MSNBC Cheers Britain’s Free Healthcare: It’s Free For Tourists Too!

MSNBC Cheers Britain’s Free Healthcare: It’s Free For Tourists Too!


legaliseme says:

A friend of mine, i met him in a festival in spain, he has a british father
but has spent most of his life in singapore.

After the festival he spent a while travelling around spain and france and
returned to the UK, whilst he was there he noticed a lump or something he
hadnt previously had, he phoned up the local surgery and they booked him in
for an appointment later that day, he met with the doctor, had an
examination and received the worst diagnosis anyone gets: cancer.

Bear in mind he is a young lad in the prime of his life and very healthy.

now this is where breaking bad started in america.

before he can think my god what do i do, the doctor has searched the
system, and booked him in for surgery: THE NEXT DAY.

surgery was successful and he returned for examinations & he has been cured,
God save the United Kingdom, God save the doctors and nurses of the NHS,
Christ would be proud of our endeavors to save whoever we can

Dennis Parker says:

The USA needs to take up the British universal health system. every body
would save thousands of dollars a year. the US health system is driven by
greed. its all about MONEY. where you are hounded to death for payment.
Americans pay taxes from their pay check. THEN have to pay thousands of
dollars for HEALTH CARE. what a rip-off…..

Martin White says:

RIP Tony Benn, a true socialist.

chris gray says:

We have a prescription charge, you can be diagnosed for free, but unless
you qualify for free prescriptions you should be making an additional
contribution towards the cost of medication. Health tourism is a worry, for
UK citizens traveling in Europe we do have the EHIC scheme, but advice is
given to take additional insurance for travel. Perhaps one way to eliminate
the burden of health tourism would be to insist that all visitors to the UK
had valid health insurance before being permitted entry; an additional cost
in administration but off-set by the saving to the NHS.

Martin White says:

The taxes we pay for the NHS is inaccurate, low earners and the unemployed
pay no tax whatsoever, the 50% tax rate is for the very wealthy only.
America actually pays more for nothing at all.

cogidubnus1953 says:

I’m a Brit…I’ve not had a great deal to do with doctors during my life,
partly because I’ve mostly enjoyed good health, partly because I don’t like
the idea of bothering medics unnecessarily…About two and a half years ago
I suffered a (fortunately minor) heart attack…about the same time I was
diagnosed with angina…my treatment at the point of contact was totally
awesome…and totally free…

My treatment has at all times been both appropriate and timely…I’ve been
deeply impressed – and tellingly people in a similar situation have told me
the same.

I’m now on six medications a day. OK the medications do cost…but I can
buy them through an NHS “Season Ticket” which costs £10.40 (approximately
16 dollars I think) a month…if I was unemployed or needy it’d cost
nothing…whoops I forgot…late last year I became 60…and so it now
actually does cost me…nothing, zilch, bugger all…

Really America…you really do need a National Health Service to look after
your citizenry!

John McMinn says:

its as simple as this my brother is diabetic and gets treated for free on
the nhs where as in america he would get rejected by the insurance
companies due to his pre-existing condition

Zazzle Delacruz says:

The UK’s wealthy and royal family don’t use the NHS do they?

Illyious Parsons says:

‘Its free for tourists too’! – it’s NOT a charity! 

James Thorley says:

As a 20 year old with no political knowledge (or interest for that matter),
it kinda blows my mind that the US doesn’t have a system like the NHS. I
guess I’ve taken it for granted for 20 years because I didn’t know other
countries didn’t have a similar structure. It would scare the shit out of
me if I lived in America. Crazy stuff mannnn.

hetrodoxly says:

Looking after your poor, sick and those in need is surely the sign of a
civilized country.

callum9999 says:

@Foxster50 Because England is 85% of the UK. The UK government is based in
England. The UK capital is in England. Most UK representatives that are
known on the world stage are English. The national language is English.
They don’t “forget” about Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, they merely
don’t take special care to use the exact terminology. Just like many
British people call the US “America” – when it is actually the United
States of America, America itself referring to the continent.

Osagumwengie Jesuorobo says:

Yes, UK NHS is free at the piont of need. Good model.

UberVersatile says:

Hopefully americans wont abuse it 😛

Timthingy says:

I am not clear from the clip shown what nationality she is. If she was a US
citizen I think she SHOULD have paid under the normal rules. Hospitals
employ people to check if foreigners qualify for free treatment. It may be
that the treatment she got did not make chasing payment worthwhile. Or
someone made a mistake. Having said that, as a British taxpayer, I agree
with you. I would rather some foreigners got their ailments treated for
free than that we adopt anything like the US system.

Fraser M says:

“We are not collective sociopaths” You sure you’re living in the UK?

