Joe Scarborough: Healthcare Isn’t A Moral Issue

Joe Scarborough: Healthcare Isn’t A Moral Issue

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john hall says:

If you’re going to act like a Fox News anchor…..than GO TO FOX!!!

2givepizzachance says:

Why is a single payer system disastrous? Not one piece of evidence. Good ole Joe has never experienced single payer or socialized medicine. I have and I’ll take it ANY DAY over the current US system assuming I am assigned randomly.

“45 thousand people die in the US cause they dont have access to basic health care.” Then why dont you report on this everytime it happens instead of covering another sensational multiple victim killing!

napoleon bonaparte says:

Yeah; and that another thing. If you’re going to act like a Fox News anchor on MSNBC, at least be professional about it.

john hall says:

That and making shit faces on tv.

ROB P says:

Fuck you joe

TheAmericanHumanist says:

You’ve got to love the complete bullshit that comes out of the Christian rights mouths..

AccurateFacts says:

What do you think she’s paid for? I look forward to the day the show is canceled and she’s free to write a tell-all book.

dawalker35 says:

try a different browser…

rckjones9999 says:

No I’m not but let’s say I was you’re going to make fun of someone who’s deaf? I honestly don’t know why you asked me that question. I could hear him fine some can’t what’s the problem?

smariot says:

It’s not a compatibility issue, because the audio in the video clip he embedded is fine. The audio from his microphone however can only be heard on the left channel.

Jan Hertsens says:

Audio is messed up. Your speech is on one channel, the clips are on both.

Please look into this.

Brian Porche says:

Believe it or not, I can hear him just fine too. And I certainly have hearing in both of my ears. Seems more like a compatibility problem to me, which might be why I hear it fine and most people don’t. I don’t know for sure though, as I’m certainly not an expert.

napoleon bonaparte says:

I hate how Mika agrees with him on damn near everything. She just sits there and listens like a 50’s housewife.

trinitodbone41 says:

So the fake weapons of mass destruction illegal war in Iraq wasn’t bad for American? Hey Republicans please go away far away I’m thinking the center of the sun.

Hank S says:

Of course it’s not a moral issue for someone without morals.

Mark Rosengarten says:

Scarborough and his ilk are why we can’t have nice things.

xadam2dudex says:

the privileged are the most unempathetic people on earth….they have this idea they earned everything they have… it’s the people working in slave labor conditions that make their wealth or the corrupt lobbyist who manipulate the system to give them their wealth or they just outright inherit wealth

VJ GP says:

Conservatives don’t like what Obama purpose. That is plain and simple.

smariot says:

Are you deaf in one ear?

usapilot78 says:

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rckjones9999 says:

Kyle what’s this crap about your audio? I always see a bunch of comments about that on your videos. I hear you perfectly fine!

Link782938 says:

You remember Jesus right? He HATED helping people!!!!!! Just like republicans!!!!!

txvoltaire says:

Joe needs to reread the NT, especially the parts where Jesus heals without requiring a ton of insurance forms to be filled out!

Quanye1 says:

Just occurred to me the different system may come down to profits, and who benefits most.

Quanye1 says:

Is that because Americans get sick, give birth, etc differently to other people, and therefore need a unique and inefficient healthcare system?

Edit Halk says:

Canada is fucking awesome……

1stKimozabi says:

Try telling americans that they don’t have the greatest health system in the world. That’s like speaking latin to a rabbit.

Raven Crim says:

He is actually a high functional sociopath.

ThePhantom135 says:

Healthcare isn’t a moral issue?
So why is that countries with universal healthcare have healthier citizens with longer lifespans and are happier? Could it be that treating healthcare as a human right is (GASP) the morally right thing to do? It’s not a coincidence that considering morality in your domestic policies actually breeds positive results.

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