A True Tale of Canadian Health Care: Why some patients need to go to the U.S. for surgery

A True Tale of Canadian Health Care: Why some patients need to go to the U.S. for surgery

Many advocates of health-care reform are admirers of Canada’s state-run, no-opt-out, single-payer system. Indeed, in 2003, President Barack Obama voiced enth…




Australian & New Zealand system model RULES!
All Lifesaving treatment is free
If you can’t afford treatment, you pay over time with no interest
We have government surgury and a variety of private hospitals
Guaranteed life saving treatment, treatment even if you cannot afford it
Private businesses and job opportunities STILL flourish with LOWER Taxes
We even have entertainers and holiday camps run by charities and private organisations & Volunteers!
Working Class can afford private hospitals 😀

MyWittsend3 says:

Emergency care works! Chronicpain chronicillness fibro RA. Lime pray you never have or get it if you think canadian healthcare works! It doesn’t. Get the facts because you look ignorant!

MadHabber93 says:

Great comparison…..rolling my eyes.

futureastro says:

Every Canadian healthcare argument: Video says, “Stop at red Lights, it’s against the law.” Liberal Canadian: “This one time, I accidentally ran a stop light but no cops stopped me. This video lies!”

squamishfish says:

This is just a advertising for this medical center .,, Hog wash! .. i am Canadian i had Congestive Heart failure was taken in right away and treated.. and in Vancouver

MadHabber93 says:

My Mom got her MRI the next Day when Cancer was suspected. YOU ARE A FUCKING LIAR. I waited all of 10 days for non-urgent sinus diagnosis.

YOU are controlled by workman’s comp who believe you are a FUCKING LUNATIC, so they refuse to pay for your bullshit aches and pains.
You even said it above, unless authorized by workman’s comp, you are not covered. Workman’s comp IS NOT THE PROVINCIAL PAYER YOU FUCKING LUNATIC!!!


I received a letter from workers compensation which states, go to your doctor and inform him workers compensation has denied you HELP for your work injury, then you can receive treatment;
I did this and was told, NO we will not treat a work injury, unless authorized by workers compensation.


In Canada, it can take 5 years to get a MRI to diagnosis a medical problem;
BEWARE, Canadians…..doctors are used as agents of social control, used to deny expensive medical care such as MRI – CT scan ;
No diagnosis = No need for surgery; = No medical costs;


I received 2 x-rays, both question multiple spinal fractures, yet I was denied a MRI or CT scan, specialists appointment. WHY? because when-ever there is significant injury and insurance interests, you are denied timely diagnosis – timely medical care to protect Government Insurance Treasury;

No diagnosis = No costly medical care = No government medical costs for treatment of injury = Lifetime of PAIN – POVERTY – MISERY;

MadHabber93 says:

FIXWCB was denied coverage by the Workman’s Compensation Board. A private company that determines when and if he is covered because he had a work injury. He does NOT fall under the provincial healthcare system where you are NEVER denied care due to cost. EVER! He is a LIAR and a LUNATIC!!


I received 2 x-rays, both question multiple spinal fractures, yet I was denied a MRI or CT scan, specialists appointment. WHY? because when ever there is significant injury and insurance interests, you are denied timely diagnosis – timely medical care to protect Government Insurance Treasury;
No diagnosis = No costly medical care = No government medical costs for treatment of injury = Lifetime of PAIN – POVERTY – MISERY;


Canadian doctors don’t even look at the MRI, they just read the report,
Canadian Radiologists cannot even evaluate MRI scans properly;
If you are in severe pain, NOTHING is done to identify the reason or cause of pain.
In Canada you are denied pain blocks, facet blocks, or anything and everything to investigate the cause of severe pain. 5 ortho surgeons – 3 neurosurgeons, over a 3 yr period, would NOT order MRI or CT scan or even conduct a physical examination;

Boogie man says:

FACT: I an Canadian I’m not paid to say this 80%-90% of Canadians agree with me. In the USA 27% of Americans agree with you up until Obamacare and is now at a whopping 49%. Almost half of your country doesn’t think your health cares a disgrace. Maybe someday America can join the rest of the First world countries and in the process Save your government money on first rate Health care for everyone.

anonynomnomnom says:

and i think you’re paid to post bullshit online. FACT: this medical surgery center exists and does surgeries and gets paid solely by their patients. do you think they’re faking that?

Celebrityk says:


NBLadyful says:

All I know is what I’ve experienced living in NB Canada….and I would never give up our health system!! I’ve never given a second thought to the cost of having babies or taking my kids to outpatients. I’ve had the experience (twice ) of my brother in law receiving bone marrow transplants and receiving exceptional care. On top of that, the social work department provides a fully furnished apartment free of charge ( donated by a landlord) for those families going through trauma/stress of an i

Chris Kelly says:

I live in Australia and he’s actually correct we have a public system which everyone pays into (even those receiving a pension or some other form of support) and we also have a highly competitive private industry with such companies like Australian Unity, Medibank Private, GMHBA (that only exists in my home town), Manchester Unity, BUPA and so on.

tbagurmam says:

3years ago I broke me leg on an ATV ride, I was rushed to the hospital and operated on within 8 hours to repair my compound tib fib fracture…I am a Canadian living in Canada ,the surgery was paid for by the us state department,fact…

Boogie man says:

My grandmother broke her top leg and wrist at the age of 92 and was operated on in 24 hours in Canada. In the states i don’t think they would have been done the paper work buy than. If in the states they even had enough health coverage.

