Marijuana, Healthcare and Putin’s Win – Quickie News

Marijuana, Healthcare and Putin’s Win – Quickie News

This episode of Quickie News covers Crimea votes to join Russia, Healthcare, and Denver cashing in on Marijuana. Subscribe to ME!…



thedrcopperhead says:

very well done. great video

Newsy News says:

I need to do business with these Girls Scouts who thought of selling
cookies in front of dispensaries. #PotInAmerica

LiberalVermonter says:

Great Video Jackie. 

Ulrich Schmidt says:

My next holiday will be in Coloradoooo :O!

Rich Callacott says:

Susie Sampson….love the show but change the lighting! You look so pale in
this video and we can’t really see your warm glow that you have. Newsy News
you can use!

Tristan Graves says:

Where’s the pants suit!!! 

matt vovakiss says:

Quickie News: Crimea Referendum, Times up for Healthcare and Pot cashing in

thedrcopperhead says:

i dont understand the suzie thingy. i guess its because the GOP and the T
party is so ridiculous? give me the progressive jackie anyday. intelligence
is hot. strong women r sexy. the silly illusion of the t party woman is
tiresome. sooo 50’s 

Newsy News says:

High #PotInAmerica revenue, #Obamacare and #Crimea are stirring up this
weeks pot of gold. #QuickieNews

denislav Georgiev says:

Smoke less, read more… U r a joke news) 

Rakly3 says:


Arne Zabell says:

Interesting comments on Crimea vote how did you come down on the democracy
voting in Iraq with US troops roaming the streets? Just sayin….

Melekh Abastado says:

And I’m sure every Iraqi wanted democracy-via-invasion as well, right?

ErlofCambridge . says:

Good lord – you look like a sensible Suzie Sampson!
Still, the blonde look is awful cute!!
Signed – Cry Me A (river) as opposed to ” get You Crane out of here”
Old stevedore joke


John Parker says:

This lady is ok, but where’s the hot blonde with the weird accent? Lol.
Love your stuff. Thanx!! 

brandnutopian says:

You’re funny and cute, two of my favorite things.

atheistsimplicity says:

i luv me sum western propaganda

g7thebeatmaker says:

if your videos are that short there should be an upload twice a day

kazooga1234 says:

thx for this ha bisky vid i love your stuff

i miss susie sampson

don tbugit says:

Smart girl scouts. 

Newsy News says:

Quickie News: Crimea Referendum, Times up for Healthcare and Pot cashing in

Ulrich Schmidt says:
DarkShinigami678 says:

Good video, Jackie!

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