Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare

Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare

Three years ago, Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder and managing partner of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, took an initiative that would only be considered radical…



Lord Hawkeye says:

“Low costs don’t ensure better and high quality treatment”

No, competition does that. Please try to keep up.

“Because it’s proven to be the best and the most effiecient system”

Mutual aid societies could get you a year of coverage for a day’s wages if you shopped around.
Canadian taxpayers are fleeced for 5k per year on average for healthcare. You could have car accident every other year and that would still be a rip off.

Protip: taxes are not magic money that comes from the ether.

Don7star says:

” Unlike government monopoly healthcare, they had competitors and thus an incentive to keep costs down and police themselves.”
Low costs don’t ensure better and high quality treatment, it only ensure that the healthcare provider make more profit.
“Give a bunch of politicians a monopoly over healthcare and cross our fingers it doesn’t go to their heads” just gets to win by default with no justification whatsoever.”
Because it’s proven to be the best and the most effiecient system

Lord Hawkeye says:

“Benefit society’s aree just single payer systems on a small level”
With one VERY important difference: Unlike government monopoly healthcare, they had competitors and thus an incentive to keep costs down and police themselves.

I really would like to know why “Give a bunch of politicians a monopoly over healthcare and cross our fingers it doesn’t go to their heads” just gets to win by default with no justification whatsoever.
Why is taxes treated as free when it clearly isn’t?

Don7star says:

Thanks I just did.
Skinners hospitals only provide cover for Orthopedic surgery i.e low cost surgery such as burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip. This does nothing to help others which have more costly diseases. I’ll repeat my statistic it’s estimated that 12549000 have cancer as of now and it’s costs an average of $46692, this above minimum wage so what’s your solution ?.
Benefit society’s aree just single payer systems on a small level

Lord Hawkeye says:

Mutual aid societies and Shriner’s Hospitals, look them up. They were very common in use especially among the poor.
Once the government gave the AMA complete monopoly over doctors, those were first to go including a disproportionate number of ones who served minorities.
Think about that next time you hear some politicians mewling about how much they care about public health, they won’t even end corn subsidies despite the terrible effect it’s had on obesity.

Josh Hakes says:

This is a great video. Please put out more examples of this.

Walter Foddis says:

Can you name a single market-based healthcare system? Never heard of one. The market-based solutions are multi-faceted, which John Goodman in Priceless lays out in great detail. Care for the indigent? The US is one of the most charitable nations in the world. But if you must have government-funded (i.e., bureaucratic inefficiencies thrown into the costs), then have means-tested healthcare for catastrophic issues such as cancer.

Don7star says:

I don’t deny the problems in regards to single-payer healthcare e.g the long waiting times which can occur however on every study has been conducted singlepayer health schemes across the world have always surpassed market-based systems like switzerland. Also a truly free-market healthcare system doesn’t account for the poor, for example it’s estimated that 12549000 have cancer as of now and it’s costs an average of $46692 to treat cancer that’s above the average wage, what’s your solution?

Walter Foddis says:

And Don, you totally avoid my question with information that are completely irrelevant to my point. I said do your research on Canada. You will see clear problems and costs with a single-payer system. The US system is flawed & I’m not defending it. Dr. Smith exemplifies how market mechanisms can work, but instead, you keep appealing to single-payer systems, which have their flaws they fail to acknowledge.

jleo2255 says:

If the US government tries to model public insurance after the strange course private insurance has taken, it will be a disaster.

Perfect system:

Public insurance provides for serious, life threatening accidents.

Private insurance provides for routine care and treatment for the elderly.

You then don’t have people dying in the emergency room parking lot or a bankrupt government paying hospital bills for people with head colds. Everyone wins.

Our legal system would destroy this idea though.

Don7star says:

In america it’s estimated that 41,000 die per year in america because a lack of access to healthcare that is almost half the total prsion population the UK, also no that’s incorect the single-payer system is more cost-effect as america even now that they don’t have the single payer system spend more per capita on healthcare than any country with single-payer healthcare

Walter Foddis says:

Don, perhaps you had better do more research on the “cost effectiveness” of single-payer systems. Are you aware of the hidden costs (i.e., costs buried in extra taxation) and the wait-lists (also a cost in time and quality of life) in the Canadian single-payer system? The reports are out there and no, it does not bode well for a single-payer system.

jobs4vt says:

this is something we older americans knew – we grew up before health insurance existed – when doctor and hospital bills reflected the ability of ordinary people to pay. the insurance industry distorted that, and skimmed off the top along the way. now the government intends to do the skimming.

