Making Obamacare Cool?!? Hear the Latest Bad Healthcare Idea

Making Obamacare Cool?!? Hear the Latest Bad Healthcare Idea

Young people are not interested in enrolling in Obamacare. Some have suggested making Obamacare cool. Is this even possible, and will Obamacare “cool” encour…



coltor9 says:

They’ve already passed $15 an hour in SeaTac, Washington, you moron.
Washington State has the highest minimum wage in the country and was just
ranked number 1 in economic recovery and wealth 

jefe Anson says:

No one wants Obama care for free!

BenReece101 says:

Health “care” brought to you at the point of a gun.
The child murdering psychopaths of the state want your money, and they’re
going to take it.
Old bomber care is all about state power.
Voting only serves to legitimize the use of force against people.
Democracy is two rapists and their victim deciding if they are having sex.
The US government is a cult. The cult of government runs on the Satanic
rule of, “Do what thou will”.
That is the whole of the law in America.
Expecting a gang of genocidal terrorists to help you with your health care
is ignorance of the highest caliber.

cmiller8492 says:

I wouldn’t scoff at the power of a few short videos. Im 21 and i enjoy
going through many videos on youtube (sometimes too many videos). These
videos can achieve millions of views and knowing that younger people are
more likely to be more tech savvy, reaching out to them through this medium
is pretty smart. The best example i can give of how these videos can
actually affect reality is how they convince people of how cool Barack
Obama is. While no actual facts are given about the chosen one the way he
is shown a deifying light greatly affect the feeble minded people of my
generation who easily swayed into believing that the awesomeness of the
portrayal of Obama, is actually how awesome he is. We all know this is not
the truth. I think that if it were not for this video watch?v=dX_1B0w7Hzc
Obama would not have received nearly as many votes from the uniformed
younger generation. 

treiz says:

Word to yuh muthuh Bill killed it

Self Stirring Pot says:

I didnt have insurance through my 20s. Whenever I needed a doctor I went to
the Hospital, I got treated and billed. When I was out of work I walked
into the hospital and gave them a bogus name and they still treated me ,
and even let me stay overnight in a private room, with no ID when I snorted
too much blow at a party.. all for free. I had all my kids for free in top
hospitals of New York City, and haven’t paid a dime for delivery. So why
again was this Obamacare passed? Who is it for? Why can’t these people just
get free healthcare like me?!?

hauskalainen says:

The opposition to Obamare from the right will just push premiums higher and
lead to the demise of the scam that is health insurance. They are
entrepreneurs in the true sense (i.e. Middle Men taking a cut in a deal;
from the French “entre” (between) and “preneurs” takers). Insurers take
100% of premiums and pass on 80-85% to heath care service providers. In
other words, hastening progress towards single payer. Which is what the
Dems really wanted in the first place. Insurance companies must be furious
with Republican policy to persuade people not to get insured.

MsCordially says:

i’m so confused by it all. left leaning people say it’s wonderful (i’ve
‘liked’ RachelMaddow on facebook and others just to hear all sides)
righties call it complete disaster.

C’mon people – who’s lying ?

ThatsAlrightMamaSuzy Suzy says:

Move to Australia! lol

workwithksmusselman says:


formerevolutionist says:

Obama doesn’t care how bad it is. He is going through with it, anyway. He
would rather run this country off the cliff than admit he went down the
wrong road.

Epsdude Z says:

Bill Whittle is cool enough to sell me healthcare!

Deshiia Coleman says:

Word to yo motha!

Sonn Ikdoh says:

The progressive movement has been trying to refurbish this Country in the
tune of Socialism for years. This is all intentional. It’s just the means
to an end. It’s so cool that the Vanilla Ice it provides is going to Stop,
and bring hammer time!

TbonesTech says:

Word to your mother LOL

אורן אלבז says:


Andre Jitta says:

Everything this government does is a joke! They wanted people to talk about
“obamacare” during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! This is how bold
they have become. Just put aside everything to save Obama. Well No Thank
You! Something is going to give because the American people can only put up
with so much!

dave4708 says:

If the Republicans in congress grow a pair,they can limit money spent on
Obamacare,endless wars and welfare.Whenever we have another Republican
President we need to demand a smaller government and if he or she don’t
produce then a third party will rise up to take its place.

