Website Issues Plague Obama Administration Website Issues Plague Obama Administration

The White House promises to fix the health insurance website as quickly as possible.



Sock Puppet Superstar says:

Gee, you mean there’s such a thing as government ineptitude?

Naw, say it ain’t so!

cagedtigersteve says:

For $634 million dollars Obama got a website that crashes. He should be impeached for wasting taxpayer money like this. Private companies spend a fraction of that on their whole IT infrastructure and it works smoothly, why can’t Obama?

cagedtigersteve says:

Obama should be impeached for this. How can he not know that things don’t work there on his signature piece of legislation. He can’t even lie and make it believable. IMPEACH OBAMA FOR THIS HEALTHCARE WEBSITE FAILURE

Lonnie Dobbins III says:

They saw it coming, The GOP planned it and the governors of the states with problems complied with the order to block it. 36 GOP states are blocking it.

Lonnie Dobbins III says: is a router not the sign up site. You must sign up in the state where you live. If the governor of that state refuse to participate there’s no way for those people to sign up. 36 GOP states did this. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU AND OTHERS TO UNDERSTAND THIS , ONE REASON WHY AND I DON’T FAULT YOU IS THE NEWS IS NOT REPORTING THAT THESE PEOPLE DID THIS. NOW YOU KNOW WHY. GET YOUR INFORMATION FROM MORE PLACES THAN FOX, MSNBC,CBS, ABC, CNN, HLN, NBC. ALL PROPAGANDA NOW. RADIO N.K.T.S.

Lonnie Dobbins III says:

YEAH, dude the reporters should investigate why it has those problems and since we don’t get the information of what’s happening, we need to look into it to learn what’s going on. he reason why it’s going to take that long is due to 36 states didn’t create sites for to connect to. Now they must do each state individually for those GOP states that refused to implement the program. Another blockage by GOP, this time it’s GOP governors that’s causing the problems, not in the news .

Dlahusen1 says:

Haha.. No one saw this coming, a government program unable to perform to the promises of our politicians and bureaucrats. Oh wait…

calfan3 says:

dude.. i understand , but your not getting my point.

this SHOULDNT happen for a GOVERNMENT website. just because billion dollar companies dont like to overspend on their communications dept. doesnt mean the gov. should too.

also, THW WHOLE USA on the same day is a bit dramatic dont u think? im sure it was a very small amount of people.

Annie Romero says:

Obama, you seriously screwed up this country.

58fenix says:

I bet you people who dislike obama and healthcare are lovin

cirusMEDIA says:

Damn… i’m sure happy i was not on that web team!!! ..just think about the pressure!! ..working like a bitch because the President could look bad if u screw up or take too long! #FellowWebProgrammer

rangergun says:

your talking about a website for the whole USA to use on the same day…. they should have release the site state by state one week at a time. it happens to Billion $ companies. websites crash it happens everyday to a lot of sites. even Youtube crash a lot of times and Google runs YT lol. so i’m not surprise it crash. I wouldnt be surprise if it takes more then a month to fix. thats the way I.T. is. Ive been in I.T. most of my life. shit happens :-/

calfan3 says:

yeah dude.. but a GOVERNMENT website shouldn’t take 1 month to fix .. lmao

lonniedobbins says:


mark Welby says:

$660million for a website? it’s a hustle! I would shoot everyone of U thieving IT slyme!! I work in a hospital the IT people are thieving incompetent slyme basturds that should have their necks snapped on a rope. what do ya think of that? As a RN I fumble through my day using broken equipment, logon 7minutes.

mark Welby says:

really? this POS was re-elected after 4yrs of failures of similar scale aside from his open contempt of American’s and America, this Muslim cursading American hater. hey U have any grown children? did they vote for this POS? there’s U answer!

mark Welby says:

did U ever stop think? look at this mans track record his open contempt for Americans, his decisions adversely effecting the economy, maybe he does not care, maybe his objective is total gov. over subjects lives, this is the reason gun ownership was honored by our founding fathers so a POS like this would never make it off the str of Chicago, but he did because U hate America.

mark Welby says:

hey beta-males utube ronald reagan on gov. run health care

Mike Hawk says:

Lets bomb Syria

James Fariello says:

Americans didn’t put it together, Canadians did. It was a program that was 10 years old that they tried to modify for Obamanation Care.