Alicia Banks says:

hobama is a rabid racist bankster

hobamacare is a pharma corps casino

hobama is the new hitler

cc ndaa/wwiii/bragamus/mabus/africom/dhs fema etc



MisderPhister says:

Brilliant! Everybody equates the british with first rate dental care, even their dentures look like shit .

Star Dust says:

This seems like what we need more.

PricingHealthcare says:

This video was part of the inspiration that got us started at Pricing Healthcare. We find it incredible how few people are aware of this. Thank you for an excellent story on one of the most pressing problems facing Americans today.

Fred Gillard says:

Went to dentist a few months ago and they made a list of things that needed to be done making a bill of 10000, (5000 for urgent) $500, and when I told I dont have insurance, a 20% apr loan was offered, In UK the cost of this would have been £350 ($550 or so)…
No wonder our prized free market makes docs millionaires, and people with pre existing conditions, with no insurance… suffer in agony or go bank corrupt

Fred Gillard says:

One of the very few Obama policies I approve of.Lived in UK for a while, and was very impressed with NHS, it had inefficiencies, but when I needed it it was there… I am happy for us to run deficit because health care, than because of wars.

Don7star says:

It doesn’t matter how much competition that there will is, it will eventually get to a point at which if the org cuts prices any lower they will be at a loss. In addition to that just like which prices of food in supermarkets you will get variation in prices but not by much i.e a top can cost $50 somewhere and $55 somewhere else however they will be around the same price range. The way forward is a single payer system, it’s cost effective and covers all.

hatchls1 says:

Libertarians do have a solution. Remove government protectionism and allow competition to drive costs down. Will it be affordable to all ?…..no but it would be preferable as opposed to letting government run another bankrupt entitlement system that will ultimately benefit select insurance companies. Democrats seem to think you can create fairness out of government force. The only true answer to all of our problems is freedom, charity, and integrity. Government promotes none of these things.

Don7star says:

The keyword here is “common surgical procedures” this doesn’t account for expensive treatments like cancer and HIV which regularly bankrupt many middle and lower class people, libertarians and the free-market has no solution to this deadly problem

Andy110882 says:

r u suggesting only white people are employed as Statistitions? You must have zero self-confidence. I will pray for you

hotsauce3888 says:

You know white folks made those statistics up! We’re sitting on top of the economic period!

Andy110882 says:

which is hilariously ill informed because the black communities unemployment has skyrocketed over 20%.

GeorgeJr Washington says:

Obamacare is a dangerous and risky package. we should trust our doctors right but they have to sell medical devices such that the health care can make profits. obama sells your life and by the time you sign the form. They are already pre-planned your health care and kind of medical devices you will need.

hotsauce3888 says:

Buuuut no matter how big of a failure he’s been every black person who voted for him (Over 90% of black voters did) will say he was the best president this nation has every had.

Andy110882 says:

In Obama’s mind, history did not really start until he was president. He is not interested in Books, or History, he is interested in what he can combine into some kind of a legacy for himself…..since doing a good job is out the window

hotsauce3888 says:

Not to open up another can of worms but the same thing goes for gun control, we’ve seen in the UK that gun crimes have decreased but violence and crime rates skyrocketed upward. It baffling that we feel the need to try implement programs, policies, etc., that have clearly failed in other countries.

jhardknox says:

fat doctors. fat nurses. fat sickcare system.

chicagowebfactory says:

health care professionals don’t like it no matter what the MSM would have you believe.

kathy smith says:

Everything you said here is an outright prevarication. I don’t know if you know it nor do you care, but you regurgitate the rhetoric and false narrative. Low information ninnies will go on and on and create such a mess w/their verbiage the words free & republican are all they care about. Canada & the UK have tried this, want to see how long THEY have to wait? I have lost many friends b/c of their health care systems, you wanna try that on 4 size?

shumunuhumunuhbudubuduh uh says:

Republicans are for keeping the status quo healthcare system in place where doctors are given ‘incentives’ to prescribe people with ineffective drugs that that only create more side effects that require other prescriptions, as well as recommending unnecessary procedures. In the u.s., people already have to wait a month to get into see their doctor, so i say lets quit whining and try something different.

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