Imrie Schroer says:

I cn’t believe these idiots. I’m sick of beig played for a tard.. Fuck
these people.Don’t listen to this shit.

coltor9 says:

$15 an hour keeps them from qualifying for food stamps and Medicare.
Why should tax payers subsidize the benefits of Walmart and fast food
The GOP owners need to pay them enough to live on

jefe Anson says:

Obama care is a government extortion racket for all of you who don’t really
know why it’s screwed ! Only they are using “you”to extort “yourself”
with!!!! Have any of you ever seen the child support program? Well women
love it ,men hate it. Now Obama care makes you all pay child support to
insurance companies,on yourself!!!!! If you don’t pay you all will receive
the great benefits of this program!!!!! Seizures of tax returns, bad
credit, social demonization, liens on your private property, Levy’s on your
private property, imprisonment, suspension of drivers license, suspension
of professional license, no fishing license, no gaming license, they will
extort you with your natural rights in order to gain their Capitol!!! The
way that they wrote this law makes you essentially a slave!!!! It was
written to be deceptive by changing meanings f actually words through
references to other tax codes as supreme court judge Roberts tried to tell
the American people!!!!!

coltor9 says:

The GOP gives an 14 million tax loophole for a purchase of an 14 million
dollar corporate Lear Jet.
The millionaire gets the jet free.
Then, the GOP let’s Walmart pay $9.00 an hour as they are against a $15
minimum wage. That means I pay for McDonald and Walmart workers food stamps
and Medicaid instead of the billionaire Walton Family employer

Albert Balderas says:

$15 an hour will disqualify them from work, period, because the owners (GOP
or otherwise) will hire fewer of them. Economics 101. Raise the price of a
product and fewer people buy it.

amanda cabrera says:

Coltor…. if it takes 15/h to get them off welfare maybe we should lower
the pay for welfare? Ever think of that? Of course not your too busy NOT
REALIZING that if we paid walmart and burger king employees 15/h then
that’s going to cost us more to buy from walmart or burgerking. The price
increase is going to drive other peoples wages up. ESPECIALLY UNIONS who
will say hey the guy at best buy just got a 100% pay increase we need 40/h
because our 23/h isn’t going to cut it so the cost of cars go up our taxes
go up cus god knows the teachers in chicago making 6 figures already aren’t
going to be happy.

So at what point did the dems start beating you with the stupid stick? Cus
I think they can stop now your sufficiently dumb.

Oath Keeper says:

Yes. I agree. Let the people get what they voted for. They deserve every
bit of it.

I still know many people that think Obama is a good guy and he is being
picked on only because he is too good and caring for his fellow man. What
a joke.

edwardpf123 says:

They don’t need to make Obamacare ‘cool’ they need to make it
‘affordable’-which they can’t!

Matt Van Helden says:

lol i love these guys.

Chase Laderoute says:

p.s. I did not vote for him!!!!!!!

Ali Adeeb says:

Can’t believe bill said “word to your mother” LMFAO

JourneeToTheSmokey Moon says:

Great laugh!

atlaspressed says:

The Democratic party is just using Obama care to destroy our health care
system so they can say it is broken and demand we socialize all of it.

1timby says:

The age old adage is as apropos today as it ever was….”You can’t fix
stupid”. Now if we could bottle liberal stupid then we’d have something

Itsfair says:

I know you guys have heard that our racist president just had felony
charges of a hate crime placed against the first person using knockout
(game). It was a white man that punched a black man. Obama obviously hates
the white part of himself and wants blacks and whites to be at odds. Why
else would the white man be the first accused of a hate crime and not the
blacks that do it to whites? It’s all hate crimes and criminal!

Chode McBlob says:

Liberals HATE old people. Liberals HATE sick people. Liberals HATE rich
people. In fact, liberals HATE everyone who isn’t handing them something
for nothing, or taking it along with them.

TWSkeptic says:

When are people going to learn? Government is only good at one thing:
stealing money (and wasting it).

Dennis velintino says:

Wake up america!!! Stop this dictatorship by voting for a non republican
and a non democrat party they have had there chance 150 years!!!Its time to
get these liers and crooks out of office and bring change the federal
reserve has got to go we need to take back our country and repair our
constitution its time for a revolution its time to fight tyranny no more
tyrannical leaders give me liberty or give me death!!!!

loszhor says:

Win pot for joining Obamacare? Ha! A thing to note that the Feds still raid
and prosecute marijuana clinics and dispensers.

A.M. Fortas says:

Yo ! Bad Boyz. !! Hahahaha

Chris L. Robinson says:

So is this what Trifecta is going to be until 2016? The political version
of Mystery Science Theater’s peanut gallery? Some goofballs sitting in the
audience passively watching events play out while cracking wise? No plans?
No ideas? No goals? What happened to you, Bill? 

Jim Holladay says:

They can sell it as having something none of their friends have. They can
be the first.

DominicMV says:

Well, I have to say these adds worked, in my family at least. During
Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner we talked about Obama Care and how it’s a
complete disaster. How grateful we are that we choose good health insurance
plans so we don’t have to sign up for Obama Care. We even talked about the
adds them selves and how pajama boy must be a sterotypical homosexual
dushbag who thinks he is better then everyone else. I am in fact grateful
for the adds as it was something we could laugh about in such hard personal
times; my grandfather is dying, we are in financial debt, and other things
I won’t share on the internet.

Matacabrones says:

Americans, get rid of the JEWS, then you could take back your country

wtf0804hydroponics says:

Democrats shot themselves in the foot with being on there parents
plan until they are 26.

Jeremiah Huntley says:

wait that video wasn’t a joke

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