Why Don’t We Have Universal Healthcare?

Why Don’t We Have Universal Healthcare?

A listener IMs the show with a simple question: Why does the United States of America *not* have universal healthcare. Here’s the short answer… This clip f…



DeistPaladin says:

Answer: Because corporations run everything.
Why? Because money buys elections.
Solution: Ban all forms of paid political advertisement. 

LacusTheDestroyer says:

“Durr it’s because of racism!”
Try again, Sam. I’m all for universal healthcare but get a second talking

cobinizer says:

I think blaming racial tensions for our antiquated healthcare system is a
bit of a stretch. The easy answer is money. There are a lot of rich people
who might not be so rich if we made health insurance moot.

Love4pizza says:

Why Don’t We Have Universal Health care?

Sotai says:

“Race” ~ I can hear the right wing pumpkinheads slamming their ears shut
and yelling.

StunnedByStupidity says:

Not only does America not have universal healthcare but the capitalist
monsters you have allowed to screw you over on health care have been made
so powerful by you that they are corrupting our politicians to dismantle
the British national health care system. The UK system is, dollar for
dollar, the most socialist and most efficient in the developed world and
even though we spend HALF what Americans are forced to pay, we GET BETTER
RESULTS. If we spent as much as Americans we’d have the best system on the

Factualism4u2 says:

” Why Don’t We Have Universal Healthcare? ”

Well that’s easy, because liberals settled for the Affordable Care act
which is a republican idea that has been proven not to work. It boggles my
mind how renaming Nixon care / Romney care to Obama care and having a
pretend Democratic president push it was all it took to dupe Americans into
this colossal failure of a health care bill.

whyamimrpink78 says:

All comes down to race doesn’t it Sam. Has nothing to do that in this
country we strive to be creative and different from other countries and
should develop the best system possible. Has nothing to do that we are
completely different then those Scandinavian countries and can’t be
compared. Has nothing to do with that universal healthcare has major flaws
in itself and the stories of long wait lines and inadequate care do exist.

I personally want the best healthcare possible and I am not willing to
settle for care that is good enough. If I settle for good enough I would
still be working a min. wage job. If this country settled for good enough
we would have never landed on the moon, we would have never advance as far
as we have in technology, we would still have slavery. Instead we work
hard to find a system that works. I know, work is such an evil word for
some people but that is what it takes.

sogghartha says:

I wonder how you got that ‘Sweden is homogenous’ myth stuck in your heads,
but it’s simply wrong. According to Swedish statistics, a full 5th of the
population is of foreign origin, only a little less than the US, which
prides itself on being a multi-ethnic melting pot. 

Nonne Yah says:

This is literally the dumbest thing I have EVER heard in my entire life. If
this had been a parody of a stereotypical liberal it would have been
slightly funny. But these guys are for real. It’s almost unbelievable. SNL
should make a skit of this like they did of Sarah Palin. Just repeating
their words verbatim.

SuperBurznazg says:

Answer: Politicians can’t profit on it and Americans are too stupid to
demand it.

defina jones says:


LibertyDownUnder says:

Progressives should stop calling for “universal” healthcare, like the sad
excuse for a system that the UK has.
Simply ticking a box in some central office saying “universal” doesn’t mean
jack shit.
People who want better care for the poor should call for removing the
excessive reliance on private insurance for routine procedures and lowering
A more cash based system would cut costs dramatically and make it easier
for Medicaid to look after those who fall between the cracks.
For Sam to play the race card on this issue is beyond pathetic.

Armando7654 says:

We don’t have “universal healthcare” precisely because we are the most
civilized. “We”, less than other nations, believe that people are slaves.
We ask “how free a man really is if he doesn’t have the freedom to his own
money?” They ask: “How free a man is if he doesn’t have the freedom to
another’s money?”. We don’t have commie healthcare because we are least
barbaric since we respect persons and their properties. 

Carter Kent says:

This is a warning from someone who has free health insurance. I’ts

Nilguiri says:

What do you mean race & racism? What are you talking about? I don’t
understand what you mean, Sam.
¿Do you mean that the majority of people in the US hate blacks, etc so much
that they prefer to go without health care themselves rather than let a
black or hispanic person have health care? Surely you can’t mean that.I
don’t get it.

Adolfo Fabregat says:

444 Views. Wow . Are these people getting paid to say things like “the
democrats moved away from the unions”. Is that supposed to be joke?

Armando7654 says:

So if other countries institute capital punishment for marijuana use, so
should we? 

theincredibledouche says:

I think tribalism is promoted by elites as a means to divide and conquer.

MrFinnboy69 says:

I live in Finland, we have state healthcare. The reason that i have always
thought (although race may be a part of it too) Is that America was made to
be free, and free from britain and europe, in a modern world freedom would
be giving your people healthcare, but back in the day when governments were
not to be trusted the people saw freedom the way republicans see it today,
you see how they have not moved on. Also, for many reasons europeans are
more exceptive of socialism than americans, not over-all socialism but
socilist-capitalism, the system in most of europe today, where as americans
are pro capitalists, also i could write a million things about the two
party system and how the whole thing is made so it is super capitalist and
right wing, but i dont wanna take your time.

derail14 says:

cuz republicans dont want to spend 1 fuckin penny to help people stay
alive, if ya get sick just die, thats thier goal.

QU3STION5 . says:

Just read your own comments, Sam. And you can see the extent of ignorance
from your US viewers on overseas topics. 2.681 video’s on your own channel,
and god knows how many broadcasts from every other network using every
medium throughout the USA, which must equate to gazillions of news reports.
Yet your viewers are like zombies wandering in a cloud of misinformation in
a land far’ far away. It’s fucking tragic! But at least you’re on the front
line dealing with it. Actually I watched the video here. You’re a fucking
zombie as well. You don’t even have the guts to be honest with yourselves
because your a product of inherent institutional ignorance. You’re US
zombies, and you’re either blind to it, or too damn weak and gutless to be
honest and break free from those mental chains that keep you all backward
in ignorance.

Hank S says:

Simple. The profit motive of a well established privately controlled
industry and the corrupt political system that allows for private money to
influence it..

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