King Obama’s New Healthcare Law

King Obama’s New Healthcare Law

Massachusetts State Police on Friday confiscated 1250 bags of heroin during a traffic stop — and many of the bags were labeled “Obama care.” Other bags were…



Anthony Cristello says:

D cups? : )

John Smith says:

Every time you turn around Obama keeps making changes to Obamacare. I’m
telling you a double minded man is unstable in all his ways

electronfun says:

Jeepers, am I being the real party pooper by mentioning the fact that the
Fukushima ELE is going to make any and all healthcare virtually useless?

For some really strange reason, the radioactive dead just don’t seem to
need medical treatment of any sort. Go figure.

I usually come here after checking the current status of the Fukushima ELE
and so the concept of “the sh*t has *really* hit the fan” is still *very*fresh in my mind. Yeesh. Folks, we are
*not* in a good situation.

Obamacare? Pffffft. About all that means now is being issued a suicide pill
like in the movie “On The Beach” if you don’t personally care to puke and
crap yourself to death from radiation sickness.

bill brewer says:

Texas, you hands down put out the stupidest people on this planet,letting
Alex and his co-Republicans trick you into believing,that regulating
insurance companies (AND THAT IS WHAT THE BILL DOES) is not going to help
you,guess what,my Repuke boss stop offering insurance and sent us to
ACA,MINE WENT FROM 115.00 A WEEK,TO 113.00 A MONTH,you people are being rob
by the very people you are voting for,Texas loss 9 billion from the feds in
2014,why?because rick perry could not give it to the rich,he had to spend
it on the poor to help get insurance.Thats the thing about Repukes,they
spend more than anybody,they just HATE spending it on poor Americans or
America!Wake up,your missing roads,having places blow up,towns without
water,more poor people than everybody else,all because of less Gov,yea,that
aint the freedom you are looking for is it?Dont be willfully stupid,your
being raped by the Republicans!!!!!!!!!

xhoggerx129 says:

I don’t get how he can just change the law at will. He doesn’t have that
authority. Is he just choosing which parts to enforce and which not to?
While that may be legal, it’s extremely unethical. 

Darwin Kewitsch says:

I wonder if he (the king) knows that if you keep changing it with small
jerks you might get caught jerking off sooner or later, get it?

Daniel Hernandez says:

More Like Queen Obama!!

callie land says:

I think it’s hilarious that even the dope dealers are making fun of obama

George Patton says:

Alex Jones’ political activism began in the late 1990s when he spearheaded
an effort to rebuild the Branch Davidian church near Waco, Texas. In early
2000, Jones was one of seven >Republican< candidates for state representative in Texas House District 48, a swing district based in Austin, Texas. Democrat Ann Kitchen won the seat in the November election, To read more

Dweezle Snodd says:

Why are you calling the thug “King”???? No idea how much more superior that
makes him feel? Dumbazzes!!!!!!!

MrFunguy65 says:

Long live the KING!!!!!! Greatest president we have ever had………

Iambusy3 says:

I think you’ll find that the “catastrophic” plan will cost just as much as
the rest. I have noticed that some bronze plans cost more than some so
called gold plans.

angela perry says:

What a way for God to give a message! Instead of a donkey He used dope
manufacturers and dealers! Obamacare is equivalent to BONDAGE and DEATH!
Obviously Obama will do ANYTHING to keep Obamacare,even if he has to
lie,cheat,and pass temporary amendments. And yes Obama is not going
anywhere. Or else it would have happened by now. America is lost.

247News1 says:

OK People it is time to “Slay the king” What the fuck our we waiting for?
Hang this fucking bastard now. This is un fucking real people …. FUCK!

smokeeypot420 says:

Lookin good lee ann lookin good ;)

Gabriel Vasquez says:

Hahaha!!!! What else does this president need to do more to prove he is
dictator in chief. Lies and gives a big smile after to make his supporters
comfertable when he taxes them down with this healthcare law ha.

ramon marte says:

BUY, BUY…..He says.
So, He’s not really HELPING.