James Fariello says:

660 Million dollars for what? Someone needs to be fired for screwing the US Taxpayer out of that hard earned money. How much more will it cost Obama and hay, why are you and those that pasted the Obama Care laws not on it. Could it be that you knew it was screwed up. Always follow the money and it goes to the Insurance Companies, they are the ones that wrote this crap.

MrDallasSummers says:

Fail !!

rangergun says:

People think Tech is easy. Takes time!!!

firepowerINC1 says:

people working overtime 24/7 sounds pretty costly

shannon p says:

They lie lie lie lie lies lies lies lies but I see the lie lie lie lies law it’s a law and they are inches away from fucking us over, they have no rights to force Americans to buy shit. Fuck them fuck you all .

gandolfsjin says:

that’s why I hate trend following people in America lol Obama administration and US in whole got serious massive problems and its not a damn stupid web site heck it could just be a smoke-screen, a false flag to divert everyone’s attention from the real problems. they wanted Syria war to be the distraction that didn’t workout so they went this way

shannon p says:

Them mutherfuckers in the White House could of spent that money they spent on the website on some of Americans bills. They just want complete control of us we are all doomed.

klst5656 says:

We went from real leadership and presidential speeches that united america to this clown (Obastard, the health insurance salesman) in this 3 ring circus called Obastard care aka UCA (Unaffordable Care Act)

TheMaverick53 says:

Excellent post. The truth echos an eternity.

Ronnie Turner says:

Looks like everything’s going as planned right on schedule.

Peter Dolinger says:

Everything takes time, you mean that everyone that uses the web hasn’t had problems with a web sight geesssss.

Peter Dolinger says:

@Scott pane your weird!

laserus3333 says:

It will be completely ready to input all of your personal information. So that you may be thoroughly vulnerable to be Robbed and scammed and discriminated against depending on your present health condition. And if your credit sucks we will make sure things get worse for you. And as a Bonus if you sign up now, the IRS will make sure whatever is left in your bank account will be sent directly to the Foreign Banks. At Obama care “We Enjoy subjugating you” So long now!

HansonProMusic says:

It will work Nov 30th 2013.
We have untill Dec 15th to sign up…
You’ve forced my insurance comany to CANCEL my policy as of Jan 1st 2014.
I need to plan on being on-line from Dec. 1st till I get signed up….
And if it doesn’t work (while tens of millions try to sign on over 15 days)…..
I do not have health insurance at the start of the year because of you!
If something happens to me or my family…who do I sue?
Wait..I can not sue you!

marq thompson says:

You fucking idiot left wing cock suckers who voted for this fucking nigger!!! He have that Internet comp 325 million to launch this website and they can’t get it right what a bunch of fucking assholes makes me wanna buy guns and start shooting dems in the street

Anuwar Khin Maung Win says:


francesco lops says:

can somebody explain me what’s appening about healthcare in USA?

Devon Roepke says:

2:18 “uh uh o o o aaa” hahaha

mike1989libra says:

Like all you reject commenting know shit

yoloav av says:

i bet he pocketed that money…scum bag

Stacy Churning says:

seriously he wants people to buy the insurance? You think this shit is going to be any better than this thrown together web site?I think not personally my 15 yr old son could have put that site together better.I think that damn money went somewhere else you can’t spend that much money on a web site and screw up that bad.Well we are talking about Obama and nobody knows how to blow taxpayers money like him.

Gerald Gardner says:

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. IRS, NSA, Benghazi, ACA, etc. Where’s the transparency we were promised? You won’t ask about that. You’re too busy writing erotic fan fiction about Barry.

tfly419ify says:

Politicians are only good at arguing about what lie to tell the American people

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