Health Care is Actually Really Cheap!

Health Care is Actually Really Cheap!

Stefan Molyneux interviews Dr. Keith Smith from the Surgery Center of Oklahoma on the lack of health care price transparency and the revolutionary changes th…



William TheFriar says:

Example: my step-daughter is an unwed mom in upstate NY. Child care is
fully covered under welfare. Her 4-year-old daughter’s front teeth were
broken because she was allowed to chew on her mom’s steel benwa balls, beer
bottles, etc. The dentist there prescribed capping all of the child’s baby
teeth. I think he made over $10K from the deal, care of the tax-payer. How
many others are there like that out there?

RandomDude says:

This is pure nonsense, but to humor you: they shouldn’t have been such
assholes to everyone they ever encountered in their life so that nobody
would want help them. If one of my friends were dying, but I could save
him/her for $300, I would. Get real.

Deva Winblood says:

It’d be awesome to have a text transcript of this that could be sent to
people on the internet that won’t watch videos. A friend I sent this to
said to me “Text or it didn’t happen.” He’s pretty liberal and I have a lot
of debates with him.

prestigeworldwide141 says:

i know i was joking my friend 🙂

51MontyPython says:

Here’s what I’m having trouble figuring out: Why is it that the Canadian
system has such ridiculous waiting lists, whereas in Switzerland they do
not seem to have this problem?

Lee Owen says:

the common sense is strong in this video

wtippens44 says:

This needs a few million more views

YoungerBrother Wakeup says:

Here in the Netherlands we have health care system but it is really at the
end of its latin. Costs are getting ridiculous. A friend of me had to have
dental surgery, here it would have cost him about 1600 euro’s. So he looked
outside of his country and he found a private dental service in Turkey who
could do the same for 800. So he booked a plane, all inclusive Hotel for a
weekend and got his surgery and payed exactly the same. Going on vacation
to get dental help costs as much as staying here.

Stefan Molyneux says:
51MontyPython says:

The reason Switzerland doesn’t have as long waiting lists as Canada is
because people actually pay for their medical service there, (I believe
they have to pay 10% of all medical costs (which may be capped at a certain
point based on income), in addition to insurance.) This results in a much
higher number of doctors per capita than Canada. Gee, I wonder why? —
Its because they actually get paid. Because people pay a large portion of
their income for this quality of care, (like everything else in Switz.).

We don’t have that here with this new law. Instead what we have is the
middle and working class paying MORE (premiums increasing even as much as
260% in NC) in order to pay for the other half who are now on welfare.

Only 26,000 people (as of this date 11/20/13) have even signed up for any
kind of insurance on the exchanges, and the larger number who went to the
website signed up for Medicaid.

And somehow they’re trying to act like the problem is just that their
website isn’t working. Oo

Cody Hall says:

*Health Care is Actually Really Cheap!*

+Stefan Molyneux interviews Dr. Keith Smith from the Surgery Center of
Oklahoma on the lack of health care price transparency and the
revolutionary changes that the center has introduced to the modern market.

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma:
Dr. Keith Smith’s Blog:

#HealthCare #DrKeithSmith #Surgery #truth #reality 

Jeremy Couch says:

A very interesting discussion about the real costs of healthcare by a
surgeon who has taken radical steps to challenge the status quo and
dramatically lower costs.

Jacob Zolt says:

“Healthcare is actually really cheap”

Jason Fennec says:

As a healthcare worker, I can say that everything they say in this video is

Robber Baron Swag says:

Interesting chat with a pioneer in private healthcare.

Garry King says:

We haven;t tried a truly open market for medical services for quite a

Steve Kluver says:

Hello all.

I meant to bring this by a couple of days ago. I listen to the Podcast
originally, but a friend just happened to send me the video link today.
That reminded me to get back here with it quick.