Jaybo Hamel says:

I got that obama care, 50 a G. 75 if your middle class.

David James says:

the only reason why you see alex and infowars attacking obama everyday is
because of the rude remarks obama made about benjamin netanyahu lol

the zionists lobby has been on obamas ass ever since.

TheRequiemMask says:

Lee Ann has that hot teacher look going on here and I like it. She always
looks so nice for me. The Infowar has never looked so good.

Fxnoob says:

Lee ann macadoo is so fine

Danielle Arlington says:

Now is the time to band together and bring down Obamacare.
These are the last hours that you can buy insurance and still meet the
It’s already failing, all we need to do is kick it off the cliff.
How can you help?
Go onto the website as much as possible in these last couple hours. waste
their bandwidth. take it away from those that are trying to get healthcare.
call the phone numbers ask to get information and then change your mind at
Minute. do all this as much as humanly possible.


DoctorKissAssenger says:

Anyone who want sot call in the Alex Jones show toad in about 30 minutes
and ask Alex what he thinks about Astronauts on the moon in 1969 is welcome
to do so , but I must warn you Alex Jones is not taking any calls from the
514 Montreal area code and if you mention moon-Hoax he will say your cell
from batteries are dying and you will fade away and he will go on to the
next caller LOL 🙂 

MrFurling says:

Obama is a terrorist! Time to arrest or take out Obama, Bush and Clinton.

VixinKitty says:

Haha. I guess Obama is smuggling drugs now! XD. …or just got caught by
making it “seem” like it for medical purposes

UsedCondomCollector says:

She’s too good looking for this show

MnanoAnanoV⇀ says:

Abrahm Davis says:

I was just curious… does that mean the “OBAMA CARE” heroin is more
expensive but puts you in a better trance?

Elmo B says:

i love you miss McAdoo

webcastery says:

Tip take the Danish pastry photo and hammer home the look of Michelle
Obama. Nothing better than causing problems between the royal family. Miley
Sirus is banned from white house because Michelle does not Want Obama
eating pop tarts.

CosmicThothGate says:

⚚Happy Galactic Tone 6 SUNday/12.22.2013 Magnetic-Earth Time-Stamped.
⚚OverLay Earworm selected/one of my fav’s/[White Lion – Radar Love]Press►
⚚BOOKing selected/||||||||9780805098549||||||||/for todays Sermon/Happy
⚚Luke 14:26/Charlie Sheen Blasts ‘Duck Dynasty’s ‘Unforgivable’ aka:
⚚He knows when U’V Big Ben Dover Naughty/prISON planET boX_[#12]-GNoorY.
⚚Visual EYEinto#rdEYE~Cortex

sfcofi martin says:

does anyone know if he is allowed to make changes to the law on the fly; i
thought congress was supposed to make the changes to the law???

VinnyPizzaLover says:

Who here would do heroin if it were labeled “puffy fluffy — feel good
products” and 100% legal??
I think Alex does Heroin.. what do you think?

Muhammad Atassi says:

How much money does the CIA Government pay Alex Jones for selling all our
asses out ?
I wonder if this Alex Jones can look at himself in the mirror with all our
money in his back pocket

At least we all know why Alex Jones and his family are all still alive safe
and protected.

We all been sold out , Thanks to alex Jones ,,I mean CIA Jones !

Time to sell “CIA-JONES” bumper stickers at the infoJewStore ! 

Luis Raul Fontanez says:

…Bahama Barry made a verbal contract with the American people, legally
binding on any court in the land when he said: If you like your doctor, you
can keep it, if you like your health plan, you can keep it, too. All you
need are witnesses that he said so, in a court of law. He said it many
times in prime time Tv, so, no worry about witnesses, start suing for
failure to honor a verbal contract made to the American people by Bahama
Barry. Cheaper to sue than to accept that un-constitutional, communistic
mandated crap.

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