Boogie man says:

Most people get a hip replacement faster than this woman booked a plan and got to the hospital in America. I think there’s more to her story than she’s saying.

Boogie man says:

That funny cause the average wait time for hip replacement is 48 hours in Canada.

letmeinustupidthing says:

The only explanation that I can suggest is that the people in question who are American citizens are eligble for and covered by Medicaid. Many (and maybe most) working Americans do not qualify for Medicaid so they won’t get treatment. As far as an illegal alien getting a transplant, I hear about that every so often. I would guess, though I don’t know, that such a case is classified as emergent and covered under EMTALA.

hermand Vogel says:

I see hundreds of illegals getting treatment daily in the county Hospitals, along with stoners, pushers, bums and prostitutes. Just the other day I read of an illegal alian recieving a liver transplant,,,explain that when working, U.S., Citizens have to wait.

letmeinustupidthing says:

One can get emergent treatment in any ER. I think that non-emergent treatment happens out of fear of lawsuits. Even those in the States illegally have (although rarely) sued and won.

hermand Vogel says:

Really? Then explain to me how illegals get it for free and on time,,,Geez

deziistheone says:

I did research it. That’s how I came across the info. I’m not Australian after all. Their model is one of the best in the world. Look into it for yourself.

MadHabber93 says:

Obviously you get your research from biased, anecdotal videos and websites.

How long do Americans with NO coverage and can’t afford it wait? Wake up you sheep.

hermand Vogel says:

do your research,,,it’s the same lame crap,,you’ve been lied to…

hermand Vogel says:

Remember, our president said “Maybe the old, instead of having an operation, they should just take a Pain Pill”. this is what Socialized Medical will be in America.

deziistheone says:

Australia’s model approaches that. It’s one of the best in the world.

wobinga7 says:

Over 20,000 regulation and counting

letmeinustupidthing says:

I agree. I’m thinking more of one who needs a procedure that is non-emergent. For instance, an orthopedic procedure that is necessary for a person to work comfortably, but is classified as “elective”.

jnycnuk says:

The United States currently expends more than any other country on health care at about $3 trillion a year or about 18 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). That’s about 7 percent more than France, Germany and Canada, which all spend about 11 percent GDP on health care.

Lap Gong Leong says:

wait times aren’t the best in both nations. But america should not have single payer, you want to see it in a big problem state. Go to Quebec where their entitlements are very large and unsustainable(my friends from the McGill hospital, so we know what we mean, This is also coming a former Quebec Separatist.)

Lap Gong Leong says:

EMTALA is kinda like a universal healthcare.

letmeinustupidthing says:

Wait times are certainly an issue in the Canadian system. The problem here in the U. S. is that if you’re unable to pay out of pocket, uninsured and not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid it doesn’t matter how long you wait…you won’t get treatment. At least treatment is a possibility in the Canadian system.

DarthSchwartz says:

Remember that Canada only has 34 million people. And we had a bunch of hostpital closures across the country in the 90’s.

darris321 says:

Could you not devise a system in which everyone is covered but competition still exists?
I guess it is kind of hard to visualize.
The problem is making people care about how much money they spend when it’s not their money.

Charlie12241 says:

Why is healthcare expensive in the US?

Konform2zoidberg says:

Steve Kubby, the Libertarians candidate in 98, for Gov of California once traveled to Canada for Adrenal Cancer treatment. True Story. A respectable number of US citizens get prescription drugs from Canada as well.

The number of Canadians who travel to the US specifically for medical care is somewhat less than what is generally considered margin of error or less than .15%. By way of comparison, in 2007 approx 300,000,or 1% of Americans traveled abroad specifically for medical care.

OmegaRage says:

Yep, some people don’t care about the cost. It’s you’re health. You can’t put a price on it.

Joe mariconadas says:

That’s what Peter Schiff keeps repeating. Anything government touches and gets its nose in, the more messed up it becomes. People think that keeping the status quo a miracle will come and fix it. Oh Yeah!!!! It’s the same story that Jesus will return. BUNCH OF SHEEPLE.

LibertyDownUnder says:

@MadHabber93, he doesn’t advocate ‘no insurance’, he want’s high deductible insurance only.
If insurance in the US covered extreme cases only, like cancer, chronic illness etc, it would cost a fraction of the current charges. Probably $200-300 / month.
People would pay cash for most procedures, and only use insurance for bills over (say) $5,000.
Those below a certain income would then easily be covered by Medicaid.

MadHabber93 says:

Do you have any clue how much long term, chronic disease cost to treat? So if you get one of them, too bad for you. You can’t pay, even in this supposed cheap free market healthcare, too bad??

Stossel advocates no insurance, so its every man for himself. The system in the U.S. is already TOO much like that, and look what its getting. Hundreds of thousands bankrupt every year, Millions forgoing needed treatment due to cost, and how many dying because of it?

MadHabber93 says:

I find it funny that you say we are ‘dependant’ on healthcare like its a bad thing. Well of course we are…we want good timely access to quality healthcare without the burden of cost… ANY cost getting in the way. Yes, we encourage people to catch disease early, as it costs less. That’s what will bring healthcare costs down, not a free market.

So tell me, what mandates are in place that burdens any hospital and doctor to charge $20 grand for giving birth?

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