Thom Hartmann Explodes at Libertarian over Life-Saving Healthcare

Thom Hartmann Explodes at Libertarian over Life-Saving Healthcare

Austin Petersen,, joins Thom Hartmann. What part of “right to life…” don’t libertarians understand? Only in America would someone have to …



Sergeant Greg says:

There are about 7 billion people, and even if that number is reduced to 6
or 5 billion, they won’t all get the care they need. 10 months for an eye
exam, because everyone is on the same system, that’s a long waiting line…,
think how long the organ recipients have to wait for a transplant now,
picture it with an even bigger list of recipients since everyone is on the
same system. For a number of reasons you might have pieced up on in school
or the Internet, Communism doesn’t work, and Obama’s healthcare policy
won’t either, Obama doesn’t even use his all perfect healthcare, and nobody
in politics does either. I’m not a republican or a democrat per say, I’m an
Individualist that views national healthcare as an ineffective means to
achieve something imposable it today’s society. If you wan’t to discuss
this with me, i wouldn’t mind a civilized reply. Arguing like children on a
playground gets us nowhere..


This Libertarian is a prime example of why people are beginning to despise
Libertarianism. It is nothing but a party for privileged little white kids
who think the world began the day they began. Listen to how angry he is
over paying taxes, how he escalates and has a temper tantrum as he shouts
his Libertarian cult nonsense. 

Dillon Thompson says:

Thom is a perfect example of somebody who thinks that they are right, and
because they think they are right they should be able to enforce their
viewpoints onto you. He is dead wrong. Like Austin said, by Thom’s logic,
what shouldn’t be a basic right? By Thom’s perspective anybody could claim
they have the “right” to anything. The sad thing about people like Thom
(and liberals in general] is that they will never understand that just
because they don’t like the way one person lives means that they can
infringe upon their rights.

Apis4 says:

Who’s he angry Austen Petersen guy? Shit man.. the right to free speech is
backed up by the law enforcement agencies who protect you from thugs
seeking to prevent it, and the legal system, including the courts which
supports it by ruling against would be violators. Both are funded by the
State.. so YES your right to Freedom of Speech, DOES cost TAX… without
it, there’s nothing to back it up.

Secondly, the Drs right to profit from their medical training, is
SECONDARY… look at the oaths physicians and surgeons take. These oaths,
are fundamental, and inviolate, and cannot be violated or mediated by any
other motivation than self preservation, or the greatest good… ergo, a
Dr shouldn’t save a life by risking his own, and focus on saving as many
lives as possible, over a single life if faced with that challenge. His or
Her remuneration for that, is secondary, and Dr who gets in to medicine for
profit above altruism.. should be deregistered as they are a thoroughly
reprehensible human being who stands against all the core tenets of

Boy, what a total ignorant fucktard.

Mary Gingergoth says:

If you are taken to a private prison, you still won’t get the needed

Jeff Chang says:

He had “No other choice”? He could have gotten an entry level job and
qualified for health coverage, gone to a charity, talked to the hospital
official, or other methods. Sorry Tom, you can’t make something a “human
right” RIGHTS are there from birth. 

nustada says:

The reason healthcare is expensive is government intervention in the first
place. If the government stepped out of healthcare completely, being
treated for pneumonia would be no more expensive than a box of Oreos, and
for the very few who couldn’t afford it could avail themselves to charity,
since without taxes people could afford to donate in causes they believe
in. And I assume they believe in it if they are willing to vote for goons
with guns to support it.

The answer to high prices is all about increasing supply. In a service
industry amounts to reducing barriers and increasing incentive. Not
(artificially) increasing demand by forcing people to use services they
would not otherwise.

Django Freeman says:

The libertarian is right on the argument but he is too emotional and loud.
Nobody listens to peole like that. He only had to state his argument and he
would’ve been more effective.

Jeffry Harland says:

Thom, you’re wasting air time with this douche bag. He is so typical of
those who cannot address a specific issue without going all over the map
with their “arguments”. They don’t have any answer other than charity
should take care of those in need.
These Libertarian ideas have never been tested in the real world, and never
will be, because they’re stupid and won’t work without inflicting terrible
pain of the less fortunate. Those who have the ability to engage their
critical thinking skills know this.

