How Hitler used Universal Healthcare in Holocaust

How Hitler used Universal Healthcare in Holocaust

This is an excerpt from the documentary “Architecture of Doom.” It shows how the Nazis considered the German population as one body to be healed collectively…



SoNSanDiego says:

It’s all about eugenics and social engineering. The Nazis may have been
more extreme, but they had similar ideas to those of American
progressives. Progressives need control of healthcare and other aspects of
human life in order to re-engineer society by force into their vision of
utopia. They just want us to blindly trust that they are more benevolent
than Hitler was.

The Anonymous Patriot says:

The 2 people who disliked this were Barrack Obama and Joe Biden.

hotroddy74 says:

The same eugenicists families were pulling Hitler’s strings as are pulling
Obama’s strings today. Same as Bush and the Clinton’s. But instead of the
“perfect German” they want the perfect human who will live forever, they
believe in transhumanism, melding man with machine to live forever.

Ginter Herz says:

Socialism has never worked well. A definition of insanity is doing the same
thing over and over and each time expecting a different outcome.

Mani malagón says:

«Hitler went from words to deeds, without restraint he transformed an
absurd ideology into a hellish reality …»

Debbie Tate says:

If you know your history, you will know exactly how Hitler did this! If
not, wake up and view this!

barryj stark says:

interesting video

IAN m says:

I live in Canada and we have Universal Healthcare . My father is in the
hospital this Xmass with pneumonia and if it wasn’t for our health care
system he would probably be dead . I agree the health care act in the
states probably has problems but don’t believe in this crazy propaganda.
The health care system in the states makes billions off Americans also you
spend 682.0 billion in military budget “2012” more then
China,Russia,UK,Japan,France combined. And yet you can’t keep your people
healthy instead making the international arms market rich.

Lorri Anderson says:

Hitler medical, obamacare

John Russell says:

Kitty Werthmann said that Obama is using Hitler’s playbook. I believe it!

Elaine02424 says:

This is what I have been saying all along. Hitler’s Universal Healthcare =
Obammacare. We are in deep shit. Excuse the French, but that is what it

Ramon Serrano says:

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