Pres. Obama Hits Creepy GOP Anti-Healthcare Ads

Pres. Obama Hits Creepy GOP Anti-Healthcare Ads

Tea Party Racists and the Lynching of President Obama:…



TheGuerillapatriot says:

Politicalarticles, stop being such a douchebag when titling these youtube videos. The Koch’s supported Dems just as much.

TheGuerillapatriot says:

They aren’t GOP commercials. 

TheGuerillapatriot says:

Do it. The Koch’s don’t owe you anything. You aren’t entitled to anything they earn.

TheGuerillapatriot says:

It’s called Liberty, get used to it 

thealexgrasso says:

Yes saving lives is great but OBAMYUH refuses to talk about how it we make allot ppl broke, I live in Lexington Kentucky, 3/4 of hospitals have shut down trying to prepare. How is this going to help us?

ElSmusso says:

Ted Cruz makes me nauseous


Do you know what would be funny? If people started sending copies of their medical bills to Koch bros offices across the country.

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