Noam Chomsky on HealthCare

Noam Chomsky on HealthCare


Yechiel Gordon says:

Sorry for typo. I meant him instead of Jim, of course.

Yechiel Gordon says:

Oh, I think of Jim more as the initiator of the national security state, especially with regard to central american military regimes.

bossofworld says:

deep thought…boy, you sure made the case. LOL not one thing of substance…he is a worthless hippie hairbag

ryan weaver says:

that is not true. you don’t know much about chomsky do you?

bossofworld says:

umm…democracy is nothing but at its root, mob rule. 9 hungrey canibals can vote to eat the 10th one. USA founded on a Constitutionally limited republic. Read up. This to limit the power of gubment, and protect individual rights. not collectivism and the commie crud chumpski spews. this greazy haired hippe has not accomplished one thing of substance, other get paid for speeched that bash the USA and its founding principles.

Jim Walker says:

No, JFK.

Yechiel Gordon says:

You mean the day Aldous Huxley died?

Pippi Elvesse Bernstein says:

so wish I could argue this point with you……;(

Jim Walker says:

Ooops. Didn’t read your comment correctly. Democracy died in the US in 1963. Perhaps it did die in 1492 in America.

Jim Walker says:

I think it was actually November 22, 1963.

Liam Totten says:


skywriting33 says:

Too much for all the fat cats to lose. Sick and sad.

ISeeDeadAnts says:

Noam is wrong about this: the US does not stand alone in its mad policies. In the UK, where we have a largely socialised (and, for the most part, excellent, contrary to all the propaganda you might hear to the contrary) healthcare system, medical professionals are also forbidden from negotiating drug prices. It’s not just in the US where this happens.

Our new freakshow of a government are also moving apace to try to turn the UK’s superior system into the US’s inferior one … to make money.

tasunka wasitwin says:

i cannot also find any unchristian in a healthcare system

strings41 says:

The voice of truth and wisdom.

Mulla Nasrudin says:

1492 – The year that democracy died in Amerika.

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