging & Accommodation Arrangements. REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY FOR
Approved/Official REGISTRATION:

tkdpower says:

Why is he involving in this ?

Young Fella says:

People talking bad about Mark are f’kin jealous of his success!! Well said
Mark buddy!!!!!!!!!

Jose Díaz says:

I’m CEO bitch! 😀 

Micha EL says:

Can’t believe this idiot Suckerberg thinks bringing in competition for the
few jobs college graduates can get in this country is a good idea. What a
POS he is !

Peter Jansen says:


PRMangel says:


Micha EL says:

immigration reform is dead in the water thanks to Harry greed’s Senate
Nuclear option !

PRMangel says:

More expertise than the folks in Washington? Pu-lease…

bob schnob says:

these computer wiz’ always sound like idiots when it comes to politics.

Tommy Hammernots says:

So Mr Facebook is now a political expert? 

Mike Hawk says:

I gave him that damn hoodie

KiloSierraAlpha says:

What an evil scumbag.

La Nicolybear says:

hes hot until he speaks…..

Roberts Leina says:

mark one million 4 me plz…


Only Jesus knows all about it you don’t know I don’t know Zuckerberg don’t
know and don’t blame anybody when America getting poor it’s about the
immigrants Lord put us this way so stay where you at don’t complaints the
whole world are getting worse not only us I seen every countries are
getting back to the old day it just like the trees it grows then it die
human the same thing.

Thomas Rogers says:

Self serving nonsense from this luck ass bitch. Go suck a dick zuckercunt.


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