Sunday, May 20, 1962 — President John F. Kennedy travelled to New York City and gave this impressive and heartfelt speech from Madison Square Garden to help…



tony escobar says:

President John F Kennedy spoke on health care. 

saintnetzari says:

President Kennedy talked like a Democrat and acted like a Republican. So I
think his agenda on health care would not look anything like the Socialist
agenda of Obama. We need a man like Jack Kennedy, but I don’t see anyone
that comes close to him.

Rebecca Howell says:

Obama hasn’t lowered the cost of health care by creating more medical
schools and putting caps on what doctors can charge for routine procedures.
It is $12,000 for a overnight stay in the hospital for a routine
appendectomy. Why? The AMA and insurance companies love Obama. If it
truly was socialized medicine- it would be cheaper.

Colonel Harmon says:

here here1

Douglas Hagarty says:

People, just because you HEAR something positive, does not mean it is
POSITIVE. Back in the 1960’s we had very SMART PEOPLE higher up. These
people always tested the WATERS first, then they knew where a person
interest is. This TEST was called the Cuba Missle Crisis.. There’s always
a TEST, and people should pass, if they don’t pass, then WE PASS

John Quinn says:

The affordable health care act is this,like all democratic presidents in
their own unique way,
Is a salutatîon to the greatest covenant ever between the presuident(the
government) and the cittizens of these United States(the governed) FDR”s
1936 passage of Social Security.

Justin Muller says:

Everyone please take time and listen to this

Phillip H George says:

Well Done Bravo!!

Frank Martin says:

Fact is? JFK wouldn’t be nominated by the radical leftists of the Democrat
Party of today. He was tooooo conservative for today’s LibTards in the
Democrat Party. Just listen to his words in his speeches!

alanmac331 says:

I love JFK but if he could see the mess that Social Security and government
healthcare have become he probably would be singing a different tune. But
his passion on this issue illustrates what made him so great, the fact that
he genuinely wanted what was best for the American people unlike most
politicians today.

Richard Kaczmarczyk says:

For the psychopathic brains out there, you can’t get this, won’t get this,
it is beyond you. You are going to have to trust people who have a better
brain than yours.

Haydn Quartet says:

This seems so minimal and sounds very nice, but keep loosening the chains
of the Constitution that binds the federal government and you will end up
with tyranny as is happening today. The simple fact is that the federal
government has no right to provide any programs such as this no matter how
nice it sounds.

Mai Lin says:

Ironic how big Government social spending ends up in the pockets of the
biggest largest corporations and many liberals think that is Anti big

Brian Moore says:

“Three major alternatives to the administration bill.” You mean there was
a time when it was allowed to present alternatives to what the president is
doing? Crazy !!! 

Mark Gartland says:

Classic Kennedy, straight to the heart of the moral center.

Yarbroughr says:

I find JFK to be a mesmerizing public speaker. It’s all the more
remarkable because his many biographers almost unanimously describe him as
an introvert.

Brandon Mackey says:

Now this…..is how a president gives a speech! Last of the “real”
presidents we’ll ever see….that is why he was taken.

native_savage says:

Yes I was not born during his time as president but I agree with him all
the way. He was the best president and representing what American people
should be like. now our health care is going down the drain. Its sad. In
hopes American can pull through. cause now we are far from equal and put
into types of income groups and the world is not free anymore and were
going through a depression. were stuck in crisis.

Ira Levin says:

JFK speeches should be viewed by every President….persuasive, logical,
understandable, hits opposition in ways we can understand, with a knowledge
of subject matter, focused, from the heart.

leon cullinane says:


Frank Martin says:

I was a kid when JFK was shot. He seemed to be good when I was a
kid……I remember. But now as a senior citizen and reflecting upon the
past? Well………he was just another Socialist playing upon the
whimpers of the masses. REALLY? All he believed in was more and more govt
. listen to his words…Woodrow Wilson and FDR. assholes! BEST
Retiring soon in the Philippines……aloha USA. I am finished.

Carl Atteniese says:

We were robbed as this great spirit was robbed. But where he was sadly,
tragically, and disgracefully robbed of his life, we were robbed of him,
who would have steered the ship that is this nation down a safer, brighter,
smarter lane of sea–whereas those who took us over after his demise have
nearly sunk ninety-nine percent of us.

Great men do not founder, shy, and dispense with great ideas for fear that
mediocre men can or will continue to foil those ideas–because they are
great men, and they know that indefatigable courage, integrity, and
dedication–even in failure against ignorance, greed, and sabotage, in the
cause of righteousness… is still the honorable course. It is the only
course. this was why John F. Kennedy pressed emphatically and
uncompromisingly onward for the good, warning against every evil that has
been accomplished with his death–now part of the national scene that would
have been a nightmare to him–but which is our reality, now–because we
lost him.

The best we can do is what’s right for ourselves and children, and this
would honor him. We must disenfranchise the powers that have turned
politics into an auction. We must take private money out of elections. We
must have a citizenry that, as he said, ‘helps us’, but not electing
anyone, any more, whose heart belongs to money and whose allegiance belongs
to a coffer filled by the rich. We owe it to ourselves, and to our families
and progeny who suffered to put us here, and we owe it to him.

Piper43078 says:

people get sick. bad things happen and it cost money to get thru these hard
times. Socialism is not the answer.

Rafael Soto says:

Viva JFK my favorite president!! Hope one day I can give a speech like this.

Jamal Harmouche says:

It seem to me he is in the level of prophets

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