Ted Kennedy on Health Care

Ted Kennedy on Health Care

Senator Edward Kennedy speaks passionately about trying to get health care reform passed during his career. In this video he talks about his own family’s str…



chris doone says:

Every person should have free health care. People say that will cost so much. Smile, Ted Kennedy was right. Thank God I live in a commie country called the UK, which is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland. We are all left wing nutters here the, Goverment under Tony Blair (Labour Left winger) took my country to war in 2003 with BUSH. We are still your only true friends but you treat my country with no respect. If I was in charge I would tell you Yanks, Go and do one on your own

boxlove11 says:

Teddy, we miss you! 6/28/12 HEALTHCARE UNIVERSAL thank you. And for congress shame and you reptiles unamerican.=REPUBLICANS

elizzy01 says:

Health is not always a matter of choice — or in this case/what you’re implying, habits. Young children and infants can get lung cancer (unrelated to smoking). How can we determine who deserves care and who doesnt? Not to mention its costly and timely process. Take a look at expenditures on administrative costs just to figure out who deserves the care, gets the billed, what amount, etc.

TheBjmr says:

the people who will get the bill will the be the fat asses who let themselves weigh 400 pounds and the dicks who make the choice to smoke and those who chose to live unhealthy lives.

TonikHealthInsurance says:

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Jamie Tattersall says:

Only time will tell about what the results will be for health care reform, we’ve heard the praises and the scary stories. But soon this will be a part of our everyday lives when it kicks into effect

Marc Popeye says:

It is not about health care. It’s about who get’s the bill.

heartlessvietboy says:

Ted Kennedy didnt look like he needed Health care. He looked like he needs to sit down and take a drink of water before he gets a heart attack.

Fashionificationful says:

Obamacare was signed on March 2010 with 59% of the people disapproving according to a CNN poll. The CBO scored Obamacare on six years of coverage for 10 years of taxes, which is how the CBO showed the bill to be deficit neutral . It’s unconstitutional mandating all citizens to purchase health care. Even Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill, so you can find out what is in it.” watch?v=KoE1R-xH5To  It’s also meant to take over industry watch?v=p-bY92mcOdk
Allen West 2012

terisavosburgmdk says:

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spatter188 says:

Let us never forget Mary Jo Kopechne and the cowardly drunken Ted Kennedy who ended her life when she was only 29 years old. Ted Kennedy destroyed the life of his first wife because of his immoral drunken behavior. Ted Kennedy is now where he belongs rotting in the grave.

dgate007 says:

Fuck you Mr. I deserve everything paid for by others.

Eat my asshole and go to hell.

I hate Americans like you. Die you mother fucker

XianSlader says:

Poor Byrd…Gore-ed by a Horny Beast called Liberalism. May his asbestos underwear never singe, get a redish tinge, now that he is re-united with old Ted, the swimmer of Chappaquaddick. Let’s celebrate Mary Jo Kapeche Day for her July 19 sacrifice which saved the USA from early demise in 1969! Ted knew if the Tan Tax did not get ’em them the Cap and Tax will.

BeantownJim says:

Kennedy couldn’t find his pants in the surf He enslved people with leftwing rhetoric! And left that legacy of dependancy!

jandy16 says:

the kennedys did more in an hour than you would in five lifetimes or scott ‘shit for brains’ brown for that matter.

ThailandLawyer says:

i agree

The Cracks Tracks says:

I’ve always loved listening to Ted Kennedy. I just didn’t know I would miss him this much.

Ganthir says:

I’m not sure how to react to the circumstances of Human care and life at this moment.

BeantownJim says:

glad the kennedy dynasty is over with!

jksonny says:

I wonder if Mary Jo Kopechne had health insurance. Not that it mattered, since Kennedy left her to drown.

bluesboy25000 says:

Wasn’t this around the time his health was failing

Patrick B says:

Rest in peace, Ted, with your mother and brothers and father. Your family lived the admonition of St. Mark: To those whom much has been given, much will be expected.” God bless you, Senator. I know you are watching from Paradise

SufferInJuly says:

Atheism is the religion of eugenics. Atheism’s tenets demand depopulation, dehumanization, debauchery, demonology; the demise of personhood and the establishment of a planetary Super State whereat free-will & self-sovereignty are inconceivable. Atheism is the death-knell to traditional Western Civilization, the work ethic, free-market-demand economies, real money, private land & gun ownership. Atheism’s dogma demands obedience, supplication & slavery.

wildboy789789 says:

fascism doesnt work… hats why we didnt vote for a fascist republican lol

ralatorre9 says:

Just as those people back in 61′ voted against and thaught medicare would bring STALINISM and COMUNISM into the U.S.

they are making crazy assumptions now. and it’s funny how those people who were so aggainst it then are benefitting from it now. REPUBLICANS you have been served. Good day to us all.

