Kathleen Sebelius: Hundreds of Fixes Now to Healthcare.gov

Kathleen Sebelius: Hundreds of Fixes Now to Healthcare.gov

Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) — U.S. Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius addressed a Senate hearing on Obamacare Wednesday. (Source: Bloomberg) — Subscribe to Bloomber…



123japanuser says:

Cognizant exposed by Huffington post and Boston globe

west7productions says:

Did I say a few things, I meant a couple of hundred problems./

Xenophene01 says:

Shouldn’t they resign as well for being a failure to the American people
and lying all the time for their own benefits?

codmohgwbf . says:

The best way to fix this is to SHUT IT DOWN AND GET RID OF OBAMA CARE

ArcRaven13 says:

Those of us that saw through this façade and saw these problems, we were
right. We were called hate-mongers, we called selfish, heartless, every
name in the book. Now look where we are….

MRCHARIS2004 says:

Confirms what we’ve been hearing.. obviously Ms. Sebelius could not answer
the question truthfully as it would make Obama look like a fool if she
contradicts what he promised to the American people. I was skeptical – but
no more.

Skirkprospector says:

, how is losing my health insurance through my insurance company’s own
doing the same as keeping my healthcare plan? as they stated would.

Debra Matthew says:

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Edward James says:

“Just a couple…HUNDRED.” A “couple” is not a hundred. A “couple” is like
three or four. LMAO.

Okemicco says:

Poor thing. She is obviously retarded.

the82spartans says:

Did she geet the sand outta her vage yet..?

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