John Stossel: Insurance Makes Healthcare Far More Expensive

John Stossel: Insurance Makes Healthcare Far More Expensive

John Stossel makes the case that we should pay for own healthcare. What a shocking notion!




obama will soon be burning in hell with all his buddies in government

Jacob Becomes Israel says:

Here in the US, especially in the west like LA, ER is a disaster. Illegal
aliens use the ER for primary care because they know they can steal from
Americans and not have to pay a thing because they are illegal and have
preferential status.

Jacob Becomes Israel says:

All I’ve ever wanted was a high deductible plan at a reasonable rate that
covered everything after that deductible, that didn’t allow the insurance
companies to say: “Well that’s not covered!” If you think you need every
doctor’s visit covered, you are the problem.

Bruce Wayne says:

Both are afffordable.

Daniel M. Ramos says:

Have you ever asked for the doctor to provide prices for services?

Stu Pitt Moran says:

Health care is just about to get a whole lot more expensive 

Luis Rosales says:

Ahh, John Stossel, the only intelligent man from the Fox And Friends Group.
This man makes the effort and I liked what he had to say.

Where’s my grocery insurance then?!?

Steven Wright says:

This is a fascinating (and probably correct) perspective on health
insurance. Watch the video and share.

Bruce Turner says:

More practical horse sense from John Stossel… this time on healthcare. We
need more “stable” thinking on this. How difficult to understand is this
healthcare (actually disease care) debacle?

Alan Lovejoy says:

The gas station next door sells gas for $25 a gallon, while the one you’ve
pulled in to sells it for $30. You don’t care: You only pay a $1 co-pay.
You wonder: How could anyone afford gas without comprehensive car
insurance? Before state intervention, people only had catastrophic
insurance and paid for smaller costs with cash: How barbaric! It was even
like that with health care!

MadHabber93 says:

Seriously? I just quoted you word for word, now you are back tracking by
saying ‘some’ of the best? And good grief, just because I’ve pointed out
that ‘some’ AMericans like to pump their chest does not mean I’m
anti-American. If you put ‘some’ of the best in your original statement I
wouldn’t have bothered responding to you. And no, I wouldn’t think any less
of my country or others but if you make a statement like you did on a
public forum, then why are you surprised I called you on it?

davijeph says:

My Dr pays no one to do insurance paper work my Dr does not deal with
insurance claims. My Dr guarantees I can see him in 2 working days normally
sooner. If I have an emergency I can go to the emergency centre or call an
Ambulance my Dr will also come and see me at home if required and make no
charge. The cost of my illnesses will never make me bankrupt. My Dr will
prescribe what drugs or treatment I and I know I will always be able to
afford to buy them My Dr works for the Brit NHS.

cowgirlmoon says:

Good information. Thank you, minnesotachris!

Michael Greenwell says:

And then when your insurance company decided its not going to cover
something, you get a 1800 dollar bill in the mail for a blood test they
would only have to pay a few hundred for.

chechnya says:

Then doctors wouldn’t be making obscene amounts of money. We can’t have
that, now can we!

louiethegreater says:

Yes allow government to take over healthcare like Canada and Britain.
Eliminating the Insurance industry would same the industry 25%. Stossel is
content with cheerleading the 1% who keeps him firmly in the one percent.
Not many will lower their ideals to the degree Stossel does.

legaladvocate71 says:

See My Response to Youtube Obama.

honeybunch2k6 says:

Be wary of anyone saying healthcare is cheaper in Canada, England, etc.I’ve
heard that they have very high taxes.In other words it feels cheaper
because they are not paying directly for much of their health care
expenses.Sometimes people feel like something is free or low cost when it
isn’t.No such thing as a free lunch!If you are young and healthy you may
not come out ahead relative to what you put into a system(kinda like
community rating in Romney/Hilary/Obamacare).

herby0518 says:

Funny how in these other countries you decry all people can afford
healthcare Not so in the US .Tell me why in all international health tables
you rank so poorly

mikebri527 says:

OK. Thanks. Trust me. No offense was taken. I appreciate your honesty and
respect you for trying to explain your position. Thank you. It’s just that
I debate so many people here on youtube that believe that “free” gov’t run
healthcare is going to be this miracle to save us all from the evil
corporations that I thought you were just being sarcastic when you replied
to me. My apologies if I mis-understood you. And yes, I am opposed to it to
answer your question. All the best to you!

treysparker says:

I sincerely disagree. More people go to the doctor because its free than is
necessary. Why do you think wait times for Canadians are longer than any
other developed country in the world? 50% of us wait 4 hours in
emergency!!! just to see a doctor. So you have a stab wound. You go in but
no sorry, wait 4 hours then maybe we’ll do something. Sounds crazy but i
literally saw it myself at Sunnybrook in Toronto. Only after he collapsed
on the floor did anyone do anything.