Kindasleezy Rice says:

Thom, that’s why we love you… you put that idiot to shame! He basically
did say what Ron Paul said… if you don’t have insurance you just die. So
life is only afforded to those with money in the US? Seriously?

TheMraptor says:

As far as I know before becoming a politician Ron Paul has done alot of
voluntary work, he is a doctor you know 🙂
Who did you help Thom ?

robertmike57 says:

These fucking libertarians are the most arrogant cretins imaginable. This
Austin Petersen has no interest a conversation, just spitting out talking
points. He refutes libertarianism himself by pointing out out his family
worked in a SOCIETY, not on a desert island, for healthcare. He points out
that capitalism can be crooked with a criminal pharmacist, I’m sure he
employed the legal system to collect civil damages, hopefully criminal
penalties as well. That calls for the use of taxes going to the commons,
that is not thievery.

zhdlot says:

Hartman is a communist , next you’ll hear homeland or state healthcare.

mfhmonkey says:

RT stating “cautionary tale of a nation not providing medical care to its
citizens”. Holy crap, Russia medical care is the worste, if you are poor
you are screwed but if you are in the elite you get it promptly. Russia’s
health care system was ranked the fourth worst in the world.

RT = Putins propaganda machine. Americans working for RT should be proud
of how they denigrate America.

ridewave444 says:

Guess I give Hartmann credit for putting up with this loud idiot. I’m sure
he drove on a taxpayer funded road to get to that studio also.

ThePaulCynic says:

The reason that socialism works in countries like Sweden, Denmark, etc. is
because they have low, culturally and ethnically homogenous populations,
and huge natural resources. Even though they are taxed heavily, their
relative wealth leaves them incredibly well off. Socialism has failed
miserably in Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Jamaica, the Dominican
Replublic, and many many other countries who are relatively crowded,
diverse, and lacking in sovereign resources. Socialism *can* work, but only
if the conditions are right. Is Socialism right for the US? Probably not.

silvermaniamania says:

that libertin is insane… 

73849309378 says:

What a big phoney. Austin Peter-less puts me in mind of a trained, paid
shill of the health insurance company leeches on the back of society. He
starts off with a fake story about his mother to appeal to Thom’s good
nature, and pretends to be serious like he actually believes his own

Mike Nigro says:

What a socialist asshole. Burn in hell Thom Hartmann. 

Geoffrey Daly says:

this guy austin petersen is a babbling idiot……….

James Parke says:

This guy Austin is an immature messed up kid. His view is same as mine
(Libertarian) but the way he displayed himself made him look real bad.
Perhaps that’s because he lost his mother early.

Jonas Jonsson says:

Love this duo, they are polar opposites but still polite. Too bad they talk
over each other all the time. Would love a more “calm” discussion and
without all the assumptions.

richard Hines says:

What a spoiled , obnoxious shit , even looks the part.

john chandler says:

Thom Hartmann is literally one of the least intelligent people in the

Warren Ross says:

Austin Petersen is a sorry individual. The sad thing is that he thinks he
knows something. If ever I am trying to explain what is wrong with the US
and how it has infected other country’s politics, I will show them this
unfortunate fellow.

mainvideos2009 says:

This guys an idiot its not Ron Pauls fault that that man got sick.

Le Hunt says:

Did you ever notice how these right wing fools, like Coulter and this
Peterson clown, have motor mouths? They don’t allow anyone else to speak,
they just keep nattering on and on, and would evidently rather have a
supposedly beloved family member die than use tax money to keep them alive.

Kent Russell says:

holy fuck this guy is a terrible interviewer

marvellbgry says:

Libertarians have some decent views on foreign policy, but there domestic
ideas are quite deplorable.

Butter rump says:

Need to remove all the gouging with meds and also do a sweep on monopolies
in this country( on all business) and allow more competition with sales of
meds and all goods. Also start taxing the shit out of companies that go
over seas and give breaks to companies who stay here and employ Americans.
Only way to save this country is to smash corruption and unfair business
models and just be honest and good people as Americans.