Intermixi says:

I’m listening Ted!

SufferInJuly says:

Self-loathing, well-fed American women are in plenitude as Obama really makes a person think…about installing a urinal in the garage. TED KENNEDY WAS BEHIND THE CRIMINALIZING OF LAETRILE: the cure, preventative & treatment for the chronic metabolic disease known as cancer. He’s maggot meat now. Let us support tax-funded abortions upon all Kennedys.

popeye1250 says:

Looks like Ted had a rough night the night before.

SufferInJuly says:

The U.S. is ruined. Fascism will work no
better here than it did in Mussolini’s Italy.

MJ4everNY says:

Without making a complete jackass of ourselves and getting unnecessarily politicized here are a few simple Qs we can ask ourselves: 1. Do I want renewable energy? 2. Do I want to be bullied/abused by cred. card or cell companies etc via fine prints 3. Do I want affordable education? And most importantly 4. Do I want affordable healthcare? I think it’s worth to sit back and think about it a few mins..

RIP Teddy!

jandy16 says:

Good one. Really original. Get a life dickhead.

tickyul says:

Ameritards, in general, are one of the most undisciplined when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. I see so many people every day who are basically immobile, the sole reason appears to be they are FATBUCKETS. Also the amount of people in this country who abuse drugs/alcohol/food, has to be one of the highest in the world. Maybe the government should encourage insurance companies to give BIG discounts to their insured clients, for meeting certain health markers (weight, bp, nonsmoker,etc).

JCPUTT says:

Not doubting a group of politician’s arithmatic seems to satisfy
you and those folks of your political bent, I’ll just while away my final
years watching our once great democratic/republic decay.

JCPUTT says:

And I don’t understand how mandating heavy risk of
private insurers can “reduce our deficit”. You certainly aren’t a new
comer to this planet. and are aware of our Terra-bucks in deficit
spending and multi-Terra-bucks in national debt. Why? government
regulations and “dead wood” political hack jobs. This initial “foot in
the door” legislation (hear that sucking sound) will soon have millions
of also-rans on the government payroll.

JCPUTT says:

Right! Medical expenses are abusive and getting worse. My
decrepit old once logical mind cannot see a “Big Brother” takeover
There is no money to support government takeover. The dreaded private sector
supplies the wealth in this world and its ability to provide for No Heavy
Lifting Government Hacks is dwindling fast. Yep! a solution is needed but
we have a world financial crisis (Euro & Dollar) caused by those who
will run Socialized Medicine. Crack the whip on the working stiff?

JCPUTT says:

You seem intelligent enough to understand the history
of bureaucratic expansion and its consequences, You know the
true bottom line of nearly all politicians is power. Government is
the direct opposite freedom. The private system must EARN while
governments confiscate. Private: the boss writes the paycheck
government the worker writes the paycheck. And you only
talk money on that top 30. The Great Hospitals on Mass. Ave.
in Boston treat thousands from even the top 10 every year. Private?

JCPUTT says:

Indigence is not only due to bankruptcy from medical expenses.
Most is due to life style. Those folks, my friend, are the true burden and it
ain’t gonna change with “poor me” legislation. Bankruptcy only effects those
few who have a bank to rupt. The NOW taxpayer and charity funded American
Medicine works for these. Socialized Medicine and Muslim Extremism is
Americas enemy in World War III. And this old soldier is sadly watching
his beloved country lose.

JCPUTT says:

You’re shittin’! Right??

JCPUTT says:

Now the medical expenses. that’s where changes must be made.
Let’s first do something about legal and pharmacutical expense. Our best in the
world medical professionals have a potential lawsuit hanging over their head
every time they lift a scalpel. Frivolous lawsuits cost BBBBBillions paid to
attorneys and their ilk. Congress is all friggin lawyers so that won’t change.
And government sides with the drug industry that sells to Canada for a
fraction of it does to the U.S.

JCPUTT says:

When unqualified “Big Brother” Government starts regulating our
great medical systems you can kiss all our charitable hospitals Children’s
Cancer, Shriners Burns etc. good-by. Don’t take my word but go to an emergency
waiting room at any US hospital of any repute and you’ll see no-one turned
back with a serious problem. Government ruins that with intrusive regulations
imposed by unqualified hacks.

JCPUTT says:

Logic my friend. supply and demand. competition, free open market
government stick to national defense etc. or go like Sweden where they confiscate
your pay to hand out a couple asprin to a misfit. The sick, lazy, illegals and
hustlers will always need/demand free medical services. When provided by
the wage earning taxpayer through confiscation, their numbers will swell.
Until the tax payer is broke……………Then what??

santosh dhungana says:

amazing. RIP Ted.

fabulous4137 says:

What about the people who have jobs but cant get health care because of pre exisiting condition? Or they are too old and they might be able to get coverage but its too expensive?

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