1chish says:

Oh perleeaaase… exaggerate things why don’t you? Better still go read
some facts and then maybe get educated. year on year hospital induced
infections have been falling and ae at their lowest level. Any hospital in
any country will get infections. After all you put a bunch of sick people
under one roof it happens. But I’ll tell you what DOES kill you for certain
is when you need treatment in the USA and your credit card isn’t big enough
and they push you back out the door…..

stealth1692 says:

yeah because jews own your country

UnboxGaming says:

You should be embarrassed for your failure at trolling lmao, I am British.

The Marshmallow Man says:

Its funny as that will all go to waste as if amerce was to fire a single
shot at another country lets say the UK the entire world would point more,
bigger and better guns at America.

Acidpunk101 says:

My best friend has had asthma since he was a kid. He was from a poor family
living on a council estate (state housing) his mother was a mental health
patient and former drug addict who found it difficult to hold down a job.
He got free medcine without a second thought from a GP, his mothers mental
illness was treated by the NHS and now he has a beautiful daughter of his
own and his mother is now stable and happily married. The idea of asthma
preventing you from having care is disgusting to me.

JackGamer193 says:

Most of England’s prescriptions are still free I think aren’t they? I’m in
Wales so I don’t know, they are here but then again the people in England
close to Welsh and Scottish borders probably often cross over to get to
close surgeries etc. But yeah I’m pretty sure at least a few are still free.

frankos rooni says:

Yes I like the NHS — However this woman says her parents left the UK in
the 60’s–could that be because of the eye watering 90 percent tax rate
under Wilson? She goes to a cheaper tax rated economy and then comes back
to the UK for” free treatment” at our expense. Pay for it –you can damn
well afford it and we are not a charity!!!

galenwolf says:

Horseshit, total horseshit.

Annabel Laver says:

@The1stPoster like it man… we are

The Marshmallow Man says:

Silly bitch its Pence or penny not cent, and you can pay for healthcare is
better and still better than US health care as it still gets regular

darwincity says:

Eh. That Malala girl in Pakistan was treated in the UK, through the NHS,
alright. I wonder why the family did not go to the United States for
treatment… No charity wanted her? Hospitals would’ve charged delirious
sums? She was not considered as emergency care? Funny thing is, I have not
heard any comments from the American right-wing regarding this…

DatboyFromCali breh says:

we are the most dumbest? dumbest is not a word you meant dumb, Fox News is
left wing bs? Fox News is actually far right wing? keep proving my point
dumb ass… America is a police state? you guys have cameras watching your
every move, you guys are not allowed to practice self defense, LOL you are
so stupid… America is not racist at all we love everyone, except you guys

johnburnsmorgan says:

In the UK we pay National Insurance. When you go to the doctor you are
claiming on the insurance but you do not need to filling out a claim form.
Anyone in the UK, even visitors get treatment FREE. Wed are that sort of
people. We are not collective sociopaths.

Fraser M says:

Well I don’t. I find that it’s all about fashion, materialism & looks
nowadays & getting worse with every decade….

Dhegonus Blue says:

turst me, paying for a subscription is next to free, you don’t have to pay
for a doctors appointment of the majority of things, unlike in america
where you have to pay for absoluely everything.

DatboyFromCali breh says:

fucking sociolist rot in hell or move to china

XpEAnUTBuTtERsUckSX says:

Be prepared to pay your share of the national debt then, which in it’s
entirety will not be paid, freebies are nice will they’re costs are

ledzzappa says:

i have friends in the u.s. and there health insurance last year for a
family cost more for that alone than my entire tax bill , i was shocked i
didnt realize the cost of it.

p867eon says:

We are in the E.U we have to bailout the rest of Europe because we are such
nice guys.

p867eon says:

It should be free… What shouldn’t be happening is spending our NI Tax on
other things.. Which does happen.

John Maddin says:

The irony that its the Republican Party which proclaims how Christian it
is, when they are so full of hot air and worry more about the rich rather
than every citizen getting care and that’s not being Christian. Universal
care for ALL was created by the German Conservative Bismarck and was so
good that every other western nation adopted it bar the US which has kept a
2 tier health system, the have’s and the have nots. The US prefers spending
people’s taxes on arms than on its people’s healthcare.

andyt2k says:

When your neighbors house is on fire, you don’t haggle over the price of
your garden hose

Matthew Bragg says:

They start with Europe then say Great Britain then its narrowed down to
England lol

QU3STION5 . says:

No, you can only chose a doctors clinic/surgery within your council area.
In my area, there there is only one clinic with 8 doctors in the same
building, and I’m not allowed to use the clinic 5 miles away in another
district. And prescriptions are £7 per item, unless you regularly require 3
items, which means you can get prescriptions for free (if you’re poor

MissShuck says:

Yes, I agree.

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