Obama’s Health Care Plan Explained

Obama’s Health Care Plan Explained

DVD available at http://gothealthcaremovie.com On Wednesday July 22, 2009 President Obama held a press conference to explain his proposed health care plan an…



Blackgam3r says:

“Medicare works”

That statement gave me CANCER. 

Johnny Unitas says:

If you like poking your mother’s vaginal crevice, you may keep poking your
mother’s vaginal crevice. Period.

maria salinas says:

Layofffff thats messed uppp for workers

maria salinas says:

Thats messed uppp what if u dont need the health care u get refund or what
were does the money goes to government

Rangerboycustom says:

Fuck you Obama I am going to be paying 500 a month for this crap plan

Osagumwengie Jesuorobo says:

Kind reminder: Obama Health care reforms benefit all. Healthier human
resources will enhance the economy, people, organisations and security. Its
not socialism or communism but ethical business – putting people first
befor profits.

jkbobful says:

how in the world would they go down how the fuck do u think there going to
pay for it through taxes dumb ass. they even said its the largest tax rate
on the middle class smart one

chungvui says:

yup 1 step toward communism. good job Obama

firedawg0007 says:

hey stupid read ….example the state of florida already has kid care.
Every child gets health care. who the f.. do you think is going to pay for
this… By the way not just americans will have insurance.. every illegal
alien that do not pay taxes will have insurance. We just going to pull that
money out of thin air. You will pay more elsewhere. Please educate your
self. This is a mandatory program..the goverment will be able to set the
rates , the tax act.

EasternAnime says:

Its an individual mandate and its either that or extra taxes or. The
socialist answer which is Universal health care which would cover
everything. It worked for a number of countries and has really helped them.
But this is america having no freedom to choose is wrong right. Having a
universal healthcare system without and individual mandate, extra taxes, or
government control is impossible. Its either universal healthcare or not.
You cant have your cake and eat it too.

stephen geraci says:

I really wish we had Universal Healthcare but I guess the public option
will be the next best thing.

demonastorm1983 says:

hello people can sometime here raised their hand, who’s Job or Paycheck
Guaranteed for next week, month, or year???..So why did OBOZO GUARANTEED my
paycheck to the MEDICARE INDUSTRY???.Why OBOZO assuming Business are still
going to be operating after 2014??..Ask TWINKIES employees if their Job
Guaranteed, now that they’re laid off….That’s the True face and
definition of FREE MARKET, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.You’re in business by
offering some service/demand, not because the President say so .

nate rand says:

The ones that don’t pay also drive costs up..but do you know what the
number 1 contributor of healthcare inflationary prices is? hmm? THE
GOVERNMENT PEOPLE!! The gov low balls hospitals for people with
medicare..doesn’t pay for some procedures,tests, etc. Then on top of that
the “Crony Capitalist” seek out special treatment…resulting in fewer
health insurance companies. It’s not Capitalism its CRONY capitalism we’re
fighting. Along with gov “regulating” the industry.

MrSkiforlife says:

Cactus9889 ” wow ” finally somebody with some common sense..

jkbobful says:

obamacare is going to suck because my bitch ass is going to be taxed to pay
that shit while the asshole’s who dont work get it free how is that fair

Tony Capony says:

Folk’s this is the biggest fraud and scam in the history of this nation,
the IRS will be attached to obamacare.making sure yet more money comes out
of your checks to support this scam, Again Obama lies and paints a
beautiful picture for you to see, but when it all pencils out you will
deeply regret ever supporting Obamacare , If its too good to be true, it
probably is, especially coming from Government !, So if you want the
Government and Obama reaching in deeper in your pockets , Vote for it.

Mike Triptow says:

I have a neighbor who could not afford to take of there autism son. Once
Obama care started to take affect, they were able to afford the treatment
that there child needed. Without Obama care that child would have been left
behind more years than he has already been.

liveitup83 says:

I’ll make it very easy for your simpleton mind … you have to assume that
there will be other costs beyond the standard upkeep of a child. Autism is
usually not life-threatening … so why should everyone else pay for it?
Who should pay for it? … his parents. They should get a 2nd or 3rd job
… if they can’t … then maybe they should’ve thought about it before
conceiving a child.

TM32 says:

Lets just vote me for president, i’ll make marijuana legal and bring the
troops back from a war not needed.

EpiDemic117 says:

do not get caught in the rhetoric of obama. What this regulation does is
supposedly to “alter” behavior of the insurance companies. But this will
actually give the feds a bigger hand on how things are played out instead
of relying on the free market to do so (which it has it’s own equilibrium
within) It will increase costs, Reduce service quality, and jack up the
taxes like in the other European countries that act all utopian about their
system. It does have a cost. nothing is FREE.

diaverde09 says:

My question is: why is healthcare so expensive in the first place? Why have
medical costs risen faster than the rate of inflation. Are we short on
doctors? Is it the Pharma Oligopoly? Why hasn’t anyone looked into this?

