Obamacare Signups Soar, Record 2 Million Visits to Healthcare.gov

Obamacare Signups Soar, Record 2 Million Visits to Healthcare.gov

Obamacare signups soar –On the Bonus Show: Underwater drones, 1 in 200 American women report a virgin pregnancy, Another foggy stand your ground case in F…



Sirkus TheImobile says:

The David Pakman Show, whenever I need to be told extraordinarily vague
things that make me overwhelmingly curious, I come here. You guys have
nearly quadrupled my googling of political bullshit, mostly because you
dont give me the whole story and that really urks me, BUT, at least you get
me out there doing the research for myself, and having my own opinion on
the matter, and for that I thank you.

Paul Levisss says:

Obama care proof americans cant read or tie there own shoe laces everyone
in London can see its the biggest scam ever, Why cant you, STOP EATING GMO

1140Cecile says:

I’d love to know the stats on how many teabaggers have signed up.

whyamimrpink78 says:

The ACA is a mess. Healthcare is going up, people are losing their
insurance and doctors are not going to taking Obamacare. Healthcare in the
US simply doesn’t have the resources to take on all these customers. This
is not an improvement, I mean, I guess if you are Pakman and Louis it is.
They have no problem bringing people down. With this system people will
have poor coverage but the benefit being that your neighbor will have the
exact same poor coverage you have. This is destroying a once great
system. This could have very simply been solved if we didn’t get the
federal government involved and instead allow the states to fix the

But hey, the American people vote of the most corrupt president ever in the
history of the country and this is what they are going to get. I hope they
enjoy inadequate care, longer wait times and increase cost.

F1reF0rEffect says:

only a liberal would celebrate 2million gaining healthcare at the sacrifice
of the ~6.4million who lost it. maybe if these fuckers could subtract our
county would have some hope for change.

Cocheese45 says:

Sounds like “Obamacare” is a complete and utter failure. herpderp.

LUCKYNY718 says:

Obama 2012

fcknwo1776 says:


JoeShmoe65x2 says:


Marcinmd1 says:

There is no possibility of repealing the ACA for three more years at a
minimum. There are not enough seats up for grabs in 2014 for the GOP to
have a super majority and over ride an Obama Veto.
That is long enough for people to see that all the Right Wings scare
tactics never really happened. Plus, if Hillary wins it could be 11 years
before they get another shot at the ACA… It’s over.

ishkanota says:

PAKMAN—why dont youtube us when enrollment exceeds canceled plans for
Americans. that way i dont have to see anymore of your bullshit your
spewing. cause it wont happen. 

bigcomcast says:

Of course this will work medicare worked Romneycare worked why would anyone
think that a program based on these two wildly popular programs work? The
ACA will be saving lives and money for families far into the future.

Jim Kirby says:

You have hit the nail on the head. The private sector multi-payer system
that you have now will not work because it will have too many layers of
overhead to be affordable in the long run. However it is one giant step in
the in the right direction.

Lamar Battle says:

Getting better 

Mitt Rmoney says:

A bill written by the Heritage Foundation, endorsed by Republicans, and set
up to have the government force people to buy insurance….

and this is “progress”

Get insurance of face a fine, refuse to pay the fine, and the IRS will
contact you… refuse to cooperate, and you could face prison time….

What a way to get things done

Robin Muscato says:

2million may be on website. it dont count as sign up…

Alex Pittaway says:

Hey Producer Louis. You’ve started growing a goatee? What’s with that? I
thought the clean shaven look was better lol

Darryn Johnston says:

How many of the people that signed up were young adults? There is still a
huge chance that it wouldn’t work if it’s just a bunch of unhealthy and or
older people signing up.

Tee Jay says:

Wait. This is the non-Communist coverage?
Screw that comrade.
Republicans knew it was going to work from the beginning. If not, why fight
And the best part is that it’s one more step towards what we SHOULD have
just like every other industrialized nation on earth. We’ll get to a place
where we view health care as a right and not a privilege. Just hope it’s
sooner rather than later.

LUCKYNY718 says:

Obama 2008-2032

ishkanota says:

hey pakman how many people have canceled plans? and the number of
visitors means absolutly nothing. and why dont you find out how many of
the 1 million enrolled are people that didnt have a canceled plan and are
actually paying for insurance with little or no subsidy. if you think this
is working your in denial, wait till premiums go up next yr and the yr
after. obama kept saying its working and people have been waiting for
insurance, if this is true then they would have already signed up. bottom
line is this is not affordable and the preexisting cond, and not getting
canceled could have been its own separate bill passed. but no its not.
fact is today there are more people uninsured than signed up. and your
telling people thats a good thing.

thecrystalshipful says:

Packman says WE have to be honest now. Never mind that his jive turkey
POTUS spent two years lying. Packman is a jew. A jew will always always
always lie.

Marxist-Leninist Theory says:

Universal healthcare was first set up in 1937 in the Soviet Union and it
extended to guaranteeing equal quality of care for 100% of even the most
rural population by the ’60s. The United States still has a lot of catching
up to do. Maybe they’ll reach that point a 100 years later then the Soviets

ClassicFIHD says:

2 million visited. How may picked a plan? How many signed up for
Medicare? How many visited were non-freeloaders who already had a plan they
liked but couldn’t keep it. How many came back to it a number of times
because they couldn’t wait hours to fill out the forms in one sitting.
That 2 million number is only there to keep the lemmings in line.

ryan8878 says:

Still think Universal Healthcare would have been better.

Zee Ter says:

‘A huge surge in interest’……translates as ‘threatened citizens under
the guise of Penalty’…..is it an improvement? I guess if you think
getting fucked in the ass with vaseline is better. You fucking
morons…the insurance guys wrote this Mandate!
Dumb asses.

Isaiah Mullins says:

Good news 

Isaiah Mullins says:

Good news

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