Johnny Five says:

liberals don’t know what freedom is. BTW, anyone that attacks Dr. RP is
committing social and economic suicide. The guy has been right for 30+

Ekkie101 says:

Austin makes shit up as he goes along. Pathetic.

Richard Signore says:

Isn’t that Austin a brilliant thinker, and a smart listener who loves to
listen to himself. Why I can hear him now: ” Hey, fellas, listen to my
anecdotes about freedom and how these liberals are trying to take away my
rights because, damn it, they want to help out sick people. Can you imagine
that old gal Jenny who has bladder cancer and pees herself in bed not
getting up to go to work and pay for her health care. Damn, she ain’t no
capitalist I admire. I think I’ll wrap my Republican….oh, I mean
Libertarian flag around my head so I don’t have to even see her and her
likes. Can you imagine? What kind of people are they who want me to care
for others. Must be a Commie, or something like that.” Yep, sure do love
that Austin! Maybe I should shoot him an e-mail and ask for a few bucks to
buy another $500 dollar milkshake or a $95,000 truffle from Nellie’s in New
York. Yeah, I think I’ll do that! He comes off as such a nice guy, doesn’t

Joseph Frey says:

Well. Even though they just basically yelled at one another for most of the
interview, they at least were kinda sportsman like at the very end…

SomeGuyInSandy says:

They are both wrong on one fundamental point. Rights are not “provided” by
government. Our God given rights are *not to be infringed* by government.
At least that’s how the framers saw it. When you accept the idea the
“rights” are provided by government, you give the government entirely too
much power.

Peter Pemm says:

The claim that his intern from”Sweden” has to wait 10 Months for an eye
exam is simply not true. You can get one anytime but you pay a small
co-pay. You get one a year without a co-pay. His intern is probably young
and doesn’t see the point in extra exams each year.

Moose Knuckle says:

Did he really just call the guy a “piker???” Have no idea what it means
but I assume it means something along the lines of selfish or self caring.
Really? Selfish? Yeah, the guy probably pays close to the max tax, and
he’s selfish? Pays over 50% of his income after all taxes are calculated
and he’s selfish? What would make this person not a “piker, Thom?”
60%??? 70??? How bout 80%. Why not shoot for 90%, Thom? Well you are a
Socialist, Thom. So it’s obvious you want all of my individuality, you

Your argument is invalid, TH. This is the U.S.A., not Sweden or Finland.
Or Russia, or France. Move on, you lose. Actually move to France, I’m
sure they’ll take care of you there, TH. Go to France, pour a Champagne,
it’s time to celebrate. You need not to every worry, you’re in France!

Samuel JJD says:

Libertarians are the scum of the Earth, but they still deserve healthcare.

Ian Luman says:

Wait a second people. So, the government shouldn’t take your taxes to pay
for others healthcare who don’t have health insurance right? But you
probably don’t like the aca either because its the government MAKING you
buy health insurance. So, its either make enough money to purchase
healthcare (if you WANT it that is; freedom baby, right?) or die. Hmmm…
well, I guess this is the best we as a nation can come up with. If you
aren’t insured though, word to the wise…quit eating all the fuckin animal
products and we won’t have to pay for your E.R. visit when your cheese
filled arteries collapse… oh wait, you have the RIGHT to eat that

flynn2008 says:

LOL Say if lots and lots of people want to help those that can’t pay for
their hospital bills and say, they formed a society made up of those
people, what’s stopping them from helping out voluntarily out of their own
pocket in the first place? By saying a good and service is innately a
“right,” one assumes everyone should value the same thing according to said
morality. Last time I’ve checked, that’s authoritarianism and incredulous.

Pamela Zuppo says:

*Want to see a truly insane person? Just watch this!*

#freedomworks #libertarianism 

TheMraptor says:

What Thom is not saying but implying is that if people are not forced to
help other people in need they won’t help. What are sorry community to live
in, right ?
Before using voilence to solve problem it will be good if we can at least
stop and think about it can we do it in a voluntary way.
That is what libertarians are saying I think…. but hey as I said people
that don’t learn math and history are desirving to get what they wished

Geoffrey Daly says:

this guy is an idiot. smh.

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