NoahsArk717 says:

the plan is to get everyone on it …and im with the guy who said it has to
do with bible do some research

jkbobful says:

so how are they going to pay for it without any extra tax were not paying 4
obamacare right now

heavysnow123 says:

Communism its finest Wake up we are forced to get this

6thMessenger says:

Healthcare reform is NOT a single payer system. That is a flat out lie to
scare voters. It is a regulalations on insurance companies so they can’t
pick and choose IF they want to cover someone. They can’t charge you
premium, then refuse to pay for you -like they have done. It makes current
insurance cheaper for all Americans. THATS IT!

Morgoth Bauglir says:

Don’t Americans want universal healthcare or something? They’d rather pay
some insurance company that only cares about profit and not people’s well
being. Or is it that they don’t want the money from their taxes paying for
other people’s healthcare? What about people that can’t afford to pay for
it? They get to go without because the rich people don’t want to lose
money. I bet most dislike Obamacare simply because they hate Obama and
anything that has anything to do with him.

manitsmatt says:

Adding on to my last comment, AND be covered no matter what you will not
have to spend the rest of your life paying of for example cancer or chemo
treatments. No bills no nothing, you cannot be denied benifit like current
insurance does. It will also be cheaper because it is not for profit like
private insurance does.

6thMessenger says:

This video is a lie. Obamacare is NOT a single payer system. It is NOT
getting rid of insurance comnpanies. It does NOT create death panels. If
you REALLY want to know what Obamacare is, watch the CNN video.

EasternAnime says:

It can be repealed but all the benefits., Being the one that prevents the
Healthcare companies from pulling coverage from people who have pre
existing conditions particularly, will be gone and I have seen a number of
people die because the company that gave them healthcare decided to stop
providing for them or just not sell them any healthcare because of their
conditions. My mom’s aunt died of cancer because the company didn’t want to
cover her treatment. Just business i guess.

Edwin van Egdom says:

3:24 I’m using this video for my English presentation on Obamacare.

rod buster says:

she is fuckin stupid ass fuck

nate rand says:

The problem is not that “People aren’t getting healthcare and 28,000 have
died as a result.”That’s what you would call a lie kids. In reality the
problem is” People aren’t paying for healthcare,& aren’t insured.There are
50 million uninsured roughly..so why did the large majority live?Why didn’t
they tell us about the 28,000? what they did to prevent or what hospitals
they went to,or how they died?The ones that are insured, don’t have
insurance..they have “pre payed”..which drives costs WAY up

alexsgriffith says:


Sanbika89 says:

“Plans poorly”? There are so many things that can go wrong during pregnancy
that could result in a variety of disorders, there is no way to plan around
that and there would be no way of predicting what specific disorder they’d
end up with or how much caring for that disorder would cost in advance.

Illmatic indabronx says:

And yes, single payer system can work. But, we have it way too easy right
now. We would need a new tax of approx 15% on ALL goods and services (on
top of what we pay for state taxes already) to afford this type of system.
A good freind works for the fed as an accuary, and yes, they are already
thinking of how to implement that new tax WHEN (not if) Obamacare goes
bankrupt (their estimate is 3 years, dems say 8, republicans say 2)

Qudsi Baker says:

I believe if you are a healthcare provider, in the essence of the meaning,
providing Health– acting upon your mastery and skills for others, having
the sympathy and empathy towards others must be the aim!! I also believe in
the Obama Health-care Reform, taking away the monetary value to human life
and health that is plagued with greed, and reinstating the integrity of the
medical community.

deziistheone says:

I shudder to think of what kind of nation would have social systems and
infrastructure based purely on a profit model only. A profit based
insurance company does not consider how health care effects span across all
other social systems from education to employment to crime. My feelings on
any central government are certainly conditional but for-profit models are
too narrow and limited in scope. As far as successful examples: Australia,
Norway, Canada, basically the developed world minus the US.

Jack Black says:

r u fucking retarded the other dude is right obamacare is going to suck ass

Wesley Smith says:

58 idiots out there

HotwingsBleuCheeze says:

true that

MrGreenAxiom says:

If it sounds like a tax, looks like a tax, voted as a tax in the supreme
court…it must be a goddamn tax. Go Ron Paul…

Larry King says:

who think government should run anything is just an idiot! look at SS,
Postal Service, GM, GreenEnergy Companies, public education K12, etc. do
you think they are in best position? I used to work in healthcare and daily
I received about 10-25 new regulations from the Heath Human Services (one
branch of government agency). each regulation is about 3 -10 pages long.
Obviously these cubical workers have so much time on their hands to dictate
companies how to run their business

Burgomak1 says:

You make over $250,000 a year?

Kenneth Hill says:

Mr president..tell me how your other plans have worked out?

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