MadHabber93 says:

I insult you because you are a lunatic. Simple as that. And yes, the topic
does pertain to us when idiots like Stossel tells lies or provides
anecdotes and misinformation about our system to SELL his Libertarian
opinion of believing a free market healthcare system is better. And btw,
there is nothing wrong with national pride. Again, because you are a
lunatic, you clearly don’t see the difference between pointing out your
false information and one’s love of country. Spare me already.

MadHabber93 says:

And for the record, you do have some amazing docs and hospitals, you just
don’t have a monopoly on them like you clearly stated in your original
statement. That is all thanks.

boloyung9 says:

Actually the $7000 per capita is the average cost of all Americans combined
and then divided by the amount of Americans. Although individuals might pay
less, the average is still twice as much as in other developed countries.

tindallpe says:

You say wait times wait times for what?Elective surgery wait times in
Canada have been drawn in line with the achievement goals while emergency
wait times have risen according to a report last week……

MadHabber93 says:

Lol. You need to learn the difference between bashing the U.S., and
pointing out the glaring problems with your system. I happen to like
Americans and the U.S. I wasn’t accusing you of belittling our country
either. I was pointing out your mistake that somehow only the States have
great hospitals and doctors.

BlueUncia says:

Birth control, huh? Yeah, that does seem pretty superfluous. And lobbyists
too? Should be a law against those already. Anyway, thank you for your
time. 🙂

MadHabber93 says:

How is it worse? They still have to add deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance
on top of that. Not to mention many U.S. insurance companies have caps.
Plus its, 20G x 40 to 45 years. Do the math. Yes, they have free market as
hospitals and docs are FREE to set their own prices for services. The
1950’s also didn’t have the expenses of modern technology or as expensive
drugs. Also, many Canadians forgo care back then too because they couldn’t
afford it. Google Why free market heatlhcare WON’T work.

Mark Anthony Dubur says:

What title shall this generation be called? “Starved Socialists,”

tindallpe says:

John Stossel is a self professed Libertarian.That’s OK but then he can
afford it.Costs need to reflect the ACTUAL cost of procedures for
healthcare, not what insurance companies are willing to pay. In Canada our
costs are lower per capita even though the Provinces provide the insurance
payouts.There are no issues of deductibles caps, preconditions etc.
Everyone is covered fully and it’s cheaper.Stossel is a propagandist. We
can still improve our system but Stossel is going down the wrong road.

jleo2255 says:

One years worth of Gleevec chemotherapy costs $70,000 in the US while only
costing $2,500 in India. Of course, privatized pharmaceutical businesses
need to recoup the massive amounts of money they spend on R&D before they
can allow someone else to release a generic sub. The irony is that many of
these businesses exist in countries with public healthcare. That means
Americans are spending massive amounts of money to fund businesses that
reallocate their wealth to public insurance. The irony..

vegaskidd says:

you dont, you shop around on “health insurance” before, the video is
referring to “common” issues not “uncommon” issues, just like you dont use
car insurance to pay for oil changes.

treysparker says:

Im Canadian and what you dont realize is how much cheaper our health care
would be if government stayed out of it. On top of that, the obvious…
wait times. You and I both know when it comes to serious medical procedures
wait times can get pretty insane. In Toronto on cp24 they reported recently
how a male had to leave the country in order to get surgery in the US
immediately rather than waiting in Canada for several months. Its the seen
vs the unseen.

honeybunch2k6 says:

of pocket for dental work instead of getting a new phone.Also, I belong to
a belong demographic that is poor so I see this all the time.Like I’ve said
before, much of the time insurance companies can be avoided and people can
pay cash.I agree that insurance companies suck, which is why i dont have

RagaDagga says:

That’s not true, I saw him at 7-11 picking up a couple 24’s of Genesee the
other night.

John Doy says:

Of course, they have an objective to create laws that benefit them, that’s
one of the reasons why we have terrible laws for small company’s and that
large corporations have too much power.

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