This explains medical procedure pricing better than most, and in some

Let me know what you think, after watching or listening to it. (29 minutes
long on video)


Dave Coyne says:

Then if we are being honest we have to admit that we can’t have a moral

Nimi Nim says:

Oh so we can have just TWO options to your opinion: 1. A government that
commits genocide. 2. No goverment at all What about a government that
DOESN’T commit genocide but provides healthcare? No such animal? You are
really making this debate absurd by taking it to all these radical
directions all the time. If you could just keep it to the subject that
would be fine!

11matt555 says:

Nobody said it was “cheap” for the consumer. Watch the video before
commenting please. The problem, which is stated in the video, is lack of
competition and the extra money being charged to satisfy the Health Care
Corporations, which can only be done because there is NO COMPETITION. If
there was competition, then those crony corporations would quickly go under.

Nimi Nim says:

I didn’t said anybody can’t make money, that would be a lie. You say that
EVERYBODY can make money, which IS a lie. In the 1000000’th time- I’m
speaking about people who can’t work for god’s sake!!!!! Disabled! really
poor people!!!

AnalyticalChemist says:

Ah, but you assume that health care within a truly free market would cost
what it does now. If all of these layers of extra costs, restrictions, and
wasteful subsidies were to be removed, costs would drop to a fraction of
what they are now. In addition, the existence of a wider free market
(rather than the corporatist/crony-capitalist economy we have now) would
greatly increase wealth, making increased charitable giving much more

hockeypuck999 says:

Nimi, how did poor people get health care before 1967? They did, you know!

nustada says:

It depends on how you define “morality”. Forcing people to do things at the
threat of kidnap or murder, is immoral. Which is how the government
operates. Social “obligations”. do not infringe on the liberty of the
individual, but the cost of being viewed socially as an asshole may not be
worth the benefit of being selfish.

jeffiek says:

The last resort of a person with no argument. Blame the victim.

pimpdalyrical says:

You’re lazy.

Dionysos37 says:

I did watch, and this bozo says repeatedly that “competition is working”
and blah blah blah about the great US system. Laughable.

Nimi Nim says:

What’s immoral about all of soceity taking care of those who can’t care for
themselves because they are phisicaly disabled or permanently ill?

Alex Smith says:

His best interview is on RT’s Capital Account (imo). You can find it on

Nimi Nim says:

Please stick to the subject? Anyone..?

Nimi Nim says:

Are you for real?

Nimi Nim says:

Yes it is a lesser evil. If the choice is between death and force taxation
then it definitely is.

xsickzackx says:

many of those countries have populations roughly the size of one american
city. and many of those countries are sitting on piles of wealth that were
built on pure free enterprise during the industrial revolution. hell, some
of those countries would surprise you in the fact that they are more free
market than the US. such a simplified analysis is not going to be
persuasive, because the inefficiency and deterioration of service as a
result of central planning can take generations.

hockeypuck999 says:

The market is in disarray due to Medicare, Medicaid, and now, ObamaCare!

Nimi Nim says:

I can’t see where’s the false dichotomy in here. I’m not saying we
shouldn’t incentivize competition, but competetion alone doesn’t guarantee
that everyone will have insurance. Cars companies compete- so everyone has
a car all of a sudden? Point is the lack of a car doesn’t risk your life.
There are for fact thusands known deaths that could have been prevented
through force taxation. It’s money for us, but life to them. Life, as you
know- has no price.

Jack Wahlquist says:

Considering I am a person in great need of major surgeries within the next
5 years of my life, whew did this video help a lot! Furthermore, my dad
said that his insurance might not cover me anymore and I’d have to find
something on my own.

delatroy says:

He might get away with it for the first one, two, etc but not for very long
at least. It’s definitely not in the interest of the surgeon to fuck up
people’s lives so who would do that?

Nimi Nim says:

For a guy that believes in non-agression you’re quit violent, has anyone
told you? All I do is simply debate with the folks here and you come along
calling me to rob a bank and wish for my imprisonment. Practice what you
preach and let us have a discussion then? You know, some views you actually
could DISAGREE with without calling me to silence myself. I call it a
better win win scenario.

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